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Mournful Chimes
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A Journey of Chiming Sound

This soundscape evolved from extra sonic contents originally recorded for myNoise's Magic Zen Garden. In order to cover all audible frequencies, many different instruments — both big and small — have been used here: a heavy gong, large crystal singing bowls, a steel tongue drum, Shanti chimes, and a couple of tiny Tibetan tingshas. As these are real instruments and not synthesizer tones, aligning their vastly different sounds into harmony was not easy — but the little imperfections give birth to a nice flutter when two instruments hit the same note, but aren't perfectly in tune.

Best experienced with headphones, this soundscape will carry you into an impressive sound journey by turning Animation on.

Published by Stéphane on May 23rd, 2016

User Stories

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  Pair this with Circular Breeze! It has so much depth! Plus I am working right now and also have on polyrhythm. Fascinating combination.

  These are the pensive chimes for me. The lower tones massage my ears into a floating meditation while the subtle, higher tones dance away in the background. It feels like I'm swimming into space. It's wonderful.

  Honestly beautiful. My favourite pairing is the Koshi Chimes along with Rain on a Tent (both animated)! Absolutely heavenly.

  This is truely amazing. I have used a lot of generating algorithms, odd synthesizers and soundscape machines, even wrote my own, but this beats all of them. Very natural sounding, and highly dynamic and evolving. Can't praise it enough.

  I love how this one is a little "sadder" and "darker" than Temple Bells which is beautiful in it's own right. This one suits me better...

  Really relaxing. The chimes make me feel at peace and now I can finally fall asleep!

  You're floating. The floor has become clouds. You float in the middle of the temple without walls, surrounded by four pillars. The bells and the crystal bowls wander about in the air. Far in the distance, almost hidden by the clouds, a priest sounds the drum. The sun is gently warming your body and should you choose to close your eyes, you'll feel the sounds touch your very soul. Truly magical.

  This has such a magical atmosphere. It feels like something big and important is happening, like the heroine of a fantasy book has reached the goal of her quest. This is celestial.

  You should really try this one with headphones. Honestly, I underestimated the effect of this soundscape. I think I will try all the other used soundscapes with my new headphone. Martin Kieler from Jtzenbach Germany.

  Completely hypnotic. I can't pinpoint this atmosphere but I've been looking for it for a long time. Amazing work, Stphane!

  This generator sounds lovely with Temple Bells, both on animate. It makes me feel as if I'm in two or three different temples at the same time with all the bells singing in harmony - some kind of universal harmony where everything sings together even though the individual parts are not aware of the whole.

  Right away, I knew this was my one favorite. Though I do like others too. I love solemn sounds, including chimes. Look forward to animating this and hearing the difference.

  Gorgeous. I've had to write a full script (Film Classes) through step by step processes that have dragged on for 3 months. I haven't had anything to set the mood for the "Dramatic" scenes of this film where conflict arises, not in an overwhelming way, but in a gentle way. Listening this this helped me get into the mood, and I was able to make it through this super conflicted movie! Thank you!!

  I like this combined with "Thunder and Rain". Lovely combo.

  I really like the gentle kind of sadness that this generator emits, and I use it along as music with the more physical sounds in the atmosphere generators like fire and footsteps to give off the idea that something bad has happened.

  This noise setting makes me feel at peace, at ease or like I'm in a mystic realm! I combined this with Clockwork Noise and it somehow made me think of a vast space with an unusual, eternal peace.

  The chimes were perfect for scene setting a mood in a story I'm working on. Thank you!

  This is what I use for writing my book in a sad depressing and sudden moment that changes someones life. And it works.

  Wonderful, this generator finally hits the kind of background noise I was looking for, before this one came out I had to fiddle with the Tibetan Choir to hit the notes I wanted in the reverb. This is much better low, tonal, and slow. It's soothing, both in the frequency and in the speed of the chimes. Further, there is enough variation to keep it from becoming and changing drone.

  This does wonders for my panic attacks. I instantly feel a lot calmer when I put this on, especially when using the 'Quietude' setting. It also helps me write, because it reminds me of sacred places, of remembrance and loss, but also of hope and the promise of peace. The little imperfections in the recording add a lot to this vibe. Thank you for sharing this beautiful generator with us, Stphane!

  I use this generator when I am feeling stressed, or if I wish to reminisce of those no longer with us. It brings me inner peace and a sense of tranquility.

  This is not mournful to me at all. I't's been helping me get back into writing again. My cats also love it. They go to sleep against the speakers when it plays.

  This mixes beautifully with Circular Breeze: long sweeps of sound and gentle tinkling chimes. Very serene. A new favorite!

  I no longer need my sleeping pills because of this and the Irish Coast. It is like a miracle.

  To me, this is sitting in a quiet temple as the wind stirs. Mournful but peaceful.

  While the title might be "Mournful Chimes", I actually find this uplifting and cheerful. I'm currently writing a happy, funny and romantic scene in my novel and this is a perfect background for it. Thanks, as always, Dr. Pigeon, for these wonderful sounds. The $5 that I occasionally send you seems like a tiny price to pay for all you give back.

  I love the chimes! Generally I find this kind of noise repetitive, but this is so well-designed my mind doesn't latch on to a pattern and I can just listen. I've got it going on top of the Calm Ocean noise and it's lovely. Thanks so much for continuing to bring us new content!

  This generator has been positively blissful at night to drift to sleep with. The soft chimes and deep resonance create such a beautiful atmosphere, letting your mind wander into a relaxed state. It's as if you're focusing... yet on nothing in particular. Which has been a great help with my insomnia. Thank you so much for this one!

  Mournful Chimes is another superbly crafted sound experience. It puts me in the ideal meditative mood. I can concentrate on my work or just let go. It's especially beautiful when you turn on Meditation Room. I've been trying to build this experience with some of the other chimes and bells mixes I've made, but this one is as close as I've found to sublime out of the box.

  I really like how this generator brings some of the tonal/meditative generators into a minor key. For example, mix it with Tanpura or the throat singing from Himalayan Voices.

  I'm currently writing a book, and this definitely has helped me with writing the morally-grey, emotionally-tense moments. This sound has also helped me, personally. I found the chimes to be emotionally validating. They help me to acknowledge how I feel and work through it.

  Astonishing. The sounds are gentle and passive, but there is a secret plot which drives them forward. This is emotionally full, in a way that I didn't think it was possible just with chimes.

  Outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  This is the sound I've been waiting for. Exotic, non-repetitive, mysterious but not scary and its variations will mix amazingly with so many of the other noises. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  Utterly beautiful. It's such a gentle, serene and mysterious atmosphere. Excellent for inspiration, meditation and relaxation. I love it, thank you for sharing this with us!