Sintra Natural Park, Portugal logo Spring 2022
The myNoise Sampling Sessions' Photo Album

A sampling session themed "Between Land and Sea".

The place was suggested by Rita, a fan of myNoise. To her surprise, I arrived a couple of months later, packed with microphones, and joined by Rémy - my son and wingman. The picture captions will give you insights about the recording process behind this website.

Discover these sounds in Vale dos Perdidos.

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Arrival day, evening. We set up a recorder for the night, in a hurry because it was getting dark. Spot the (tiny) microphones (hint: cable)
Next morning, we headed up to the same place, retrieving the recordings made overnight.
There - deep down - was the place where we left the setup, on one of those rocks.
And this is how to get there.
To my surprise, the recorder disappeared... carried away by the high tide! Lesson learned. Always staying at proximity now!
Hiking is the best way to discover interesting spots. Over the next days, we explored the land; keeping hiding recorders behind us, and picking them up the next day.
A drop recording setup allows me to record sounds for 24h+. Here, a sweet spot for recording crackling trees in the wind.
Close-up : a pair of Audio Technica 3031 combined with a Tascam DR100MKIII recorder (hidden under the leaves).
The area offers many different biotopes.
An eucalyptus forest
Old pine trees
Discussing recording spots with Rita, the fan of myNoise who made it all happen.
Patron perk: donate to the project and get a picture with my Rémy! :D
The Audio Technica BP4025 - protected for wind and rain - is ready to spend the night alone. Rémy always leading.
General view of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.
The recording spot for "Vale dos Perdidos" soundscape
The second part of our stay was dedicated to ocean sounds. View from Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe
Praia da Aguda
My old and trusted field recording setup: a Tascam FR-2LE, coupled with a pair of Rode NTG3
Taking risks is how you get great recordings... but sometimes losing them too (not here)
Recording in action. Microphones are spaced and angled to achieve best stereo image in my headphones.
Beach next : Praia da Adraga
Hint : this is not a pizza delivery man!
The picture doesn't make justice to the height of those waves, they were 3-5m tall!
Stéphane, the person behind this site, and typing this caption.
Praia do Abano
Father and son, spending time in Praia do Abano while recorders are running. Just before rain.

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