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A Trip of Mind
Frequency-Shaped Tonal Noise Generator
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Soundscapes are somewhere between noise and music: they are tonal sounds in which you will identify a particular musicality but without any melody or tempo. The absence of a musical pattern leaves much freedom to the listener's own feelings. Soundscapes are particularly powerful during meditation sessions, enhancing the depth into which one delves into introspection.

If you are looking to wash your thoughts away, listen to our drone section instead.

Published by Stéphane on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  I'm sad it's taken me this long to find A Trip of Mind but so happy that I finally did! I put this one with my ANC headphones and work for HOURS before I notice. I cannot recommend this enough if you enjoy "space sounds" like I do! This generator has me floating through space and time while kicking productivity into high gear!

  So dreamy! Hours can pass and I barely notice. It helps me work while floating in a far-off galaxy.

  It's been ages since I listened to A Trip of Mind. It used to be one of my favourite noise generators around 5-6 years ago. Today, I'm living over 4,000 miles away from home and today, A Trip of Mind is feeling a lot like Home.

  The "Sci-fi ear candy" setting from the testimonial herein below combined perfectly with my "relaxing space ambience" setting for the Stardust generator: an excellent background to chill out to. Thanks for sharing this setting and to this website for yet another great feature!

  This, combined with "Black Hole" on the "Sci-fi ear candy" settings (which, btw, is me) gives a really good deep space feel.

  My tinnitus is a trip of its own and would soon wear me down if I let it do so. Finding myNoise was the best thing for me and I will recommend Dr Pigeon's work to all the tinnitus sufferers I meet in my day to day audiological work. Bruce Crabbe f.s.h.a.a.

  This is truly sublime for mindfulness time. I felt as close to experiencing an astral out of body projection as I ever have, lying still with my eyes closed for 15 minutes and being carried on the sound waves. Looking forward to combining this with a couple of others per other listeners' suggestions. <3

  To be used together with Tibetan Choir for an absolutely exaltating and transcendental experience.

  This reminds me of 90's SciFi games like Star Craft or Half Life.

  Great when combined with Ocean Waves!

  My heart started racing a lot actually. But - I was able to finish an abstract 'Kaleidoscope wonders color art for everyone' page that I normally start and never finish from frustration. It's a bit hard to think straight tho - so I do not recommend on the job. You kinda just get really lost feeling. Like you had something to do, but you forgot and you can't think about what it was.

  Combining this with Stardust and putting both on animate creates the perfect soundscape.

  Excellent for blocking out background noise (calibrates really nicely) and really is enhancing my concentration - it masks the outside world without being distracting itself.

  I feel like I'm drifting through deep sea or space.It's such a beautiful solitude. This sound is so calming.

  So eerie!!

  It makes me feel relaxed yet fully awake at the same time.

  This is so nice and calming... I'm wow'd.

  My custom noise is just an ascending rainbow. It helped me complete one of my homework tasks.

  Just calming, relaxing, and absolutely amazing.

  This is amazing! Add in the spaceship soundscape, and you've got a journey through the stars... This noise generator has richly helped my productivity!

  Gifted kids have trouble concentrating... our minds just kinda go everywhere (squirrel!), but this sound really "brought me back to earth". It seems to take away the weirdness my mind has. Superb! I would recommend this to everyone who has trouble concentrating-ADHD, Gifted, everyone!

  This is amazing! It's great to listen to when I'm falling asleep, and it's incredibly relaxing!

  Reminds me of something Steve Roach would compose. Me saying that is a high honor. Steve has hours long space drones but THIS goes on forever - or until I turn it off. My new fave sleep sound besides Western Choir. This is FABULOUS.

  I'm sick right now and I have a terrible headache, but this generator reduces the pain to a low enough level to where I can finally focus on typing my assignment that is due tomorrow.

  I made this one to sound the least tonally dissonant... I guess it turned out well.

  Wow!!! Out of this world!

  Lovin lovin lovin!!!

  ← Space

  It feels as though I'm slipping through the infinite vastness of the void, wandering through an endless ethereal plane of wonder... 'Tis a thing of beauty ^w^

  This is just... wonderful. Just listen to this setting. It speaks for itself.


  Layer this setting with Osmosis. Sprinkle with Twilight. Adjust to fit your tastes. Enjoy! These noise generators help to focus my attention and relax while writing.

  Mindscape, lower tones amped up with a dash of highest sound really takes me away to some other universe. We are so small in the universe, so small. What is out there? How far do we dare travel? Close your eyes and sink into the sounds; allow them to take you where they will.

  Just drifting endlessly through nothingness and space. LOVE IT! Really helps me picture things.

  Yes indeed--galaxies. Galaxies everywhere. On all sides, and all of them purple.

  Wow, just wow.

  I feel like the starting Playstation 1 is playing forever ! Just gorgeous...

  Inner-brain heaven.

  Reminds me of what I heard at age 4... voices and hospital sounds blending and blurring as the ether put me to sleep.

  A relaxing but spooky deep drone plays as the movie credits roll...

  Relaxing deep boom, with a little med-high in there. It's like watching the stars fly by!

  Love it! When I listen to this, it actually puts me into a deep state of trance and sleep. Relaxing, and a little hypnotic, too.

  This soundscape especially helps me concentrate when i study. The tinkling bells make it sound so ethereal, I feel like I'm almost floating in space~

  I like the starlike sounds, and the deeper sounds are like binaural beats. This setting's very calming.

  Astral plane

  Very relaxing.

  This is my favorite one. I like to layer it with the binaural beat generator so it feels like I'm bouncing around through this in my head. It really helps me focus and feel at peace.

  Cutting out the middle tones and leaving only the deep, with a spangle of stars, feels like a long interstellar drift.

  Wow! This takes me up high!

  Into space...

  The tinkling bells are so beautiful. I could listen to this for a long time...

  I listen to this while studying, helps me focus more than If I turn on Classical music or something along the same line.

  As a sci-fi writer, I like feeling the often alien environments of my characters and stories, and this certainly helps me to feel "out of this world"!

  This really reminds me of the first Devil May Cry game. Love it.

  Completely clears the mind

  Ethereal.. out of this world. A favorite for inducing deep sleep.

  This is just an interesting experience, I find it hard to focus on my work and this just helps me with that problem. Great for meditating and gets the papers done in one hour!

  This is great to listen to after a long day.

  This is my favorite soundscape. It makes me feel like I'm floating amongst the stars.

  This is... I can't think of any thing to say. I'm wordless. What i can say is that this helps we get my work done and helps my creativity. Thank you

  I have extreme ADHD and it's really hard to do school work without a distraction; I added this with the fire noise and the rain noise and I felt like I was in Skyrim! I got so much done!

  I'm in love with the whole website. I was trying to relax with some candles lit up, and when I tried this generator, it felt like slowly sinking in a pool of serenity.

  By far the most user adaptable sound site I have ever experienced......I don't think it could be bettered in any respect....thank you!

  After a few hours of playing around, I have found this setting helped me relax as well as have very vivid dreams when sleeping with headphones on.

  It truly does seem like a dream-like state of sound, or deep space, perhaps. Love the whole site, but yeah, might be one of my favorites right here...

  I've been on your website for quite some time, but I've only recently discovered this amazing generator. Listening to this while sleeping gives me lucid dreams. Considering how hard it is for me to dream like this, I'm already in love.

  This is a sort of psychedelic calming trance, can be used to help sleep. Sort of what you would expect the Willy Wonka (played by gene wilder) would listen to going to sleep.

  Try this while sleeping with headphones. It is absolutely amazing. It feels great, giving you an amazing dream. you must try this, it WILL help.