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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

Testimonials - write yours here

•  I'm never listening to anything else ever again.

•  I listened to this even though it says "Frogs Only" and I'm not a frog. Hope that's ok! It's a very enjoyable and "happy" sounding gen.

• Frogs are my favorite animals and people often skip over them because they don't think they are cute. I love this site, even more, I don't have to go outside to hear some of my favorite squishy animals!

• I think this has got to be my favorite to date. I have been sharing it with everyone I come across. Of course letting them know it is a patron sound.

• I love frogs and they always help me feel better. I didn't know this generator was coming when I donated but I'd donate just to get this one!

• Thanks I didn't know I needed this. It reminds me of when I used to live in the Southern states of the USA. All I need to lay on top of this is another generator with crickets which there are a few that have that and I am transported back to those adolescent spring and summer nights.

• Hmm it's not easy being green...

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