Tanker At Sea
Captain's Cabin Perspective
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Bad Weather Reported

After our visit to the tanker's Engine Room, we are now invited into the steering cabin. It is supposed to be much quieter here, but the bad weather makes it noisier than usual: a great sound blocker, if you want, to be used when you are at work to try to drown out all the distracting noises around you.

This soundscape embeds an experimental setting that relies on ultra-low frequency sound waves combined with binaural beats. Try the Seasick preset with quality headphones, ones that go deep down into the low frequency range... then report how you feel in the comments section below. Isn't sound powerful? This shows that sound is capable of influencing our state of mind, here in a negative way. Try our binaural beats generator so that you can keep experimenting, this time positively.

Special thanks to Oli Trainor who helped me on this one too.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  It helps me with my daily job as a developer. I can almost feel the engine under my feet and the waves outside our office. Awesome, thanks!

  I am an old salt, a decade in the Navy and I pushed the seasick all the way up. It made me feel at home for the first time in years. I don't miss the USN, but I really miss that rumble. I can see where if you weren't adjusted to it, you'd have problems. I almost wet a napkin and stuck it under my drink.

 I mix this with "Cargo Ship Engine Room". I nearly can smell the ocean and the Diesel oil! So marvellous! Thanks Stephane and Oliver for providing these fantastic soundscapes!

 I mix it with Cafe Restaurant and Warp Speed. Love the result. It brings me the quiet place in my noisy office that I was desperately searching to be able to concentrate.

 As an ex merchant navy woman this takes me right back, love it, even the rain on the open porthole!

 North Sea slow boats in heavy weather - love it!

 I've been having issues with vertigo for the past week and I thought the Seasick preset was supposed to help. NOPE, found that out the hard way! This isn't a complaint, though, because I love this particular generator. It's calm and relaxing, just what I need at work. I just won't be using that preset. :)

 I've never been seasick on a boat, but after about 5 min with the Seasick setting on I got really nauseous! It's interesting for sure, but maybe don't try it for too long.

 So comforting. Lots of noise in the office, and lots of work. This blocks the noise from co-workers, and also calms the anxiety so I can focus on getting work done. The sliders even make a wave shape. :)

 This is great for coding or just for researching a solution. And having a love of foghorns just makes it all the better! :)

 I love this generator! I love the rain and sea noises but this fusion plus engine rumble and water noise is just brilliant. It is my new favourite generator for sleeping!

 It started to rain, with rain hitting my window. So I thought whilst I was here, I would put this sound on. The sound has been increased for my speakers but as it works, amazing for setting me on board a ship, just sailing away. While I work either in the cabin, or down in the holds with the radio on. Just slightly off the coast in the English Channel.

 The seasick setting is fun, but I like the rain and foghorns best. I'm imagining I'm peacefully adrift on a foggy night.

 Wow. After only a few minutes, I felt myself swaying in my office chair trying to find my sea legs. Not quite sea sick, but definitely uneasy.

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