Cinematic Soundscape
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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

Never change a winning team!

Torley is back, with his fifth contribution to myNoise. It all started with Nocturnion (2017), followed by the excellent Twin Black Lodges (2017), Mind's Ear (2018) and Now Loading... (2018).

But it's 2022, and the time has come to explore new sonic territories once again.

Torley's specialty is to compose short instrumental pieces, no more than two minutes long. From there, he will send me individual tracks, along with permission to arrange and edit them without limitation.

My work is to turn these short static tracks into a soundscape that always evolves. I also transpose the tracks to match the musical key on myNoise: C#. That transposition alone greatly alters the mood of a track. I will sometimes add my own recordings, like the native flute here, which I have been practising for two years now.

Torley and I never know where that compositional process will lead us. Somewhere far from Torley's initial intention, that's for sure. And in a place I wouldn't have found, had he not created the tracks in the first place.

With this one, we arrived at a very cinematic soundscape. We came ashore on a territory in a sonic place that we didn't know existed. However, despite this soundscape's title, we came in peace.

Published on January 11th, 2022

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  This is such a desert, with windswept hard rocks, dust everywhere or a vast grass tundra with wide views to the horizon. A looming sense of epicness. Loneliness and self-chosen solitude. Will the orbital ships see me or be seen first? The auditorial love child between Dune, Marco Polo and Blade Runner..

  Pairing this with Into the Sky Vocals on the same key is awesome. I brought down the main vocals singing the words and just let the vocalizations build with an untouched Conquistadors and //chefs kiss// wanna talk about some foreboding beauty?

  Loving this soundscape! Gives me a very reminiscent vibe of the Vangelis score of the 1492 film, which I'm frothing.

  So glad I found this website, it has SO many amazing soundtracks that are inspirational, abstract, relaxing, and mind-blowing all at the same time! So awesome!

  The "Haunted" slider is my new favorite thing on this site.

  I am using this gen to focus and have motivation while working. My work is detailed, repetitive, and needs quick turnaround and high accuracy. I have donated a very small/modest amount due to my gratitude for myNoise-if you have not contributed financially, please consider doing so. Help Dr P keep going with this!

  I have autism and my attention span is very low especially when my office room is in a conservatory. But listening to this I have done a full on hour and 20 min of revision for my mock GCSE at the end of this week. My gratitude to you is huge. Thank you so much for this incredible production!

  My Autism allows me to 'see' this WOW it's so lovely. Thanks for this!

  Love love, LOVES this! <3

  Oh my god! This sound makes me shiver and matches perfectly my mood when learning chinese and motivates me even more! Amazing, and also, gratulations for a wonderful live flute which is just astonishig!

  Digging this one! I tend to go for the spookier or more "cosmic" type generators when I go ambient. This one is very versatile, very cool!

  Amazing work! Thanks so much for sharing it with us all!

  Good god I can literally put myself right in the jungle with them. *Dropped the root to "A" increased native flute, pads, reversed lows and levelled everything else, dropped the arpeggiator out altogether... Heaven!

  Your work is phenomenal - and a life saver. My tinnitus is most manageable when I listen to myNoise. This one sets a mood that is both meditative and productive. Less dream space, more "move it"! :) What I love is finding a track for each mood/moment.

  This is so so beautiful! It has everything: calmness, withheld tension, mistery, spaciousness, variety... Without any doubt one of the best soundscapes I ever heard, if not THE best!

  YES! Amazing!

  WOW just wow!!!

  Light years beyond Vangelis. Perfect for a long journey. Salve for 2022. Thank you doctor.

  Beautifully created! I just add thunder to it and I feel transported to an ancient city in a dark forest <3

  Thank you so much, love this one.

  This is great!

  Was watching the movie "Jungle Cruise" last week, now this. Amazing!!!

  I am a huge fan of your work, Dr. Pigeon. I tell about myNoise to all my friends and will continue to do so. I am so inspired with your work, not just the wonderful soundscapes, but also the beautiful website you have. I love the multicultural selection of sounds and the fact that many talented individuals contribute to this evergrowing collection. I am deeply grateful for your work.

  Amazing. Goosebumps. Thank you, Doc & Torley.

  Feels like I'm alone in a misty forest 4,000 years ago. Amazing work!