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The Sound of Rain, without the wet feet

The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence. This sound alone eases away stress and makes everything outside look more calm and quiet. The sound of rain is great for helping one to fall asleep and for covering background noises.

If you like this generator, try Rain on a Tent, White Rain or Distant Thunder, the other rain noise generators available from this website.

Have you ever heard of Rain.today? It's an online rain generator that perfectly blends with this one! Try combining both, you will be surprised. Click the orange link to add another layer of rain sounds.

   This generator is available as a free add-on to the free myNoise iOS & Android Apps!

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Discover Masking Waterfall, the album.

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  This is really awesome... I have heard other Rain generators online as well but this is so natural, the best of all of them. This is so calm and if I close my eyes, I really feel that its raining outside. It is much needed in a hot and humid country where i am staying currently as there is no rain, never in 12 months and I miss my Home country so much where it used to rain.

  Definitely de-stresses me and helps me get work done!

  This is incredible. It's the perfect background noise for focus, and for drowning out those peskey key slammers that I find so distracting. Ever since I found this site, my essays and assignments have been so much easier to complete. Thank you so much!!!

  It's often perfect sunny weather here throughout the entire year and sometimes I terribly miss the cold, rainy weather and when my room is cold enough, I put my headphones on and listen to the rain noise here and it really feels like it's raining outside.

  As I'm currently juggling writing a novel and working on homework for college, I find the sounds of rain to be impossibly soothing in the midst of chaos.

  Love the variety.

  I have really bad adult onset ADHD, which causes me to not be able to focus on reading very well. Not being able to concentrate on reading is quite a bummer for me because I used to read very frequently when I was younger. Using the rain noise in conjunction with a fireplace screensaver I'm finally able to get through stories again without issues. I just sat down and read some Stephen King!

  I've struggled to concentrate in the office all my life- even the sound of other people typing on keyboards distracts me. I've tried other "white noise" sites and this is the best- I like being able to adjust the frequencies. It's still a struggle, but Rain Noise really helps!

  I get headaches more often than I like. I know what my triggers are, but I can't always prevent a headache from cropping up. Putting this website on doesn't remove the headache, but it allows my mind to unfurl enough to start relaxing, which is step 1 in the headache-be-gone plan.

  I love this setting because it feels like rain on a small river.

  The rumbling thunder associated with the relaxing trickle of rain, helps me relax when studying or trying to sleep. A little bass boost would be really really good if your sound systems support it.

  These settings make me feel like I'm driving through the rain, which is really relaxing and helps me sleep.

  I discovered this site two months ago. For the software development indispensable. Very good!

  I've always loved the sound of the rain. This site mimics it so well that I've sometimes even found myself looking out the window!

  I always feel like there is a looming threat in the clouds, now I can hear it!

  I love the sound of rain and I also love the sound of being underwater so I tried mixing the two together.

  This setting really helps me to unwind and relax. It helps blocks out my computer's fan noise.

  Rain Noise has eased anxiety I have around living with an unstable housemate. I don't react to the sounds of doors slamming and angry muttering much any more. It's running day and night. I wish it was on a machine other than my computer so it wouldn't be dependent on the internet. Much gratitude here. Will donate now.

  Rain was always one of the things I liked in school. It always meant getting home early and sitting under the dark but comfortable atmosphere. I only use this at night because it doesn’t work when the sun is out.

  Definitely de-stresses me and helps me get work done!

  Nothing helps me focus on writing, as well as come up with the scene much more clearly in my mind, than these noises! Thank you so much!

  I use this every night. I can’t sleep without it!

  The noise is beautiful, it helps me to do my homework without hating it. Thanks :D

  So relaxing!! I love it for sleeping and relaxing. :D

  This reminds me of a heavy storm and it is perfect for me to fall asleep with. It surrounds me with thunder and rain and really gets me in the "sleeping zone" as I like to call it. Thank you so much to this website for making my sleep more peaceful.

  ← This setting makes you feel like there's a storm gathering, but you know your safe. It fills you with relaxation. : )

  This is one of the most beautiful websites i've visited, professionally made and perfected with the custom slider. The perfect website for anyone searching for rain heaven.

  I absolutely love this website! It is so relaxing and it helps me calm down and concentrate on work that I need to get done.

  Last school year, when I initially discovered this site, I fell in love with it immediately. I would play my favorite genators (Rain Noise, Japanese Garden, and Healing water) while doing schoolwork, and it really helped me focus and relax. Nowadays, I still use it for schoolwork, but I found that it’s fantastic to fall asleep to, especially when paired with rain.today.

  I use this noise generator every single day in the office and it is absolutely fantastic. Rain Noise is my favourite by far, and the high quality sound, depth, and custom settings immediately calm and focus me. My productivity and stress levels thank you, and I cannot recommend this site enough!

  Hi, I am a student and from Pakistan. I often find it difficult to actually concentrate on something when not in library but somewhere else for example at home or any other public place. This sound generator has helped me a lot since it reduces extra stress and helps me concentrate. I'll definitely recommend to my friends.

  I always knew that the sound of water was relaxing, but I had no idea that playing rain or streams in the background constantly would reduce my anxiety, help me to be more productive, and get more restful sleep! Animated rain sounds are my go-to, switching between several to keep it non-repetitive, and my overall quality of life has improved tremendously! Thank you so, so much for this gift!

  This is by far the most relaxing noise, that I can make by adjusting the sound. You guys are bloody brilliant. Heck, how did you even make these sounds in the first place?

  Love this site! Thank you. My partner and I both work from home, and sometimes I find music too distracting, so this is great for avoid being disturbed by his phone calls and Skype meetings!

  I'm from North Western Oregon and this program helped me massively when trying to do things like write and do homework. Reminded me of listening to the rain as I fell asleep, which is basically the only weather setting Oregon has, so thanks.

  It helps me focus get things done. The sound of the rain is so calming even though I don't like rainy weathers.

  A true gift when you are in a home full of well-meaning yet noisy people and need to get some reading done!

  Your noise generators have helped me in so many ways. If I need to focus at work, have a chatty coworker in cubicleland, who I need to block out, or simply need to calm myself after a stressful meeting, these noise generators have achieved just that. Thanks.

  I have loved the sound of rain for a long, long time, despite the fact that grey weather does make my depression worse. Paired with some relaxing piano, this sound generator has helped me fall asleep, study, and relax during a panic attack.

  This website is the best, I love using it when I need to drown out the sounds of my classmates in school when I have a headache. Thank you so much for making this awesome website! -Bendy

  This is really relaxing and helps whenever I'm doing something and need background noise to help me focus. Would definitely recommend this!

  Thanks for this. It's 3AM. I have more homework than I ever had in my life. This helps me relax and focus. -a

  I love putting this on while I'm at school. It helps block out the chatter of my classmates when I have a headache and it also helps me concentrate when I want to write. I love it! -Sarah (17)

  I love it!!!! Thank you for making this great program for free.

  Amazing! Helps me focus while working on schoolwork and very relaxing. The custom settings are great, I love that I can adjust it to the perfect frequency, I love having a good amount of bass while not being overpowered by the higher treble.

  This helped me so much. It helped me focus when I was studying for my SATs! Now I am a full time funder to help keep this website alive for people like me! Sincerely, Kelly Hash

  There's a youtube channel that plays jazz, and I simply love it. Sadly, their videos meant for rainy days don't have the rain effect that loud. I can barely hear it. So I turned to this site and play the rain as loud as the music. Perfect! <3

  I'm a part of a Creative Writing class, in which a lot of people, sadly, don't enjoy writing, but simply needed a laid back extracurricular, so they fill the room with whispers and giggles. This site is perfect for such an environment, just plug in your headphones and you are perfectly immersed in your work.

  I couldn't concentrate on writing my essay due tomorrow, so I turned to this generator to block out background talking and clear my head, and I was surprised by all the settings, and I absolutely love it! It has increased my productivity level to an all-time high. I will be back.

  This has helped so much while writing my thesis. Dealing with migraines and headaches alike, this helps me to stay focused and pain free.

  The best sleep has been made by this wonderful website!

  Great website, really immersive atmosphere.

  OMG... this is the best Rain Noise Generator ever created! I LOVE it SOO much! This is why I listen to two of these.

  When the thunder roars, I get nothing but shudders down my spine. When the rain droplets sing, I feel peace. This has helped me find myself as I always turn to myNoise when I need to meditate, reminisce or introspect. I have fallen in love with this website because I never get disappointed, there is every customisation for every mood I am in.

  I really do love the noise of the rain. It's relaxing and easy to the ears, and when it starts to get loud at night for whatever reason I just turn it up and close my eyes. It also works well when sitting in class and needing something to help keep me focused on my work, and not on my classmate's chit-chat.

  I feel more concentrated when doing my work with this because it's relaxing. With this, the days of me feeling stressed over heaps of homework are finally over! :)

  This is the perfect noise to help me fall asleep. The deep rain and thunder surrounds me and I can just drift off as if nothing bad is happening in my life.

  This reminds me of the rainy afternoon drives my father used to take me on the way home when I was little. It feels very comforting to listen to when I feel lonely and when I want to relax.

  The thunder settings help me concentrate on my work without the distractions. It is endless and has no loop which makes it a great experience. Truly transforms me when I work. Also helps in my procrastination.

  It reminds me of the rain before or after a storm, which is usually either relaxing or exciting if we've had a lot of hot and bad weather.

  Getting Wet with my personal hearing curve really feels like I'm in a bubble in the middle of a rain storm. Extremely soothing and helps drown out most noises at work.

  This was the very first generator I used when I first discovered myNoise. I was struck with tinnitus as a teen. For two years I could barely sleep at night because of it, until I found this site. I used rain noise mainly to mask my tinnitus, but a year later I noticed - I could sleep without it. I could still hear my tinnitus, it just didn't bother me anymore. We made peace!

  90% of the people at my office are extremely loud and this completely drowns them out. It's such a joy to be able to work in peace and focus. It's much better than listening to music which also prevents me from focusing due to the songs changing and the lyrics grabbing your attention when you need to read. This generator and the entire site is a lifesaver. Thank you!

  Sounds exactly like the storms I've been having the past few weeks except without the worry of flooding...

  I live in a tropical country where it rarely rains but when it does, it sounds really soothing. The raining season here is only august, nov and dec. I always miss the rumbles and listening to this helps me calm down or sleep.

  Loved it. Now all they need is the smell!

  Reminds me of my younger days staying up late just to listen to the rain, and slowly drift off...

  This setting with the Traffic Noise Generator set to Big City Life reminds me of those days when we had a family dinner and then we drove home into the night. You know that moment when you have your eyes closed but still see the differences of light? I used to close my eyes and see that every time the car went past a street lamp. Now I can see myself sitting there in the car and it's wonderful.

  These rain noises help me to fall asleep for several years now, this truly is the best site ever (I searched), thanks a lot!

  I think a lot of people underestimate these simple things, this rain has helped me achieved my goal for the weekend, and I think it won't be the last time that this personal rain will help me out.

  This is something I found on some q/a blog and I have never experienced such great artificial rain in all my life! Thanks Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon, this is my answer to life's problems!

  Merry Christmas! Oops forgot it's like 7 months away, because using this site every night helps me loosen up and forget about our world. Thanks myNoise! :)

  I've always loved the rain noises from this website; it seems that with the settings I can always make it perfectly what I need! <3

  Such a great site that always helps with my studying or when I'm writing an essay! Best site ever <3

  &Clare; This is the most relaxing [artificial] sound I've ever heard ;)

  I recently discovered this site while I was trying to find rain noise that was high quality - and I found it. I love this so much! I've been obsessed with it ever since. I'll open a rain noise page and a thunder & rain page and it reminds me of rainstorms in my childhood. I can't thank you enough for this perfect rain!

  I love the sound of rain, and thunder! This is really helpful to study to! Thank you! :D ~ Kyle

  This is amazing, I have always loved the sound of rain. I usually find it so hard to concentrate on whatever I am doing and get distracted easily but this zones me in and allows me to get work done no problem. Thank you so much!

  I discovered this site randomly while looking for "static noise" in order to help me study. Now, I wont shut up about it; I've shared the name of the app with about 7 of my classmates and now we are all obsessed :)

  This is perfect as a background to study/reading research papers. Just loud enough to mask effectively and soft enough to not be distracting. The rain sound is also super soothing, which helps.

  Living without myNoise is like living without food and water, great work for this amazing idea.

  Perfection honestly.

  Sleeping with the rain.

  I have insomnia, and I have to say, this generator is perfect, absolutely perfect. I've always found heavy wind and running water to be very relaxing, But I've never found the right rain sounds video. But with this I just turn the Bass and the Mid to the max and level out the rest. BEST SLEEP EVER! :D Thank you :3

  I love you guys. I suffer from Hyperacusis, from which I've mercifully had a three-year break, and it's just come back. The rain sounds help so much, thank you.

  This is as relaxing as it gets, perfect for concentration or doing nothing.

  ← my favourite part about myNoise is that I can finally hear heavy and blurred rain noise. This helps me go to sleep,to concentrate and study. Without myNoise I wouldn't want to exist ;)

  Heavy and blurred rain is all I wanted, and it's right here at my fingertips!

  I Listen to this every night. It's so calming I love it. I'd listen to it for the rest of my life.

  I love this site. I can use it anytime to relax and enjoy my time doing whatever it is I'm doing. <3 I'd recommend this site for time to think, like studying, or whenever you need to relax. It's like magic.

  I love this site! I bookmarked it so I could find it if I'm looking for something relaxing to do. Makes me just feel good. Keep up the good work!

  The best background noise for blocking out distracting co-workers. Masks unwanted conversations but doesn't distract from concentration. Love it! Very serene and pleasant, as well.

  I don't really know what'd I'd do without this.

  I absolutely love this website because I love the sound of rain! It reminds me of the cozy rainy days. Great website keep it up!

  When the settings are just right you get the goosebumbs over and over again and you'll relax in your own little world doing homework or such, I LOVE IT.

  Nice background sound for studying, not as distracting as music.

  This website has the most amazing water sounds. They bring tears to my eyes and comfort to my anxious mind. Thank you myNoise!

  Perfect for memorizing monologues/lines whilst stuck in the center of my obstreperous home. Excellent in prodding my brain for writing ideas - I've come up with many more ideas while using this site than while using YouTube videos of the same nature. Fantastic for staying calm while writing school essays and papers. It's easy to stay off my phone during homework, and I have severe ADD. Thank you!

  I love listening to this to fall asleep to! It also calms me down and totally gets rid of all the random noises and thoughts in my head.

  This site is a very amazing tool.

  This is great for when I'm stressed out and want to get away from everything. It makes me feel completely isolated, and like I'm in my only special little world.

  This helps me do my homework every night and get thru the stress.

  This is great! I have sleeping troubles and I need to take melatonin but this made me sleep like I don't have problems with my sleeping. I also do this to zone out in my own world but I usually use 'Twilight' or 'Stardust' for meditation.

  I have a sleep machine that also plays dynamic rain noise that I use everynight to sleep, because I don't always keep my computer on when I'm sleeping. But this site has much more customizable options. The site is very well put together. And I'm eager to look and listen to all the different categories to help with my meditation. For once, I am able to meditate without falling asleep.

  Thunderstorm noises really relax me, for some reason; I always feel cozy and snug inside listening to the rain pounding a serenade outside. Even better if I'm in bed.

  This reminds me of the song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music, especially the "Raindrops On Roses" part.

  This is a quiet config with less high-frequency. Makes me feel isolated to the outside world.

  I just want to say thank you for creating such an incredible website. The sounds take me to a place where I feel calm and I can visualise myself anywhere in the world. It sends me to a state of total relaxation, and I tend to put on music in the background to be covered by the rain. I have, on demand, relaxation and something to help me think. Thank you very much.

  This one feels like I'm standing in the rain - I can almost feel the raindrops rolling down my skin. Makes me feel relaxed and oddly thirsty at the same time.

  This sound helps me study!

  This is the best ambient noise generator on the internet. The perfect pitter-patter sound of the rain reminds me of when I lived in Washington.

  I love this. Thank you so much.

  I love this and now I can sleep peacefully!

  I like the less thundery approach, more just the water feels better.

  ← Heavy thunder and moderate mids and trebles. Sounds like sitting on your porch listening to a warm summer rain. Really peaceful and helpful when I'm trying to study/do schoolwork or read. Overall, this is an amazing website, and it's really relaxing!

  I use the "Rain Noise" all the time to mask our television. I work on my computer after 7PM and it works greats. Thanks for developing your noise machine. Jaydubya

  Thank you SO MUCH! This sound with these settings is PERFECT for me. Whether it's working or sleeping...

  This one sounds really nice with Mr. Rhodes and Cafe Restaurant! <3 It helps my earaches!

  Thank you so much for this! It really helps me when programming in a large office space with people talking on the phone etc.

  Helps me concentrate so much! :)

  I grew up in a very rainy city, so this sounds pretty accurate to what I used to hear on an almost daily basis!

  This is like, the only sound that I can listen to while I do my reading for class. It sounds like it's raining right outside, and it's so soothing. Got that distant rumbling feel too, which is great.

  Literally helped me concentrate for 8 hours doing nothing but writing journal entries for AP Lit. I am absolutely in love with this generator. It's actually my first time using this and I think I just found my new favorite site.

  I find a lot of the noises submitted by other users too high pitched, and this one works perfectly for me while I am studying. This also helps me fall asleep. This site is so amazing!

  This is great for loud high pitched tinnitus when trying to sleep as well as all day, I just wish the timer could be set for all-night, which would be very helpful in my case.

  I find this very calming and great for studying. I use it just as a background noise in a quiet house. Thank you guys so much! :)

  I love listening to this one on animate with some instrumental music on in the background. It helps me focus while reading or doing homework, and I can't tell you how many times I have thought that it actually has started raining because of how realistic it is.

  This is the amazing! I've always found most rain sounds are too high pitched for me and don't have enough thunder, or enough rumbly-ness. The ability to adapt this to what I wanted to hear was perfect.

  I've been in a lot of stress and when I try to sleep, I get anxiety attacks to the point when I can't breathe. So I found that having this on for 15 min helps me fall asleep.

  I have really bad anxiety and the sound of rain helps a lot to calm me down.

  I love love love this site - especially the Rain Noise. I'm a professional writer, and I've found over the years that too quiet is almost as bad as too noisy. I used to listen to classical music (no voices), but it took too much time to find a piece that matched the mood of the scene I'm writing. This site has it all. Best money I ever spent.

  Wow, I never thought the sound of rain could be that relaxing

  Had been looking for a way to listen to a variety of rain noises without downloading hours of content or having to go onto individual youtube videos for a while. This is the PERFECT solution, allowing the user to change the spectrum of the sound gives you all the variety you could ever need. Great inbuilt presets too. Gives a beautiful ambience for working in. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

  Thank you for this wonderful rain — I listen to it every night — Rain is the most favourite sound in the world for me x

  The day I found this website, I was just astounded. I had never seen anything like it before. I have been blessed with a patroned account, with unlimited access to every noise gen, but this one, this Rain Noise Generator, I have never been able to leave it. As soon as I hear the sweet sound, I get tingles down my spine, and I want to crawl into bed and sleep all my worries away. I love MyNoise. <3

  I have used this website for over a year now to create soothing white noise at work to drown out the loud coworkers and for relaxation at home. It is the best I have found and the way the site is not only kept up but improved upon often keeps me busy exploring all the new options! Thank you.

  I listen to this when I go to sleep. I went on a trip with my school for a week. I was a bit scared to sleep at a unknown place, but it really helped me! I feel really safe with the sound of rain. And I have less nightmares too. Thank you so much for making this!

  The colorful sliders are a nice touch. I like how there's different "forms" of each type of rain available. I can really customize and be able to listen to my FAVORITE kind of storm any time I want. <3

  I can't stand silence, so this rain generator is perfect for me. I use it whenever I'm studying, or just want to relax. Nice work guys!

  Amazing sounds while working. Increases my productivity and calms me.

  The rain noise is just perfect for focused work and it also helps ”cool” on a more hot weather. Your mind doesn't actually know it's not raining :) Thanks, keep it up!

  This rain generator is awesome! It is so realistic and it has more drop noises and less white noise. 10/10! \(O_O)/

  This is absolutely amazing. Possibly the best rain sound noise maker I've ever stumbled upon.

  Daaaaamn, myNoise. Back at it again with great rain!

  This + Undertale's Ghost Fight (Napstablook) = DABstablook

  I love this one because of the loud thunder. It calms me.

  I use these levels with the Cafe Restaurant and some jazz in the background. It sounds magnificent.

  It helps me more relaxed while doing my papers, playing this along with bossa nova jazz, damn, just too good! Tysm!

  This rain sound saves my sanity time after time.

  Exam revision has never been so easy. <3 Thanks!

  I use this when I go to sleep. Extremely relaxing :D

  When I am mad at my siblings parents of friends, this helps me calm down.

  I have tinnitus. The rain nice let's me hear without having to hear all the bells, whistles, cricket sounds and other noises I have to live with 24-7. I love it. I am now able to just relax!

  This surely reduces my anxiety levels and makes me work harder on my studies naturally.

  Soooo nice for when I'm studying. This noise helps me focus much better than music does.

  This lets me imagine summer rain when I miss it.

  This lets me sleep and not think about exams tormorrow, something nothing else has been able to do for me before.

  I love this site! I have tinnitus and the rain sounds seem to qiet the noise and allows me to relax.

  I love it when it rains and it helps me be more happy and relax. The consumability is awesome plus the ones on youtube just repeat themselves...

  Refreshing rain song to wash stress away... <3

  That thing is incredible. That rain, I dunno how, makes me focused on what I have to do. Damn, it's so good!

  I've been reconciling my checkbook with my bank statement on my computer for about 20 years. I just put on "Rain Noise" and balanced my checkbook in the shortest time ever! Must have organized my brain waves :-) ! Thank you very much; the more I use this website, the more I enjoy it!

  This is a real life saver for us cubicle dwellers. I can work now even though the clowns next to me are blasting their speakerphones!

  This is the best site for just pure noise. Love it.

  Shit! That really worked!!! I folowed the instructions and selected rain and then added the stored curve and bingo the rain sounds utterly real and just like it is actually happening outside! Very well, Stephane! A winner. Need the Android version quick for my sleeping problems. I'm 65 years old and have been a sound engineer all my life and my ears are bad with tinnitus and attenuated high freqs.

  Layer this over Undertale's "Dummy"! It is a great and soothing combination!

  I use this when I'm trying to sleep, it makes me feel warm inside like I'm sleeping in the rain but I'm still dry.

  myNoise helps me a lot when I'm doing schoolwork. My favorite thing to do is to put this over instrumental music.

  This is really relaxing to listen to while I draw.

  The sound of rain from your bedroom window while you sleep.

  Rain has always been very relaxing, and I just wanted to share this setting.

  Productivity up at least 200% thanks to this. Simply the best around- and that goes for all the soundscapes I've listened to. myNoise is basically a lifesaver and I can't thank them enough for existing. <3

  I used this while doing classwork and while trying to sleep. It makes me feel like I'm safe under my covers after a long day of school!

  Sounds like a thunderstorm under a shelter. Love it!

  High on the bass and mids, low on the treble, these settings give a soft, distant feeling, as if it were raining in a small house.

  It helps me when I'm feeling paranoid and sad. I love it.

  Rain on the bedroom window while the comforter is pulled over my head — a perfect rainy morning!

  The storm in my ears lulls the storm in my mind.

  after broke up, it helped me to keep my mind together and start doing something productive

  ← Thanks for everything myNoise. Keep it up.

  I absolutely love the sound of thunders.. This magnificient noise machine helps me while studying by a lot! I love the one who has created you!

  ← sounds like rain when you inside a big auditorium

  This thunderstorm melody helps clear my mind when studying and reduces stress and anxiety! I hope an android app for this is made soon. <3

  A mild storm to help you focus.

  This is perfect for writing a paper!

  Ultimate Rain Sound, Thunder & Rain, Singing Bowls... together they are Beautiful!

  This sounds very relaxing paired with Cafe Restaurant set on animate.

  Brings back soothing memories of springtime in Northern California with my father. I almost feel like he's here with me when I zone out and listen to the rain.

  Makes everything from studying to writing to drawing to just plain concentrating so much easier!

  Ive been using this website for a few months now to concentrate on my homework. Rain noise helps me get through my AP classes!

  Keeps me awake without coffee.

  This is great. Just fascinating.

  Love it! This calms my nerves especially when my teacher barks at me.

  This works both as a sound for relaxation and as a background sound for work.

  This website saved my studies. I used to spend hours searching for the perfect music to accompany my studies, but nothing felt as right as when I put on headphones and turned on the rain noise generator. Perfect.

  I was beyond stressed at work but this noise generator calmed me down almost instantly.

  Please, please, please listen to the rain and Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1 together. It will definitely put you to sleep.

  Rain calms me down so fast, it's remarkable. Almost like a massage, stress leaves my body and makes it much easier to focus, relax or fall asleep to. Rain < 3

  This genuinely saved my sanity and education. Helps me with my anxiety, and to study and focus, as well as drown out my noisy roommates both while I work and while I sleep. Thank you so much for this generator.

  I have found my own private sanctuary at the end of a hectic day — the perfect sound to fall asleep. Thank you!!

  It helps me a lot to keep focusing on my studies. When I listen to the rain, I calm down, I can improve my concentration and I feel so relaxed, that I could hear it all the time, everytime, everywhere. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  This is the greatest thing to listen to when I'm having really bad anxiety and waiting for my girlfriend to text me. So relaxing and sweet.

  Absolute Rain is my 'Go To' noise generator. It's simple, yet complex at the same time. It has a decent variety of sounds that all please the ears. I love rain, much like a lot of you, so I find this generator absolutely wonderful! This is my hearing curve, although I have increased it. I like to turn up the volume a bit, so it blocks out more of the outside-world :)

  Listening to this with November rain is top notch sounds

  When I was growing up, I was fascinated with "sounds of nature" CDs, especially ones with rain sounds. I would buy as many of them as I could find. This site is the ultimate evolution of that fascination. I don't feel like I'll ever need another CD again because the possibilities are now endless!!!!

  It rained for the first time since I started college. We were all forced to stay inside, and it created such a cozy sense of community. Everyone was out in the halls striking conversation and sharing stories about their day and catching up on their week. It was amazing. It made me feel more like a part of something and more like college was starting to become a little homier.

  The feeling of laying awake at night, listening to the low rumbling of thunder in the distance. The soft tinkling of the first raindrops before the storm. The warmth of the blankets that promise to keep you safe from the night. These are the things that these specific sounds can bring. Relax, and enjoy the ride.

  This sounds like I'm inside, safely reading a book while it is storming out.

  I listen to this with the Interstellar soundtrack. Just beautiful.

  This makes me transform into a magenta walrus, briney whiskers a'quiver, ready to destroy the illuminati waffles from the center of the earth. 10/10

  I love this. I feel like I'm in looking out into the rain holding a hot mug of tea and reading some pretentious poetry. Try pairing this with the dark water generator- absolute heaven.

  ← I love this soundscape. It sounds like being inside during a thunderstorm. It really helps me concentrate while studying, while providing a warm and cozy feeling! It also helps block the noise of people around me at school.

  This really helps me focus on homework, and I absolutely LOVE the sound. :)

  I opened up two tabs and played this one with the wind noise one... Best decision ever. I love this site.

  This really makes me think I'm outside where there's lots of trees.

  I really enjoy this setting, it keeps me stay focused while doing my homework, it also helps me calm down whenever I got stressed. I really like it!

  This plus Flying Fortress is amazing

  I have hard time focusing on homework and especially essays with my ADHD, and this helps an incredible amount. I just set mine on animated rain, and there I go. I can't stand quiet but words distract me too much since I sing along. Plus it helps me tune out the squealing of my dorm AC.

  ← check my sound option... Can you hear the thunder?

  I love the way rain sounds in the top floor of my house. You can hear it hitting the roof, and it's just really relaxing and a huge mood booster. This rain noise is my best alternative when it doesn't rain. I love the animate option; it makes it so much more dynamic, like real rain.

  Absolutely a replacement for 10-hour Youtube loops of rain and fantastic.

  This is so relaxing. Whenever I'm stressed I play practically any of the presets, but distant thunder is my favourite. Great for background noise while doing homework. If you combine it with some calming classical music (I use pandora), it's almost blissful.

  Loud water to block a noisy environment

  The perfect neutral rain. Awesome for homework, reading, or just chilling.

  It helps with my anxiety!

  This is pretty sweet.

  I'm a real pluviophile and rain noises are one of the greatest sounds. It occurred to me that when you listen to rain, it's not the rain itself that makes a noise, it's the sound of it striking an object. In order for a rain drop to achieve that aspect of beauty it must meet resistance. I like to think that maybe there's a lesson there.

  Love this! Thank you thank you thank you!

  I love this noise so much! It keeps me focused and calm when I really need to work on stressful things. It really helps when trying to block out any annoying backgrounds noises. I hope lots of people like it as much as I do.

  My cat loves this.

  When I put this on, my cat immediately looks out the window and I start to get sleepy. My eyes droop and I feel like I can just drift off.

  For me, this mix is so soft and so calming, and when I applied my calibration to it, I found that it was the perfect level to not interfere with my thoughts. I just want to have this noise on all the time.

  This just has a far thunder sound that you just barely hear but is there for the relaxing bass, everything else is is mixed to sound like its hitting puddles or a lake more than the ground. I really wish I knew about this sooner because everything else has a lot of thunder and it just ruins everything for me, I get relaxed and BAM I'm awake again. This may also make you have to go to the bathroom...

  I've been learning to play the flute for 4 months now. Since I'm a beginner, I still don't sound very good, so it makes me very anxious to think that the neighbours might hear me. The rain noise generator helps me deal with my anxiety - I don't feel as bad when I make mistakes. I use Rain Noise + Grey Noise. Thanks to this I'm able to study better and for longer periods. Thank you very much!! <3

  Whenever I'm stressed out or feeling anxious about something, I play this plus the Rain.today website and it allows me to tune out everything around me for a while. It sounds so natural and pleasant, and it helps me relax.

  The great thing in this website is that you can mix two noises,for example this (Rain) and Fairy Pond! It's great! You can create your own atmosphere by mixing sounds. I totally recomend this site!

  I'm writing a book, and I'll be using this website often. It helps me get through writer's block, as well as get to sleep!

  I wish I had discovered this generator during my PhD. It would have made the long thesis writing and paper writing periods so much relaxing. At the moment I am working on a book chapter listening to this setting combined with 'Voice in my head'-Aftermath. The rain with piano and violin combo is hauntingly beautiful! Give it a try, you'll feel it grips your heart! A big thank you to the creator!

  Perfect for long study sessions. Or naps. Sometimes both.

  I customized the normal rain player. I have it bookmarked so it's always there when I need it most! I love mynoise as it has all the variations I could ever want, and with new sounds added, I can look forward to listening to something new! Thanks for those that put hard work in to making this site easily navigable and sounding so great!

  Love this for sleep!

  I've always loved rain, and this generator certainly soothes me. Also, if you drag the last 4 knobs all the way down, it feels like you're inside your home, and it's raining outside.

  I love this! I have tinnitus and this is great for blocking out the ringing while I'm on the computer.

  I was listening to a relaxing piano Studio Ghibli collection when my friend introduced this generator to me. With the piano still on I clicked on the link and immediately with both playing was put at ease. Edited the knobs a bit and I swear I've never felt so relieved. Seriously recommend you try it out.

  I've been listening to this for an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and I legit forgot it's a sunny sunday, so when I took my headphones off it was like wow that rain stopped quickly and I was confused for a moment. 10/10 this is amazingly realistic.

  The 125Hz setting sounds almost exactly like when you're cuddled up inside while it's raining. Just imagine early to mid-spring rains, the temperature is still a little cool, and the sun is just properly starting to rise earlier. It's early in the morning, you're curled up in bed, everyone else is asleep, and all is calm... Rainy mornings are some of the best when you've nowhere to go that day.

  This is wonderful! I always use this when I'm writing, and pair it with a soft song when I'm sad. It always seems to calm me down, and the experience is so peaceful is uplifting, and helps me write calmly and forget all my troubles. Thank you for this website!

  This program is fantastic! It has helped me calm me down when having a bad anxiety attack, and it also helps me focus on drawing and reading. Also, being an insomniac, this program is a miracle to have if the sound of rain helps you sleep.

  This web app is amazing. I nearly always have it running and just throw my headphones on when I want to focus. The best thing is that I can use chrome's tools to make shortcuts so that ubuntu treats it like its own application and I can control it completely with hotkeys.

  My friend was listening to this while we were studying. When I study, I always listen to music (with words) and I felt that was sufficient. Ah man, I was wrong. At first, I didn't really like the thought of doing work with a single sound, but when I played the rain track, things became more clear. I highly recommend this website, and here is my custom sound.

  Absolutely love this setting, reminds me of snuggling up inside on rainy days :)

  Perfect for concentrating on studying. I often play the soundtrack from video games behind it just to make it that bit more enjoyable!

  Awesome for blocking out noise

  This is very realistic and captures the ambiance of rain outside of your window while you're laying cozied up in bed! Very relaxing. I actually did this from my bedroom, listening to the rain outside.

  This is so good for writing an essay! It's so peaceful and relaxing and it's so much better than when I put normal music on while working! The White preset is lovely :)

  Pair this with Railcar Noise. It's sounds like you're on the train to Hogwarts. Great for writing.

  Listening to this makes homework enjoyable! It makes me feel like I'm in my own little bubble and I takes away all the stress.

  The Getting Wet setting really helps me get to sleep at night. It sounds just like the rain does on the roof of my bedroom and it is suuuuper relaxing.

  I'm listening to these on a fairly warm, sunny day, and I could swear I can almost smell the rain!

  In the 80+ degree heat, this gives me the illusion of being cooler than I really am. Really boosts focus and helps me relax.

  Oh my gosh. So I saw a little review about this on tumblr and decided to check it out because my previous method was to open coffitivity in one tab and open a youtube clip of rain sounds in another tab, but I'm so glad I found this because now I can adjust my settings however I like in one tab! It's super relaxing!

  This rain simulator is helping me focus on a 10 page paper. I'm writing this to thank the creators of this website for helping with my stress and helping to drown out my extra thoughts.

  This is so amazing to tackle stress I can't even describe! Mix the sound of rain with music! My favorite is Animate and James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream, so amazing!

  This is really relaxing/calming when I'm stressed! I also use it for studying, as I need to listen to something to concentrate, but music just distracts me, and I love the rain! :D

  This is so helpful for me. Its 01:50 PM and I have a lot of stress and a lot of work to do due tomorrow. Using the animate feature is creating a realistic audio experience for me which is helping me stay relaxed and focused. I'm doing my work quite fast now, so I decided to leave this little comment. Thank you for creating this!

  ← This is my attempt at replicating the sound of rain from a safe, dry place, indoors, late at night. I've always found this sound, and the ambiance it creates, very comforting.

  I adjusted this to sound like rainstorms I remember from my childhood. I call it Butler County Thunder :3

  This site is such a miracle for me. It has so many options of sounds and its unique feature to adjust the sliders is just simple AMAZING. I would definitely recommend this website to others. Thanks for the lovely noise I hear everyday ♥

  This website is truly an amazing resource, especially for people with mental disorders. I have a panic disorder and the rain machine helps me so much with self-control, meditation, and sleep. I'd donate a million dollars to this website if I could!!

  I have really awful tinnitus that ROARS in my left ear. I constantly play music to avoid it. This is so much gentler and still allows me to hear around me. This is a godsend.

  Having this tranquil sound or the rainforest sound on quietly in my earphones is great for my AS level revision-theres no worrying about changing tracks or getting distracted by music. Its a great help in such stressful times! I'm so glad this website exists and when I have a little more money I'll definitely be donating as a thanks.

  I needed something to help me focus because I realized my brain was quickly being over stimulated. The "Getting Wet" setting was perfect. It sent me right back to childhood, laying in bed on a rainy day, calm, and reading.

  I was trying to get the noise of a rainy city - this was the closest I could get. Unfortunately all the trebbles have a sort of... water babbling noise, like in a stream.

  This is gold...

  This calming rain and youtube playing The Front Bottoms = how to get through anything.

  This is just something that's comforting, I love falling asleep to rain.

  Love it. It sounds beautiful, especially the pitter patter.

  When this turns on, all the stress and anxiety that I didn't even know was there melts away.

  If you're in a big building and want the effect of rain on a far-up roof, this is the setting for you! I find it very soothing to play in the library at night :)

  OMG this is the best solution to my anxiety.

  I love it on animate- it just changes like a natural storm but never stops.

  When I want to go sleep with the rain hitting off of my windows but it is clear weather i just listen to this and drift off to a relaxing sleep.

  Whenever I get really depressed or anxious I turn this stuff on. It's really helpful for when the lack of noise around me gets super upsetting. Basically I use this whenever I do anything, from writing to just trying to calm down. I love this so much: it's so helpful and charming.

  I used to love thunderstorms. After a particular bad one sent a tree limb through my roof, I've been afraid of windy storms since. With this, I can have the sounds of storms I love, without the fear.

  When thunderstorms are comforting and rain starts falling in buckets, I'm happy.

  I am now ready for bed. All the stress of the day washed away in the rain.

  A thunderstorm is brewing, you read while listening to the rumble. So peaceful.

  This is really helping me with my anxiety, and since I have a lot of difficulties to concentrate, this is perfect. Amazing site!

  Sounds like a drizzle outside, perfect for studying with.

  This one is perfect when you're inside your very own room alone, plus a nice, tasty, and warm soup / noodle right in front of you, ready to be chowed down. Nom-nom-nom...

  Absolutely an amazing Rain Generator. I love being able to change the sounds of the rain to anything that I want. Thank you so much for letting people use this for free! Enjoy everyone :)

  Love this!!! Most realistic soundscape site, perfect for studying and relaxing.

  This one helps me tune out my roomate snoring and go to sleep relaxed.

  This drowns out the city noise and makes me feel like I'm back in the wetlands.

  This is like a House With a Storm Outside With The Drains Running. Perfect for sleep!

  This website is amazing in calming down my anxiety and getting me to focus. I imagine myself sitting under a porch reading. This is truly amazing and I am so glad to have found it!

  Makes me feel calm and survive the hardships called High school...

  This really helps me work and concentrate more efficiently than I have before. The noises distract you from unwanted sounds but keeps you focused and calm. I love it.

  This really, really helps me studying! It calms me down and helps me concentrate better. It's truly amazing.

  You wake up to find a light rain is falling and a distant thunderstorm is occurring. You lay there and listen as the weather calms you.

  It's windy outside, maybe stormy but the rain is falling in a nice kind of pitta patta. Reminds me of waiting for a storm to pass...

  At the end of a long day this heavy thunderstorm let's me sit with my tea and just tune out for a couple of minutes. I don't know what I'd do without it!

  This was so cool! I listened to it while playing music on another tab and it helped me concentrate on my homework and made the music sound like a person was actually out in the rain singing for me. Now to get a person I know to do that....

  I worked on "Dark Rain" a bit, put some streaming water in there. It's perfect for doing anything I need when I'm nearly asleep and disturbed every minute. Thank you :)

  These generators are an absolute savior when I'm stressed at work. Rain, cave water and winter walk are my favorites!

  I love this; it makes focusing on homework so much easier! It's so relaxing that I can't help but feel refreshed listening to the distant role of thunder in the background while rain patters down.

  When I discovered this website I finished all of my homework without feeling the emptiness or pain that I had before. I also feel as if I'm calmer and happier. I really like the sounds of rain and the different preset calibrations they have. I have barely used this site at all and I'm already falling in love and recommending it to all my friends. Keep on developing this, I really do enjoy it!

  Thank you for your service! My ears are very sensitive to different noises and in noisy, disturbing conditions I'm absolutely not able to concentrate on my work or reading or other things where I need strong concentration. So your site helps me very much. It's like a natural bulletproof vest for my years helps me to keep inner calmness and concentration.

  I've always loved listening to the rain when I'm falling asleep. The sound of it against the roof always reminds me that whatever's outside doesn't affect me and I'll always feel safe huddled in my blankets all cozy and warm.

  I am in love with this - it's always the first thing I come to when I'm having a panic attack and it calms me down almost instantly.

  I am in love with the low rumbling noises and it really helps when I have a huge headache. It's like massaging my brain.

  I absolutely love this. It sounds so much like a distant thunderstorm. It's so relaxing and soothing and reminds me of summers when I was younger.

  This website is absolutely fantastic. Everything about it is impeccable and I plan to donate as soon as I can.

  I feel calmer during long heavy rains, because it drowns out the outside world. It's like the only things exist is the cold, my room and the rain.

  Amazing noises!! I am so impressed and having fun listening to all the noises provided ! Nice job :)

  Mmm yes this is perfect. You can really hear the rain, as if your head was leaned right up against a window, but the storm is still calm. This is just right for zoning out and actually getting my essay done.

  This one is amazing! its sounds so quiet and peaceful. It can work on getting away from stress or anxiety.

  This is too cute to be true. It has made my Sunday a lot more enjoyable. Thank you! ♥

  It kinda sounds like a drizzle that's being caused by some storm far away. It's super relaxing to me, this will definitely help me sleep.

  So calming. This is what I've been waiting for my whole life <3

  The kind of rain... Well, picture yourself leaning against your bedroom window, crying with the rain. I recreated that comforting bedroom window rain to cry along with.

  A busy street in the rain... umbrellas up, pitter-patter of footsteps...

  I love rain on windows & tents, recreated that here!

  Calming and tingly

  Thunderstorms are my favorite type of weather, but don't happen as often as I would like. This noise generator is a great way to recreate that and fills me with a sense of happiness and calm. Great for homework or life in general. I absolutely love this site, thank you so much!

  Doesn't sound much like rain to me, but extremely relaxing nonetheless.

  I love this! So relaxing.

  I absolutely love it. It let me take a nap at home while my family makes noises!

  I am finally able to sit at my desk and finish my studies with the sound of heavy rain around me; feels like there's a storm outside.

  ← Gushing water

  I feel so peaceful listening to rain instead of the traffic. Its just too good. Its easy to concentrate and feel relaxed with the rain.

  Pure cleansing rain.

  Quiet healing rain.

  I love thunderstorms!

  I love this site! A blessing for a student like me who suffers from anxiety!

  I love this setting. It just feels like the storm is gathering with some wind and smooth water drops.

  This is still one of the best things I have ever come across. I am finally able to sit in the library at University and drown out most of what is going on around me for the first time ever. I can finally use internet that is useful and get work done!

  I love reading while listening to the sound of rain and drinking tea. It's just so peaceful. Now I can listen to the rain even if it's not actually raining. This really helps me study. Thanks.

  This one blocks noises but lets speech through, which makes it perfect for listening to with a podcast.

  Serene, gentle, and beautiful.... when I have a 90 mark paper to study for and there's the neighbours gossiping loudly, coupled with the honking of the cars, this noise helps me hear my own thoughts and helps me concentrate. I would recommend this if you like listening to the gentle drip of rain on pebbles, and the occasional earthy rumble of thunder.

  This is so soothing & perfect for people like me who like background noise while studying but get distracted easily by music :) This setting is 11/10 for me (indeed designed for my ears).

  Aw man, this generator is awesome! Raining outside, listening closely to this noise...

  You can keep buying different noises in CD/track form, or you can subscribe to mynoise.net. I love this place. Just set it up in comcast through my TV, turn it to audio only, and I have great background noise to fall asleep with which will disappear on its own in half an hour... I love mynoise.net!

  I love this website and the sound of rain. I've had trouble concentrating on my university assignments as I can't work with background noise, music or even complete silence. I get distracted and my thoughts start wondering to other places. I like the fact that you can adjust the settings... low rumbly thunder and the pitter-patter of rain is amazingly soothing!

  This noise generator is my go-to for a bad mental health day/night. It drowns out everything and helps calm me down even if it's the opposite of what my brain actually wants to do. Beautiful.

  Zipped up snug in a dry tent!

  I have always enjoyed the sounds of rain, something about it just puts me into a calm state of mind. I use this rain generator almost constantly and without it my world would be far more dull.

  This is really rad. I used to constantly have rainymood on (for my sanity of course) but the ability to adjust the different levels of sound on this site is awesome. Love it!!

  When ever I'm writing, I use this. Because rain is cool to hear and it helps to block out background noise, and it is calming too!

  I find rain comforting, but sadly I live in a place that doesn't get a lot. I've been under a lot of stress recently but this really does help. Thank you for this!

  This is amazing. It helps me sleep every night. I can't imagine a night without playing it.

  I love the way that the rain sounds as if it is pattering on my roof, and the loud thunder claps. I also like when I listen to this while writing my books on Wattpad.

  The bedroom setting really sets the stage when I am writing and it's raining in the story. I live in a very rainy place too so this is very calming when I want it to rain outside and it isn't!

  Thank you very much for this amazing generator. I could spend more time exploring all aspects within this site, however my life is chaotic and dissonant on its own. Also, my husband prefers late 70's- early 80's beep- bop-boop and an occcasional theramin along with a half dozen professional synthesizers. Rain is my balm. Thank you again.

  I have started a new job that is at times fast-paced and stressful; I began having tension headaches while working at my computer, but then I used Rain Noise, sometimes Fairy Rain, on my headphones in the background, and the headaches have disappeared! The lovely rain sound relaxes me and helps me realize that the tasks I'm doing don't have to be done in such a frenzied fashion. Thank you!

  I live in Cyprus and for most of the year it is boiling hot. I used to live in the UK where it rains most of the time, and the sound of rain reminds me of home. Sometimes when I get sick of the heat I listen to this and it relaxes me.

  Helps me sleep in class. JK! I think it is great :)

  Thank you for this. I was at a anxiety attack and this saved me. For real. I can't thank you enough for that, I couldn't relax and this was the only thing that helped.

  This reminds me of the massive thunderstorms I used to see back home in Iowa. This relaxes me beyond belief when I'm feeling unhappy or stressed out and comforts me endlessly.

  This sounds like thunder high in the clouds and is honestly comforting and calming.

  Great sounds creation and free, helping me to be focused and calm during study, I can stay for at least 3-4 hours continuously w/o being distracted.

  Simply Amazing.

  I use this to help with my university work, and it helps so much! I was able to write my assignments really well whilst listening to this. I particularly like thunder rumbles and light raindrops, so it's relaxing too.

  This page is great when you want to concentrate, but not be distracted by voices OR music. Jam the sound all the way up, and enjoy the thunderstorm!

  This rain generator is really good for focusing on writing essays and doing other homework.

  This makes me think of sitting in the car in the rain, which is awesome.

  A friend recommended this website as I was having trouble concentrating on my assignments. It's an excellent way to help me focus on my degree as well as relax after a long day at work followed by the evening classes. I have already recommended it to other friend's who have problems with noise at work.

  Perfect setting, for anytime <3

  I love this. A friend sent it to me and it has instantly helped calm me down from a long day. I will definatly be using this a lot lot more. Thank you so much for making this site.

  This is great to have in the background of music when working for me.

  I use this when writing my books on Wattpad, and it gets my creative juices flowing. Thank you so so so so much for this!

  I use this when I'm doing homework and it helps a lot for me, especially when I'm doing math.

  This is the best rain generator I've encountered. Simply amazing!

  I love the sound of rain, and Ii'm always looking for new rain sound effects because after a while, because they're just recordings, I get bored of them. That's why this is great! Having a random, adjustable rain generator is genius, and I just cannot get enough of it!

  This = &heart;

  This is really calming and it totally gets my creative juices flowing! No more writer's block!

  I discovered mynoise a few years ago. I struggle with studying to music with words, so noises are what I use instead. Rain is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. I remember being able to lay on my parents bed and listen to the rain fall on the skylight. Thank you to the creator and keep up the fantastic work.

  This is too spooky, but surprisingly calm being a full on storm sound.

  "SCOOPED MIDS" - Removing the very confronting mids, easing off the treble to a light drizzle, and increasing the bass for me creates a nice, deep mellow atmosphere that is great for study and other activities where you don't want the rain to distract you too much, but you don't want it to just be gone either.

  This is the best thing ever. I always had problem concentrating on my homework but with this helped me stay up, keep calm, and concentrate. Thank you so much!

  Nothing like a good rainstorm to help cure sleepless nights and settle down your mind after a stressful day. <3

  I love this generator, this is very relaxing...

  The sound of rain is the only thing that can actually quietens the thoughts in my mind, enough to concentrate on my studies.

  Its really really soothing, the rain is my default noise to go to. I have severe anxiety and chronic pain/migraines. Helps a lot, thank you so much!

  Woah... listen to this...

  I love the so much, when ever I am feeling down I can listen to the soft rumble of thunder while I browse the internet for things to do. Love it!

  I have constant panic attacks and many anxiety disorders, and rain definitely helps, especially when it's so customizable and soothing.

  The only rain generator that I love listening to. Feels natural, non-repetitive, and with wonderful sound quality.

  Nothing like a good rain storm to calm me down. It's the only thing that works. Anxiety sucks.

  ← Hurricane from a car.

  This has helped me through some pretty rough nights with no sleep I love this and recommend it to anyone.

  Thank you so much!

  I have a difficult time concentrating and use the nature sounds generators to perform my paperwork in my home office. When I am on the road I use the app and play the jungle version in my room all night long. I appreciate being able to block out all other distractions and relax quickly and either get to sleep or focus on my paperwork. Well done!

  I use this website when trying to study or do assignments! Nothing better to clear the mind and help you think than the trickle of rain when you're lovely and warm inside! Thanks!

  I turned this on to drown out the rest of my open-plan call center. Worked great! Plus, an hour later, I found myself as refreshed and cheerful as if I'd had a nap!

  I suffer from chronic migraines. Other rain/white noise generators are too harsh and often contribute to my headaches. This site's range of customization helped fix the issues I had with certain tones and allowed me to find what works best when I needed to calm my brain.

  Nothing helps me sleep like a good thunderstorm. Pouring rain and distinct thunder are absolutely lovely. Pairing this with the water stream noise is absolute perfection.

  I love thunderstorms, they relax me, and when I need relaxing I can always come to this website for some tranquility.

  Sometimes disasters seem to wash away your petty problems. This one makes me feel like there's big thunderstorm coming our way. I love the suspense.

  I absolutely love this website. I've been having some life issues for the past few months and this website honestly helped me through it all. It kept my mind from over thinking to much, and with the rain generator, I can finally recreate one of my favorite sounds ever! This helps bring me to that special little happy place in the far back of my mind. I can't even explain it how much I love this.

  Sitting by a stream as a drizzle comes to a quiet end. great for relaxing and meditating.

  I absolutely love the app, and this website is so lovely. I use it when I'm writing and I don't want to listen to music. It blocks out any other noise possible (definitely needed for the house I live in), and relaxes me in a way that music could never do. And when I need to sleep, I just turn on the rain and add in some loud thunder, and I'm in heaven. Thank you so much for this!

  This is simply amazing. Calm and relaxing and also great for study! Set to animate and then you are ready to go.

 It's epic, it's just epic...

  You are falling asleep in your tent while the rain falls gently.

  Came across your site after using simplyrain and binaural beats to calm down. I'm a software developer, so my mind is constantly on 140% processing information. In order to keep sane ;), I took up the habit of having a small nap at noon, while listening to white or rain noise. Your site provides the very best and charming noises, which neither bore nor irritate. Great!

  Perfect for nighttime.

  I almost fell asleep reading the comments about other people falling asleep! Incredible when paired with the Temple Bells!

  I heard a tapping noise on the back door, and I started freaking out, so then I just pulled my hood over my head and started listening to this and it helped me calm down. Thanks so much!

  This is the one thing that can instantly relax me.

  I always just turn on 'Animate' right off the bat. I don't usually use any of the presets, but I never seem to need to. As someone with an anxiety disorder, the calm, slowly changing background noise is extremely helpful for me to use when I need to focus, relax, or sleep.

  Ah, soft, gentle sighs escape when I hear this rain. Fat drips and faint splashes against autumn leaves as thunder grumbles near.

  Rain outside the office window, very useful for when other people have phone conversations or loud meetings.

  Best in the world...

  I have some anxiety issues, but I think this helps. I tried to make it sound like the rain I used to hear in my sister's house in Virginia. It's good to just sit and listen to the rain.

  This, paired with the Jungle Noise generator set to 'Rainy Season' is all I listen to, everyday. It helps drown out the noise of the city in the day and break the silence in the night. For the first while, I actually managed to fool myself it was raining outside. I love these generators, thank you!

  The only thing that would make this better is the smell of rain. Would make me fall asleep even faster. If that is even possible...

  Rain on a window... perfect when combined with the Train noise!

  Its great as it cancel the awful tinitus noise... thanks alot

  This noise reminds me of when I go camping and it rains

  A light and relaxing rain

  Thanks so much for this website. I use the rain noise almost every night to help me sleep -- I've never found another rain noise that works for me besides this one. I have GAD, depression, and issues with tinnitus & auditory hallucinations, and not only does the rain noise in particular help ease me to sleep better, but I also use the noises on here to calm me in case music won't work.

  I have always had trouble sleeping, but since I have found this website and started listening to the rain noise, I never have problems going to sleep anymore!

  Wind chimes. In the rain. Plopping down in harmony. This helps me concentrate really well!

  This reminds me of a monsoon storm over the desert, when the day's been hot and humid and the clouds roll in low over the city and about sunset, the sky starts to growl, then lightning flashes. The rain sounds like it'll go on forever through the night, cooling everything off again with that glorious smell that rises just before everything is soaked.

  I always had to have something making noise when I sleep. I would sometimes use my tablet but it would never stay charged while idling. but thanks to mynoise I can finally sleep while my tablet charges. THANKS!!!

  Unbelievable thing! This "rain mixer" is just delightful to my painful ears... Thanks a lot for this magical heaven!

  This noise melts away stress, when I am working it focuses me and I am able to be the most productive I can be.

  This sound is amazing. Just enough to help me calm down after an anxiety attack!

  I layered this with the fire generator and the cat purr. It reminds me of sitting in side a cabin with a heavy rain outside a fire in the fireplace and the cat in my lap.

  Sheets of rain roll over each other down the glass of the greenhouse, making it seem as if the walls are made of water. It's dark outside, and the dim lamplight is reflected back inward. You are alone in your waterfall house.

  Sometimes, I just want some heavy rain to sleep to, after a hot summerday. This site helps me accomplish that.

  ← In a Tent during a thunderstorm.

  this particular setting sounds like you're under the porch watching and listening as the rain really settles into a constant lull and has been lasting for a while. It's really calming and gives off a fresh 'air' about it

  Coupled with the train generator, this made me feel like I was sitting in an empty train car, reading a dog-earred book with the window slightly ajar. Perfection.

  Helping me write my PhD thesis, if it wasn't for this I wouldn't get it done.

  Aaaah this is so great. Perfect for my unconcentrated mind. It helps me focus on my work.

  Nestled in a hollowed-out mountainside by a river. This is the most relaxing sound for studying! <3

  I love it! Helps a lot canceling out external noise and helps me focus while studying. Where has this been all my academic life??? Thank you!!!

  I love this page! I found it during finals and it's great! I'm downloading the android app as soon as it comes out!

  Great for concentrating on studying, creative writing or for relaxing. I really hope this comes to an Android app soon!

  I'm currently writing a novel, and this makes me so much more productive! Ideas come to me so much more often, and I find I can do so much more with them.

  ← Bubbly

  I lived in the tropics for over 3 years and this reminds exactly of a tropical thunderstorm/rainfall

  ← Falling sleet during the winter.

  This is the sound of distant thunder and a light patter of rain... it relaxes me, and lets me write in peace, especially when I hit animate.

  Wow, so relaxing.

  Makes me sleepy in no time and stops my worries with background noise of a positive kind :)

  Listening to something is important, but listening to rain is something more. It engages with a human consciousness that numbs all trivialities, and nurtures a common beauty. -Hubert

  PERFECT background ambient noise for working on my computer. Most music distracts me too much. I've been listening to the same rain.mp3 for years, but this dynamic generator is outstanding!!

  Simply beautiful. Thank you.

  The sound of rain lessens my anxiety and helps me feel calm. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this Rain Noise Generator.

  The sounds of the rain are a remarkable sleep aid, replacing the need for television and other such background noise and allowing for a much deeper, better sleep.

  I have trouble sleeping. This playing in the background, combined with a fan blowing air across me, is the only thing that will allow me to get any sleep without medication.

  This is as close as I could get to raining sound inside of a car, just adjust the right green one to set how hard the rain is... I cant believe how awesome this website is :3

  I would like a heavy thunderstorm, load crackling,booms, heavy rain and wind I miss living in South Carolina when we would have bad weather from the tornadoes moving in. I loved the hard pounding rain. If someone could do something like this and be able to control the amount of thunder sounds and rain much like the rain noise already would be great. I love the rain noise already,needs more thunder

  It's just that extra little thing that makes all the difference to how much I relax. Priceless.

  This rain is like the sound I could hear sitting in the window of my Alabama trailer as a child. It makes me feel very calm and centered.

  This is great for relaxing or reading a book! I also use this to sleep at night. That's all I can say really... Enjoy :)

  This is very helping with my sleep problems! Love it!

  This is probably my favorite setting. It reminds me of sitting on my porch at my grandpa's farm reading while listening to the gentle pitter patter of the rain.

  The lovely sound of a storm outside as you're all dry and cozy in your house. It helps me write a lot, and relaxes me.

  Mostly the sound of rain, with a distant rumble of thunder in the background. Helped me while studying for exams and kept me relaxed.

  This helps me with writing dark rainy scenes for my novel. It just sets the mood and helps me hear what the character might be hearing which is beyond helpful.

  Its more realistic than in real life !

  ← Under the umbrella during a storm

  I have ringing in my ears due to a side effect from my chemo and this rain has been my relaxing comfort when my brain just can't take any more, I can sleep!

  ← "Outside"

  I feel so wonderful when I listen to this. My heart beats heavier and my mind relaxes. I feel more energized. I love the animation factor, it makes this whole thing 1000x better.

  I love my custom rain, probably more than anything else on the site. Of course, all of it is excellent, and unparalled when it comes to other noise sites. I am throughly pleased, and I myself focus much better while tuning into some heavy downpour. Thanks, MyNoise. <3 ^^

  No thunder, and just the slightest bit of most of the rain slides. ~Dark Purple Slide For The Win~

  Kind of reminds me of walking through the city on a rainy night.

  ← Under an Enclosed Patio

  I'm an author, and this setting helps me write. It sounds exactly like the forest my characters are in.

  ← Florida Summer Thunder - deep, rolling thunderstorm with thick drops of steady rain.

  The sounds of being indoors during an distant storm. So soothing, I wish it happened in reality everyday.

  I tried to be realistic in this one, I really like it, I'm just not sure what to say about it. But it's good.

  Living in Southern California you never get rain here, it's an endless year around summer. I wish we got the seasons here like other states. I love the rain and the way it sounds, so soothing and comforting to listen to makes me feel like I am someplace else. I just wish I had speakers all over my house so I could play it all day. Thank you for this!

  I like that I can monitor the amount of the different sounds, sometimes raniymood is just annoying in that respect. Other rain sounds get repetitive, but this one sounds like its right above.

  Absolutely amazing for studying! My favourite preset is 'Jungle Rain'

  Missouri Rainstorm. Light wind, distant rumbling, so many leaves dripping, rivers in the street.

  It sounds so good, it helps me a lot while reading so I can relax and cancel out noise like the TV and computer.

  This really is amazing. When I panic and feel like my head is too full and its so cold here right now that there is only snow, so sadly no rain. This helps me. The thoughts dont really go away, but it does help me. Thankee.

  A nice heavy rain. I really enjoy this.

  This has been great for blocking out office noise while I work. Very relaxing, not distracting and just beautiful. Being able to open up a second browser to layer on a different sound (Indian Drone) adds a whole new layer to it as well.

  I put this on animate and then do the same with the bamboo wood chimes noise when I need to do homework or study and I'm getting distracted. It helps me get on track and stay on track so I get things done. The animate feature on both at the same time just makes it sound like the natural changes of real wind and rain. I love it.

  This reminds me of a summer storm sweeping through the praries, the thunder booming and the lightning illuminating the sky! It reminds me of home, and the summer that we will (eventually) have.

  Heavy rain - excellent for focusing during late-night studying.

  This really helped with my anxiety! Really good for writing! I use it all the time! DONT USE IF YOU HAVE TO PEE OMFG

  This reminds me of going out camping. Makes me think of me laying under a tarp tent, hearing the rain gently thud overhead and hear the rain drip and patter outside on the downy grass while I hear the welcoming roar of distant thunder. :)

  I use this when I'm writing along with 'coffitivity.com' . It makes me feel like I'm in a nice, cozy cafe on a rainy day with nothing to distract me.

  I was born of summer monsoons in the desert - and this sounds just like that.

  I really love this website, and this 'rain' noise in particular. I'm not sure why, but the sound of rain has always been very soothing for me. Great job to whoever made this <3

  Brilliant, excellent user interface too. Perfect for any task. :3

  Soft thunderstorms are very calming for me, this is perfect for drowning out everyone else in the office.

  I love rain so much. It's just amazing. I put this one whenever I do anything and it calms me and helps me focus. I usually forget it's there. Thank you so much. <3

  Just like rain sounded in my childhood home. I've never gone to sleep so easy!

  Rain is one of the few things that makes me feel better when I'm having an anxiety episode - but since I can't control the weather, I find that coming here works wonderfully. The fact that I can change it to make the sounds of wind and thunder more prominent - the most calming sounds for me - makes all the difference.

  The way I put this one together really helps me focus while I work on things like writing and it's very relaxing after a hard day. Thanks for making this available for everyone!

  I am using this beautiful tool both at home and in my office to perform hypnosis sessions. Just great!

  I love this so much!! It helps me calm down, and forget my worries. I am so focused on audio that if there was a new sound or an annoying one, I would find myself focusing on it. This tunes out all of that! Now I can concentrate on what I am doing!

  This is absolutely a brilliant idea! It is very relaxing to have playing in the background while tackling tons of homework and deadlines!

  Helps me relax when I'm feeling stressed out due to every day life. It's nice to get lost in the noises of the storm.

  'Bedroom' plus the clock sound is just amazingly calming. I love it so much. THANK YOU!

  Instantly feeling better and getting a little sleepy. It is perfect.

  I can have it loud enough to completely block out household noises and because it sounds natural I can sleep right through it. I do rotating shift work so this is so helpful after a night shift.

  Nice as a background for various shameless pop punk albums.

  I like this one because its like a twinkly storm.

  The rain is my favorite weather, I love to listen to it an it is nice even if there isn't any rain outside.

  I like to listen to this when I'm programming, it really makes me concentrate and relax much better than any music I used.

  Helps me sleep.

  I wish there was an option for spring peepers to go with this lovely rain. They are a type of small tree frog in new England and I am incredibly homesick for them. They drone and peep in this not too high little orchestra that can be mistaken for crickets or birds. I love the rain setting but in my heart these dumb little frogs are missing.

  Makes me feel like I'm there. Gives me a feeling of hope in this cluttered world.

  The sound of between storms, when one is dying off and the other is getting ready to fade into it.

  I have ADHD and Autism and the sound of rain really helps to clear my over active mind a little :) I hope this site exsists forever, because it's perfect!! Wolfie from England.

  Wow such relax, very weather, much calming, wow

  ← Dutch Rain. This really reminds me of the rain in my hometown, in Holland. The drops remind me of the river near to my house.

  Dutch Rain - This really reminds me of the rain in my hometown, in Holland. The drops remind me of the river near to my house.

  Reminds me of sitting by the window

  Finally not tired at work anymore!

  Helps me so much to think and relax, to write and draw, to dream and drown =)

  I use this to add a low rain noise to other relaxing noise pages.

  A nice soothing sound of thunder and wind as well as heavy drops into a nearby puddle. It's like hiding inside an old tree during a surprise downpour in the forest. That's when the magic comes out.

  Cosy indoors; downpour outside

  This is the hands down coolest noise generator website I've ever seen. This is my favorite setting for the rain noise program.

  I use this custom rain noise as a background sound every time I sit down to write. It helps to focus by drowning out other sounds that would have distracted me.

  W O W it's just amazing. I really feel really cold combined it with ice world and winter walk JUST AWSOME

  Hard bass, thunderclap. Just like how I love rain while inside. <3

  This sounds like a deep, slightly spooky, underground cavern. The Old Powers of the Earth.

  This is by far the best site for calming noises ever. Whenever I am feeling stressed or tired I put this on and go to my happy place.

  This is a great escape to a much peaceful world... right in your very own room.

  Cured my head strain.

  It reminds me of home.

  ← Taping Rain. I love to hear the rain I always open my front door to lesson and smell the freshness of the rain. This reminds me of those times.

  The sound of being underwater with the rain pouring down, along with the sound of thunder is immensely calming.

  It helps me fall asleep when I'm feeling stressed out.

  It makes me feel like I'm in a fish bowl or a pool in the rain and it's amazingly calming.

  Definitely sleeping better tonight.

  I use this to sleep every night. I have had a habit of taking hours to fall asleep all my life but since I've found this site sleep has come instantaneously. Actual real life magic happenings right here.

  It's awesome

  Listening to music with the rain from this website in the background is doing wonders for my mental health. Thanks!

  A wonderful tool for sensitive ears. All I can say is ... video games are over-rated.

  Like many of you whos comments I read, I Love this website! .. So I paid a small contribution to its creator Stephane Pigeon so that he knows even in a small way how much I value his work. If you appreciate this site then show 'Your Support' in a way that will allow him to continue his work for our benefit....

  Standing in the rain with a umbrella. Feel the cold air as it rushes by you <3

  Not-so-distant thunderstorm

  Just what i want to listen to after tumultuous sex: something slow, something wet, and something far far away.

  Thank you so much for this! This is exactly what I need to help me forget my worries and just go to sleep.

  I love the sound of rain and wish it would rain all the time, with this custom mix I can mimic exactly what the rain outside my window sounds like, even when the weather wont cooperate.

  It sounds like the rain is dripping at a corrugated iron, in summertime when you had to hide from a sudden rain :)

  Just think about sitting inside on those rainy days when you were six. I love this noise, it never gets annoying and helps me get throught piles of schoolwork.

  A rainy day would be my favorite place to be.

  This has been absolutely wonderful so far for noisy intercity coaches and the common room in my Oxford college, which is often populated by noisy people to whom I do not wish to listen - thank you so much!

  This website is great for when I'm trying to write, I live with 3 other people that can all be very noisy but when I put my headphones in and listen to this I can actually concentrate.

  This helps me relax and study since music can sometimes be a distraction to me. I love it, so much.

  This is a variation of "Dark Rain", and it's really the perfect blend of noises to help me sleep soundly at night.

  Sleeping in complete silence has always been difficult for me. This helps me fall asleep much more easily. :)

  This is so great. Helps me sleep.

  Porch, pond, rocking chair, summer rain

  I can't study in complete silence, but music can be distracting. This is the perfect solution!

  Kind of a nice storm. Very relaxing at work.

  The sound of a night of study :) or a rain near the sea...don't know anymore...

  Running on an open mountain road in the middle of a storm, laughing and drinking the rain, smelling the sweet crisp moist air.

  I like to use this noise for writing, it helps me calm down and think. I've gotten some good ideas from here! Many scenes in the rain.

  I've been having severe anxiety and depression issues lately, to the point where I'm breaking down on nearly a daily basis. I found this, and within days it was my go-to relaxing agent, and it helped me get back on my feet.

  I boost the higher and lower frequencies... and the annoying crying neighbors' baby from the other side of the wall seems to be gone. Perfect for studying and relaxing!

  Doesn't matter if it's for school works like right now or for programming, this rain noise is completely perfect and awesomely customizable

  I love this tool so much--it's perfect for blocking out office conversations and noise while I'm working on a project, but doesn't distract me the way music or podcasts can. Thanks for making it available!

  This site is great. It helps me get all of my school work done. This noise is my favorite.

  While working on the computers at school, I find it hard to concentrate... This is extreamly usefull and relazing. Not only that, but I can listen to it at home and relax, dreaming and thinking of all those good memories that Rain brings... How could you not love it?? c:

  Makin' Bacon in the Shower, I've been deemed twice forsaken, and I'm wearing a tealish-magenta shower cap on my head...That's a crystal clear observation that I've making and you're taken, I really hope you know that I fully forthcoming and not faking, cause I am!

  I can't believe something as beautiful as this exists. Helps me concentrate in work. I love the rain noise generators the best.

  ESMR fans and chasers will love this setup. Really tickled my sweet spot. So soothing!

  This site is great. It helps me get all of my school work done. This noise is my favorite.

  This seriously lulls me to sleep every night. I love it.

  Man. That bowl really hit the spot :)

  Imagine sitting next to a window on a rainy day. The sun is hidden behind the clouds, a slight wind rushes by. You hear the occasional roll of thunder in the distance as you watch the water roll down the glass like a peaceful waterfall...

  I suffer with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, combined with IBS. Anyonw who knows about IBS will know that anxiety triggers it - meaning that when I have a bad day - so does my toilet. This config is loud enough to drown out my anxiety but soft enough to be pleasant and relaxing. I sleep and meditate to this.

  I've developed a few anxiety issues since college, so there doesn't go a day that's filled with me feeling stressed. I've found a few ways to cope, but this site has helped me the most. I love the rain noise. It instantly relieves me of all the stress on my shoulders, and literally makes my chest feel lighter.

  Jell-O Flavored Rain Boobies at 57.3 Kelvin.

  Very relaxing... definitely helps against stress.

  A modified downward curve. I boosted the low end because I love the deep roumbles

  I love this sound! Reminds me of the pitta-pat sound when rain hits an umbrella.. Very comforting and feels safe.

  A slow storm with lots of raindrops

  I'm 59 years old. This is the awesomest thing ever!

  As a lover of rain and a fan of getting soaking wet in it, to my mother's chagrin, I enjoy these sounds as a way to get the audio environment I want without the wet and heavy clothes.

  I love the rain noise generator! It gives off a very cozy feel that helps calm those pesky nerves and anxieties.

  I love this noise, it sounds just like heavy rainstorms that we don't get so often. Helps me concentrate whatever I'm doing.

  Very relaxing.. definitely helps against stress.

  I love it. This may have become the site that I go to after I've lost a few League ranked games in a row. Perhaps the most relaxed I've been in a long time.

  I have tinnitus in both ears Call it bad stereo. My high frequencies in both ears are shot. Rain noise definitely blocks out a lot of the ringing sound. So much so that I can turn off the noise and for some time afterward, my tinnitus seems to disappear.

  Beautiful and relaxing and just gorgeous!

  When I was little, my Dad and I used to go tent camping in the Rocky Mountains. Some of my favorite memories were of falling asleep to rain on the tent. We were high up, right inside of the storms and they were deafening, but comforting.

  Big Storm

  Heavy summer rain. Love it <3

  This has helped me so much. I have tinnitus in both ears and after my first session with my own eq curve and rain sounds it has made so much difference that I've not noticed my tinnitus (which was a nightmare previously) in two weeks.

  This thing is amazing. I fall asleep to it every night and I can't sleep without it. Brilliant website, soothing noises :33

  For some reason storms are relaxing for me: probably because i'm a metal fan!

  I listen to the Dark Rain. I love the sound of heavy rain and it's very lulling. If I had a computer in my room, I would listen to this every night.

  I find it very comforting and soothing. It makes you return to those days you were 6.

  I love having the sound of rain in the background while I'm writing. The rain is so soothing and really helps me to relax and get my creative juices flowing.

  A rain storm with a few good thunder rumbles soothes my nerves like nothing else, even after long shifts or long days of studying. There's nothing not to love here.

  I love how you're able to change the frequencies of each piece of a thunderstorm. I literally can not sleep without it...

  I've always loved the rain. It's second only to food on the scale of things that comfort me, although that scales changes depending on my mood obviously. This site makes it possible to experience a very close replica of a real rain storm anytime.

  I made a custom rain noise, but I'm not sure if it makes me sleepy, or want to go to the toilet... (It's REALLLY good though)

  ← Thunderstorm

  Working on my projects has never been easier. With this rain noise maker I can finally relax and do my work without having others bother me. I love it and just about everyday I listen to it. Bookmarked!

  Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

  I like to sleep listening to this.

  I've been studying for about 2 hours straight and didn't notice. THANKKKK YOUUU. Couldn't have found this at a better time!

  I like feeling close to the rain without really getting wet, even though most times I don't quite mind.

  During my latest study break, my sleeping pattern became really inconsistent, and it was affecting my quality of studying and sleep. Rain Noise has helped me the best to get my sleeping patterns back to where they should be, and I'm studying better than ever!

  Definitely one of my favorites. I love weather and California doesn't get very much.

  I love the sounds of the raindrops and this really helps me to relax.

  Made it just like what rain sounds like when you are inside a house, near the window!

  I've had trouble trying to clear my head to work and draw, but now this does it for me clearing my head with my favorite sound in the world.

  I seemed to have recently developed some sort of anxiety but then i found this site on tumblr and now I can find peace. Thank you so so much!

  Walking During Monsoon Season.

  Nostalgia. That's the word that comes to mind during this rain. I'm in my own world, and it's peaceful.

  The sound of the rain helps me focus on studying for tests and stops me from becoming distracted. It also helps me ease into a good nights rest.

  I play this sound along with a wind noise when I study, particularly late at night when the quiet gets overwhelming

  It's very relaxing and the amount of customizing you can do is amazing!

  This has more emphasize on the thunder and noise the rain makes upon contact to small groups of water, it lulls me into a deep sleep.

  A perfect relaxation and concentration soundscape.

  I have bad stress issues and I'm a little depressed so this really helps when I'm feeling sad =)

  This reminded me of sitting out on my porch watching a thunderstorm. It is relaxing and the low sounds helped me concentrate while studying. Thank you so much for this wonderful site!

  This reminds me of lying down and listening to the rain fall during a storm. It just calms me. Reminds of when i was a child and fills me with nostalgia.

  Wow, it really relaxes me. And it gets me focused for long periods of doing homework.

  Blocks out annoying heater sound and other distracting typing noises at work.

  I always loved the sound of rain outside my bedroom, and this tool is excellent to feel that emotion even if it isn't raining, and it helps me study ;)

  Relaxing stormy night. Perfect for relaxing with a good book.

  Nothing like the feeling of recreation after a summer storm. Now available in tubes, deus ex machina.

  Listening to this really helped me to relax and let go of my worries and thoughts. I could literally feel my body slowly relaxing and my thoughts clearing out of my mind.

  This helps me in reading a lot. I especially like how realistic it is and it soothes me while I read my favorite novels.

  This makes even the busiest of environments easily manageable to study or work in, love it.

  The sound of rain out side. My daughters sleep better during rain. This helps during dry nights.

  The ultimate falling-asleep-rainstorm!

  It really helps me to relax after a hard day full with work.. I'm listening to it too fall asleep,and its working!

  Just perfect for me when Denmark isn't rainy enough.

  Sometimes it doesn't rain enough in Malaysia. So I use this to simulate the rain.

  I LOOVE THIS... the rain with the distant storm preset comforts me greatly.

  Very good for ADHD, managed to write a full report without breaks for the first time in a long while, and all because this was on in the background. Would definitely recommend.

  This is excellent. I always loved the sound of rain and it helps me sleep. Such an organic feel for something generated through my computer! I love it.

  So lovely; after a hard and stressful day at work, this was just what I needed.

  I've been having trouble concentrating writing my paper for a few weeks now but this helps a great deal. I work on my paper without being distracted for a much longer period now with this playing in my ear phones (:

  I enjoyed making my own rain sound since rain is hard to come by here in Texas and it helps my become calm and helps me sleep.

  I have an anxiety disorder and dysthymia. I also have paranoid personality disorder. When I was a kid, I would always run in the rain. This is the only feeling that makes me feel... normal. When I hear this rain sound, it just feels like there is nothing to worry about. Everything is going to be just fine...

  Very good for relaxation.

  Beautiful balance of my favorite rain noises. Awakening old memories with this.

  Goodbye Tinnitus!

  Used this to help myself fall asleep. Works wonders, greatly recommended to anybody with stress issues.

  The rumbling background noises are very calming.

  Really made me fell a little bit colder in these hot (almost tropical) days! Cool...

  Gentle and splashy with storms in the distance. Calming

  I have severe anxiety disorder and whenever I'm about to go into a situation I'm not comfortable with, I just listen to the sound of rain to help calm down. I find it very therapeutic, this is definitely the best noise generator I've ever seen.

  My favorite part of thunderstorms is the thunder so I made that the most distinct part while having the actual rain sounds as quiet accents, it really helps me stay focused as I'm working on my latest projects

  That is the best sound that i got, it really helps me to relax after a hard day.

  This particular arrangement, gives me the soothing sound I look for in a rain simulator, the heavy low frequency thunder, and rain that sounds like you're in a bedroom with an open window that is located near a rain-gutter. I love this website so much, it has helped me a lot with my migraines.

  Comfy in door as the rain splashes against the windows.

  Excellent for my tinnitus at 8-9kHz :-)

  I love the sound of a thunderstorm. Sitting on the porch and watching a storm is one of my favorite things to do. This sound is so relaxing. Thank you for this site!

  Thunderstorm out on the water.

  I feel at home.

  Wonderful sounds!

  Perfect for school work, or revision. Really relaxing.

  A great addition to my music to block out the noise of my class. I would recommend this brilliant site to anyone who needs help focusing, sleeping or otherwise blocking out sound.

  Summer storms without the migraine.

  ← The Long Night.

  My variation on 'dark rain'. I just love listening to it whilst browsing the internet/doing miscellaneous things. It's the perfect mix of everything, for me at least.

  I love the sound of rain, and after finding this website homework is way less stressful. If you need a place to calm down, it's here listening to the rain however you want it.

  This reminds me of stretching out on our porch swing and rocking gently while watching storms when I was younger. So relaxing.

  It really helps me feel comfortable and content. Even if it's just for a few moments.

  The engine stopped. The window is leaking. I can't see anything through the glass; just an endless stretch of trees and road. It's getting dark out. I'm feeling tired. I wonder if I'm far enough out that they won't find me. Probably not, they always find me. I can see a light. I didn't notice it before. Looks like they found me. I think it's time to go to sleep, wouldn't you agree... R

  Heavy Rain, good for covering up noise and reminding me of home.

  Wampirantas Hat

  I love rain and it always calms me down; however even though I am in England, despite popular opinion, unfortunately it doesn't rain here all the time, so the sound generated here really helps :) Thank you!

  Molto Bene! Very soothing, especially when paired with the bamboo wind chime noise.

  If you turn it up really loud you almost feel like the room is having a light rain storm

  It helps me study.

  ← Very wet and thunderous

  Storm under a porch.

  This reminds me of my room, just waking up and listening to the rain. This helps me sleep.

  I use this to negate the noise from my computer's hard drives and the tv in the other room while working on homework. A friend introduced this to me, and I am excited to use it. Thanks!

  ← Oregon rain

  I like to put this on in slightly high volume while listening to piano and music box songs. I love how it sounds.

  I hate thunderstorms but I love the sound of rain. It's calming and all the individual sounds together are just incredibly relaxing *dreamy sigh*

  ← Distant storm + Light "lakerain"

  Really helps when studying for school. I've always loved the sound of rain especially in the mountains. This puts everything at ease and helps me concentrate.

  Helps me with my anxiety. I can close my eyes and hear my thoughts without worrying so much.

  I just don't feel alone when I hear this sound.

  ← a light rain

  For those hot summer days, this almost brings that cold breeze a fall storm carries along, never mind the smell of fresh cold air.

  I have depression and anxiety disorder, and on some nights I feel powerless to unfortunate wiring of my brain, even with the normal security of music. Storms always seemed to do the trick at quelling the sleeplessness and raging thoughts. Now I can have that when I really need it most. Thank you so much.

  Truly relaxing beautiful noise to fall asleep to.

  This noise really helps me when I'm having panic attacks or just feeling a little down.

  Brilliant for relaxation and just as background noise. It's helping me revise at the moment. Thanks for making this! xx

  This sound reminds me of a storm at my window on cold, windy nights.

  Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

  I'm afraid of thunder but rain has always been so soothing. Found a good balance with non of the deep rumbling. Sounds like a nice day for a hot cocoa.

  I love it. It's so calming and I'm so peaceful right now. Thank you! :))

  Sounds like real rain. I had this on all day.

  This is very relaxing and sounds like there is rain outside my bedroom window. Helps me think and relax.

  I love the sound of storms, it's calming to me even though I used to be afraid of thunder.

  Really keeps back Anxiety <3

  I've always love the sound of rain especially storms it remind me of the rainy nights in my grandmother's house when I was younger. Sometimes when it was too cold we would share our blankets.

  I love the sound of thunderstorms. It's always been very calming for me. Now I use it while I study. Music is too distracting, but this really helps me focus!

  Reminds me of sleeping in my camper as a kid. The rain always made a sharp thwack against the roof.

  I love the sound of thunder its such a beautiful sound, so calming.

  I helps me to relax while things in reality are not quite as relaxing.

  Calms me down.

  I'm a game developer and spend many hours working at my computer. Sometimes it's quite difficult to maintain focus. Music helps, but something about the sound of rain puts me in a state of ease and lets me work long hours when I need to.

  This is great when listening to acoustic music or covers :)

  Really helps me relax when I feel a panic attack coming on. Thank you!

  A window slightly open to hear the water hitting the wet ground. My happiest childhood memory...

  My siblings are always screaming when they are playing but when I turn this on it helps me relax and ignore them while I'm doing my homework.

  I love this place! It calms me down and I can feel my muscles just relax. It's awesome.

  "Rainy Lake". Gentle and splashy with storms in the distance. Calming

  Taking shelter from the storm. It is supposed to emulate being indoors/sheltered during a thunderstorm.

  I love how relaxing the sound of rain is. I use it at work to help me concentrate. Although, after a while it makes me want to pee.

  Ohh wow after hard days of school in such hot weather this is just amazing <3

  Thanks so much for providing this.:3 It's so relaxing and soothing :3

  I'm almost asleep. :)

  Custom noise helps me concentrate on work or stands in as background noise that I enjoy having whilst reading. It makes me feel nostalgic and inspires a sense of comfort that I normally feel on cool afternoons with a low sound of rain as I sit in my home.

  I really like the sound of rain and this one is very relaxing. I really enjoy it.

  Already feeling sleepy. It's so personalized.

  The thunder and rain had put me at ease when I was very young, now it is wonderful to revisit a familiar, soothing soundscape. This is almost as relaxing as it can get.

  It imitates being under an umbrella.

  I've always liked rain sounds as white noise and they create a pleasant environment for me to write in.

  I tend to get very stressed and loud noises has a very negative effect on this. When my computer fan started acting up, it was near unbearable for me to work - I got headaches from the noise and if I drowned it out with music, I couldn't focus. This noise is perfect for me. The rain is soothing, and it is very low pitch, which removes the stress effect completely. Love it!

  Rainstorm- Rain is a very refreshing event. It brings life to places where it may be fading. The sounds are very relaxing and helps with meditation, just like a running stream.

  Unlike a lot of people, I often have troubles with studying in a silent room. This noise is quiet and discrete, and helps me to concentrate doing my homework.

  I just love rain and I know it's crazy but it's better than the sun for me and this helps me experience that all day every day

  The rain reminds me of being back in africa and that calms my anxiety down while simultaneously reminding me of what I am working for in the future. Its a great coping tool in my recovery from an eating disorder.

  Try it while you're listening to sad songs

  I just discovered this and I can tell I will be using it a lot

  I use this to meditate during exam periods, especially since I'm doing my GCSE's this year. Also to fall asleep too.

  Your website is truly amazing. It helps me focus on and feel in a more natural state when I'm doing tedious tasks, such as homework. It also helps me when I'm writing to get into it and really focus down on something. Thanks!

  Sounds like a Kansas rain with a drain in that background :)

  It is very very calming,I love it, it helps me with my anger issues...

  It is calming and suding and it helps me to go to sleep

  It helps me sleep. I can relax and not feel so stressed out about it! It's by far the best noise ever!

  Listening to the rain is really helping me write my dissertation. I never thought I could be so relaxed while working!

  This is how rain sounds near my home.

  Just sounds the most rain-like to me, especially through the stereo.

  Thank you soooo much :) I find it hard to concentrate while studying and this is an important year for me so I need to knuckle down and study. These settings are perfect for me as they keep all the sound from the outside, out. I hope others enjoy this as much as I do :D

  My custom noise really helps me to relax and to think myself out of my day to day life for a bit. Sometimes for that drowsey moments before sleep, sometimes to forget purposeful thinking and instead daydream.

  As a highschool freshman with a big family, putting on those headphones is compulsory when it comes to studying. Unfortunately, most of the time music is distracting. This rain noise generator is great, it isolates me from the noise and reminds me of the old chizzly cold days of winter :3

  I miss the rain and thunderstorms of home. This helps me be a little less homesick.

  Its so serene.

  Thanks for this! the rain really helps me relax and be able to fall asleep.

  I simply LOVE creating video games. FPS, platformer, whatever. Calming sound like the sound of rain outside help me focus on my work. This rain noise generator creates that noise when ever I need it and it always helps me.

  This is great for sleep :)

  I just really like thunderstorms :3

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