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Memory Lane
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Another Rhodes Story

Here I am, hitting the Rhodes again. I love my vintage electric piano, which you may have heard for yourself if you have listened to my recent Dreaming Nautilus soundscape or some of my other sound generators such as Route 50 and Night Blue. Playing the Rhodes is therapeutic: time slows down, the sound stretches out, and I find inner peace.

When I worked as an engineer, I hated noise and distortion. Very much. My soundwork had to be clean and transparent! I never imagined that I would produce a soundscape like this one, as it doesn't provide the clarity I used to crave for.

Over the years, I have learned to appreciate the sound of distortion, but then only when it is designed with a purpose. Here it adds a touch of nostalgia, helping you to take that trip down memory lane...

Published on June 23rd, 2020

User Stories

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  Rotating Vibrations - haunting!

  Inspired by another commenter, I found the E root note -- cheerful and expectant.

  So relaxing! I love this site!

  Brilliant! This is helping me to do tedious homework in the summer holidays - something most people hate including me! Thank you.

  I love it.

  Sounds like something you would hear in a liminal space.

  You float, inert. Warm water laves your face and your limbs drift in the gentlest whisper of current. There is no fear. Only… Calm.

  Getting some feelings of the two lads from Scotland that like hexagons.

  I love it, if it was only for the Introspective setting. Very soothing in a way I didn't hear at myNoise until now, and therefore it has a really good reason to exist.

  Wow… G + half speed. This is fantastic.

  I always have and always will enjoy the soundscapes including the Rhodes. They help me get lost in my thoughts and sleep without worries. Never stop creating, as I will never stop listening. Thank you.

  I absolutely love this generator. So easily draws me into many deep emotions and memories.

  This setting is so quiet and floaty... I took out most of the more melodic elements and left only the ghosts and etheral sounds. Love it!

  Floating Freely, Form Finds No Function to delimit Itself, and Expands Infinitely!