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Oct 21st • By The Lake added

Oct 18th • Subaquatic Dreams update

Oct 14th • Tuned Cave added

Oct 1st • Electric Sheep added

Sept 26th • Tinnitus Relief released

Sept 24th • Finnish Sauna added

Sept 16th • Happy Place added

Sep 9th • Full Moon Forest added

Sep 2nd • Summer Festival added
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myNoise radio stations broadcast sounds from the website, 24/7. Streamed at 192kbps or higher, you will enjoy their optimal sound quality and high dynamic range. Thanks to the users contributing to this website, these radios run without ads. Please contribute to myNoise if you haven't yet.


Though you can listen to these radios through a web browser, dedicated radio clients are recommended. Here are a couple of free players that have been confirmed to work with our streams : VLC (cross-platform) • Tune In (cross-platform) • iTunes (OSX) • Radiofonic (iOS & Android). Or try Amazon Alexa : just say Alexa, open myNoise.


Relaxation & Meditation • This generative radio station alternates nature noises and calming tones. Combinations are randomly generated so that the stream never repeats. Ideal to add a sonic dimension to your meditation session, or to calm down. This radio is broadcasted with a very high dynamic range.

On Thursdays, the Zen station broadcasts the Mermaids Calling program, a haunting combination of female voices and ocean sounds.

Stream protocol : http • Address : http://zen.radio.mynoise.net

♥ Support the myNoise internet radios. Help covering our streaming costs with a donation :
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Focus & Sleep • This generative radio has been optimized to block audible nuisances around you, like your chatty colleagues for example. And it works to fall asleep too: sea waves are a favorite of many insomniacs. Unlike a static recording, this stream does not loop, and randomly alternates ocean sounds from all over the world!

Stream protocol : http • Address : http://ocean.radio.mynoise.net


Natural White Noise • Rain, by nature, sounds more static than undulating ocean waves, and brighter too. Rain sounds are a natural alternative to static white/pink noise, associated with a greater acceptance and less fatigue than artificial sources. This radio stream does not loop, and alternates rain sounds from all over the world!

Stream protocol : http • Address : http://rain.radio.mynoise.net


Calm Background Noise • Connect with nature, and create a calm inner pace with a relaxing audio background that continuously changes over the day. This radio channel broadcasts the best of the myNoise nature sounds.

Stream protocol : http • Address : http://nature.radio.mynoise.net


Electro Ambient • Our best space ambient sounds will take you on a trippy journey through mystical cosmic dust!

Stream protocol : http • Address : http://space.radio.mynoise.net