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Patternscapes rely on recurring sounds, but without a defined rhythm or tempo. Patternscapes give your mind something to focus on, while making it virtually impossible to concentrate on something else. Therefore, they are ideal for washing your daily worries away. Patternscapes are haunting, and offer a pronounced hypnotic character.

Published on July 1st, 2013

User Stories

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  I love the layers and depth of this soundscape, it's great for helping me focus at work and relax at home.

  I've been listening to this for a year now, and it's mesmerizing. It gives me the feeling I'm on Coruscant, watching speeders fly by as the sun rises.

  I am a long-time listener (over 5 years!) and supporter of myNoise, but I believe this is the first time I've left a comment. Code Breaker is one of my favorites. When I'm using headphones I like to pair it with Isochronic Tones (try the 'Inspired' preset), it helps me get "in the zone" faster.

  Been listening for years. Love it in the backround for studying.

  I love this generator! It is just very relaxing. I found it somehow and fell in love.

  Try this with Vinyl Dust for extra experience, I guess...

  I have been searching a long time for great soundscapes to work / code to, and this smashes it outta the park. Anything too musical and I mentally sing along, anything industrial and I might as well open my window and hear the wonderful traffic. This is the perfect way to "tickle" one's brain while mentally jamming out everything else.

  This configuration is my favorite.

  Code Breaker with Number Stations underneat it.

  I am addict to all your sounds. I got fired because I listen too much to your sounds but I do not matter it is worth it :')

  I paired this with Mr. Rhodes and got great results! My dad and my cat did not like it though :)

  As it is told in the heading it's CODE breaker. At weekends I am learning to code, and it's the sound that creates me the perfect atmosphere to do that.

  I Like you...... just think about this.... if u break this code then you are very smart! ;)


  I paired this with Mr. Rhodes and got great results! My dad and my cat did not like it though :)

  I love your work, Doctor Stephanie Pig! Great work, ma'am! I have only the highest respect for you! Your life work is an amazing gift to me and my great grandchildren! I cannot wait for you to post this on your page! [Note from the editor : I am not a Pig, but a Pigeon. Plus, Stephane is a masculine name ;-)]

  A wonderful setting, nostalgic in nature.

  I paired this with Mr. Rhodes and got great results! My dad and my cat did not like it though :)

  I, as translator have to keep my mind focused all the time between two languages. I am sound and music lover, but using music as blooking noise tool, or just to keep me fresh for the long jourrnes, was a very difficult task. I found this Code Breaker sound as my personal favorite. The image of the Enigma Break Coders from WWII captivate me the most, and the sound helps to keep me focused.

  This is absolutely one of my favorites! <3

  I just love this so much! One of my favorite types of music is ambient music because of the beautiful feelings that it provides me, and the experience of this soundscape is just like I'm floating... I can't even really describe with words how pleasant it feels to hear such a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere like this one... it's just so uplifting and gorgeous, and it helps me dwell on good memories.

  This one focuses on the low/mid notes and it kinda feels introspective to me. Really helps relax.

  I paired this with Mr. Rhodes and Telecaster Licks and got the most psychedelic and relaxing noise ever!

  Lately my internet was down for almost two weeks. I'm online almost always and the thing I missed most was listening to Code Breaker. I almost can't function without it. I listen to other soundscapes too, but Code Breaker is my favorite.

  I've just started exploring here and I am amazed. Simply amazed at everything you've done here. Every time I think it cannot be any more fascinating or wonderful, I try something else and it just blows me away. So great!

  This makes me feel like I'm playing a science fiction game, as if it's the ambient music.

  What a great way to block out the the distractions of everyday life and take your creativity to its own special worlds...

  Feels like Jack Chudnow's music. Really nice for writing, helps me get over writer's block. I also use the lower frequencies for a more alive White Noise.

  I have been listening to this for about 2 hours now... not sure what I've been doing in that time, but I feel like all is well. This is going to be playing in my head the next time I go camping; as I look out past the trees, up the mountains, and into the Milky Way. This makes me feel significant in a universe where I might just be anything but.

  ← "Distortion World"

  This sound almost physically relaxes my muscles - I feel heavy and dreamy. Like I'm laying out in the sun on a warm spring morning, listening to the wind as it rustles through the tall trees, listening to birds chatter quietly and watching the clouds slowly move across the sky while my own personal daydreams flutter through my head. Weightless and too heavy to move, all at the same time.

  I never trusted binaural songs since I heard Lavender Town (Ghost and original version), but this is so awersome that if I had to describe this noise in two words, I would say: Matrix Code. It's so peaceful, calming, but still holds a some kind of secret. This makes me feel like an agent from the Matrix. Try to imagine ribbons of codes, falling down to your mind. That's how I feel...

  Outstanding. Pair this with Isochronic tones in the low and high alphas, and the low beta, and it's sheer serenity. It's relaxing, but doesn't make me drowsy. Incredibly useful. Thank you!

  This setting is good for a feeling of peace, and being lost within yourself. The high pitches make it an ethereal sound.

  This combination feels like the music you would hear while walking through a dream scape or reminiscing on memories of summers passed.

  This setting is perfect for working on this paper that has been putting me through writer's block for two days, now. Inspiring!

  Beautiful, calming. I'd call it 'Cybersummer'.

  Very, very calming. It's helpful at getting me out of my own head.

  The Code Breaker noise sounds like one of my dreams where I'm in a cave full of jewels, and I just sit there, taking it all in.

  First, I tought it was a great site and fell instantly in love with it because of the fire sounds (for I'm completly obsessed with fireplaces). Then I discovered there were other sounds and soundscapes. I found it genius. Except that I was still skeptical, thinking I would easily be bored and it would turn me mad. But nothing like that happened. Instead, I feel more sane and I work better.Thanks.

  I've found that whenever I listen to the deep tones mixed with bright eeriness, the tension that is always in my muscles relaxes instantly. I really recommend this if you have anxiety.

  This reminds me of something, but I don't know what. I'm pretty much speechless every time I hear this.

  This sounds like many of the dreams I've had - lying idly on a floating island, watching debris float by...

  I've made my custom noise to be the soundtrack to my mind. The noise helps me read. I had always been the kid to read a lot of books, but as I got into my teen years I stopped reading as much as I used to because I didn't have the time. It's harder to get immersed in certain books, so I use my noise to help me focus on whats happening so I can have a better experience with the story.

  This and then the Flying fortress on with the voice chatter and some slight blackground plane noise, amazingly perfect!

  Once upon a time there was this notion that the stars and the planets were nestled in immense concentric crystalline spheres called the celestial spheres which very slowly revolved around the earth to make the motion of the heavenly bodies. And the way they turned and revolved around each other was said to produce an otherworldly sound called the Music of the Spheres. This sounds like it.

  The rhythm to this is quite relaxing, I catch myself humming it sometimes. That aside, this is great for relaxation and focusing on a single priority.

  Could be Tim Hecker for all I know.

  There is a rhythm to the three bluer ones. I like it, catchy and escaping. I like to use it for relaxing and day dreaming.

  This just... fits. It is a rendition of the ambiance in my head when I switch into 'Neutral' mode.

  My dear god.... This is amazing... I love this kind of sounds, they make me imagine picture of lone flower bloom in an isolated cave with only one hole in the ceiling through which single sun beam shines in. No human know about this cave and so the flower grows in peace.Helps amazingly in relaxing. Love it... I just love it.

  I love listening to this stuff while I work, it's so awesome

  I love this so much, it makes me feel like I'm in a abyss of relaxation. Soo soothing and relaxing

  Beautifully patterned. Grows from close to far away

  Awesome. I just love the tone, without the high pitch crackling. Be sure to hit animate for an even more fantasy like experience!

  It's awesome!

  This is really inspirational and really helps me focus.

  Perfect background for studying/meditation!

  ← sounds like a far off radio playing beautiful music very relaxing.

  Bassy, not too distracting. For reading without the headache from white noise.

  This helps me when I'm tired and trying to write out stories.

  Sort of makes me think of a video game soundtrack, alittle scared, but thoughtful. Like one you would hear in a good story-based game.

  The perfect mix of ambiance to feel a sense of inspiration and peace.

  I really like this noise, mainly because I love to draw and this helps me draw out my thoughts. It's very calming as well and it helps me relax and sleep.

  I just really like the way this sounds

  This is...I can't think of any thing to say I'm wordless. What i can say is that this helps we get my work done and helps my creativity. Thank you

  I really liked this noise, mainly because I love to draw and this helps me draw out my thoughts.

  ← I call this one After War, Peace At last

  It sounds natural and mysterious at the same time. A mind temple of sorts. I can weaken my stress just by listening to this.

  Relaxing with emphasis on higher frequencies.

  Sounds like one of those experimental soundtracks in those indie movies, like I get an image of two teenagers in love, each perfectly "geeky" for each other.