myNoise Microphones
Made for me, available to you

The design of total simplicity with a touch of 'issued-by-the-army' strikes me dead in an instant. Seriously. Frank Hell.

It all started with a fact and a dilemma.

The best device is the one that's with you, when you need it. The dilemma: portability versus quality.

Invest in a high-end SLR camera and you will soon want a pocket camera - the one you always carry with you, and never miss a shot. But as you take a picture with your pocket camera, you wish you could rely on the better optics, the higher dynamic range, and shallow depth-of-field of your SLR. You know that feeling, right? Well, it is the same with digital audio recorders.

Over the years, I invested in premium portable field recorders and microphones. They offer indisputable sound, but are bulky to carry with you all the time. Like pocket cameras, there are pocket recorders too. Nowadays, they offer premium audio quality and an amazing battery life. Unfortunately, their built-in microphones are not yet up to my sound recording standards. External microphones are the solution, but you will realize that in the lower budget range, they won't perform much better than the built-in microphones. As soon as you are looking for audio quality, the issue of portability rises again. Why would you have a Dictaphone in your pocket, if you still need a bag for studio-grade microphones and a phantom-power supply?!

The solution: I built my own microphones

Matched Pair on a StandBased on this observation, I wondered if I could build my own microphones, ones that would be small enough to carry with me alongside a Dictaphone, but ones that offer a sound quality that would give me complete satisfaction. After many trials, the results were surprisingly good: my little Dictaphone started to sound damn close to my professional gear.

Next came the idea to start a small handmade production and offer these same microphones as matched pairs, to friends and website visitors who helped me to collect audio material for myNoise. Not only would this be a nice present, but it would help them to record even better audio material for me!

These microphones are entirely made by hand. They are built as matched pairs to the highest quality standards handmade production is able to achieve. My father − an electronic engineer and talented craftsman − helped me a lot in the mechanical design and "mass" production. Once his workshop has been turned into microphone manufacturing mode, we can produce a couple of pairs a day, starting from the raw materials; they are built based on capsules that have been matched beforehand, in my studio.

If you are interested in acquiring a pair, check out the characteristics of these microphones first, then send me an email. I may have a pair. If not, you will receive a notice the next time my father's workshop turns into microphone manufacturing mode again ;-)

Matched pairs come at a price of USD 650 (+ shipping), or EUR 490 (+ VAT + shipping). If you have been a contributor to this website (at least six weeks before your purchase) - you will be offered a 10% discount.