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A Rhodes Movie

In a road movie, the main protagonist leaves home on a road trip, often embarking on a journey of self-discovery at the same time. Featured on myNoise, the Rhodes is a vintage electric piano named after its inventor Harold Rhodes. I am fortunate to have one in my studio, and I like to combine it with the electric guitar. They are both based on electric pickups, and are great sources for effect pedals. The idea behind this generator was to create something that would be both repetitive and ever-changing, suggesting the repetitiveness of the broken lines in the middle of a highway, but also the slow changes in the landscape as you drive.

Highway 50 is a transcontinental highway in the US and has been called the loneliest route in the country. No attractions or points of interest can be found along the stretch that crosses Nevada. And similarly, here on myNoise, there won't be any distractions that will draw your attention away. Keep driving until you are tired, keep listening until you fall asleep!

This generator really shines with the slider animation feature turned on. Hit the dedicated button found below the red slider or press key "A" on your computer keyboard.

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  This is incredible! It gives me inspiration when sketching!

  I live in Sacramento, where US50 starts it's great to see the sign saying 3000 miles to Ocean City, MD. I also went to school in WV and had to take 50 to get out to field sites I was working at. It is truly an incredible road - esp. the stretch in NV. I've only been on it once, but this theme truly captures the essence of that section. While lonely, it evokes possibility...

  I actually live on Rt. 50, but not Nevada. I'm in West Virginia where Rt. 50 has many mountains, hills, curves, and valleys. It's an amazing road no matter what part of the road you're on.

  OK! I listened to this for an hour straight and didn't realize it, I had listened to this through 2 of my classes and it has NEVER gotten repetitive, I play games a lot in my spare time and I know good ambience and this one is gotta be one of the best it gives me the good vibe of a game like desert skies or the long drive without me needing the game open and it is very relaxing.-BlueSpot

  Good for studying!

  Dr Pigeon is a genius.

  Reminds me of William Orbit.

  This bassssss!!

  Hey-I live in Nevada!

  Route 50 - The sun, the wind. Minimalistic and uncomplicated. Life exposed.



  I'm not usually a fan of musical generators, but this one on low volume really helps me stay in the zone as I'm working on a quiet evening with no outside sounds I want blocked. Thanks for the add, it's going straight in my bookmarks!

  New favorite! Just saw this in the 'new' section and had to take a look. Beautiful. Thanks again!

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