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Healing Water
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The Water Hurst of Sunik

As I was hiking on the Slovenian mountainside looking for sounds to record, a notice board drew my attention. By pure coincidence, I just hit the perfect spot! I was about to enter an enchanted forest, with creeks, pools, waterfalls, and small wooden footbridges all around.

The board reads : In the middle of intact nature, by the water stream, is the hidden nook, abundant with wonderful energies. The areas, exceptionally rich with energies, accumulate in cascades and pools. These energical springs influence very favourably on the man's feelings: they can also appease different pain and illness conditions. The healing effect of water is based on the fact that our emotional system, which is in resonance with water, is able to call the information advantageous and necessary for health and good feeing, from water drops every moment. [sic]

Published by Stéphane on January 12th, 2015

User Stories

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  So pretty! I can focus 10x better on my exam review with this in the background.

  I love going on hikes and nature walks, this makes me feel right at home.

  This page is a LIFE SAVER. My current neighbor has a shrieky dog who barks constantly. High-pitched, constant barking. Owner does nothing and has been antagonistic to other neighbors who have spoken up. The birdsong in Healing Water helps drown out the barking so I can relax and focus. Thank you, thank you for contributing to better mental health!

  Thank you for sharing this, myNoise has been really important in my academic carrer as it helps me concentrate.

  This is really helpful as I can concentrate very well when I do my homework. Its amazing.

  Thanks for sharing this, whoever you are. I'm also feeling especially vulnerable this winter/spring and it's nice to know that there's other people like me around. From now on, I will think of you when listening to this generator. Wish you all the Best!

  I'm going through a really rough, uncertain period in my life, and it's made my anxiety skyrocket. One of the only ways I can calm down enough to get things done is to put Healing Water on in the background. It doesn't magically fix everything, but it does help!

  Thank you so much for this one. It helps me focus when I study and allows me to get full marks. Really recommend <3

  Amazing and relaxing.

  The only thing that helps soothe my anxiety... Truly calming, and helps me relieve my brain from worry-filled thoughts. Thank you!

  Just love the low key calmness with this slider arrangement :)

  This sound always reminds me being still and calm...

  My roommate was playing a very respective and annoying song in the thinly walled home we abode in. This helped to tune it right out! Would recommend!

  I sit here in silence, the water is refreshing on my spirit. I am calm in the eye of the storm. Chaos surrounds me, hatred, envy accompany me throughout my daily chores. I am outside of my physical limitations, one with the all. Undisturbed, unmovable, existing, thriving.

  I have ADHD for a living and I'm a teen, I've been listening to the soft Thunder and rain noise on this app for sleep. The reason why I tried this noise was because I'm tying a book for fun, and I had writers block. I was having a really hard time thinking about, "How should I set the next scene?" or "What should happen next?". I was STUCK, and now, I'm typing like a pro! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  I combine Healing Water presets with Brian Eno's Reflection. It absolutely helps me go through stressful days.

  This paired with Suicide Letter by Skippy is amazing. I mean it! I use them to get through my work. You know how 7th graders are! Thank you Stephane!

  I use this or brown noise almost every day when studying. Thank you!

  Yk, I always though like "noooo, it don't work for meeeeee" and blah-blah-blah. But... When I tried to study with it, I was more calm, and I noticed that time is... Slower?? For me, before this site, my homework was like work 2-3 hours, but! When I tried this site the 2-hours homework I fell for an 1 hour or even less. Idk how is it working BUT IT'S WORKING!!

  That. Is. Something. Perfect. Who wants satisfying but not rly loud sound: here is this sound! I think it's in the top 3 of my fav sounds!

  This is helping me with insomnia. Could quite literally be a lifesaver.

  My little brother would not stop crying. I turned this on and it helped like you couldn't imagine.

  I used this generator while trying to get assignments and I honestly focused the whole lesson and did not even hear the bell ring because I was so focused. Thanks so much for this I would recommend this website to anyone who has trouble focusing.

  One ofthe most impressive sound generators on this site, and that's a huge accomplishment. Water is captured here with specificity and clarity. It's comforting.

  I use this soundscape to take me into my spirit during meditations and qigong practice. Baraka Bashad. Wholeness!

  This is pure calmness.

  Love this! Normal white noise hurts my ears, so this is the best, natural sounding, AND relaxing extended period white noise! Better even than ocean sounds!!!!

  I love listening to nature when doing work. It really helps with the concentration and focus. Thank you!

  It is so ear tickling! Almost unreal is almost unreal!!!!

  I usually play this with lo-fi and it's really peaceful with the birds in the background <3

  So calming, relaxing, and peaceful. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. You're back in nature. Amazing for studying and most unbelievably, free.

  This gives me the feeling like I'm walking on a bridge and there is a stream flowing below me.

  Just spent a solid and stressful week in hospital. Healing Water has been my constant companion, tuning out hospital noise with its soothing, flowing vibe. What a blessing it has been. Stu.

  Calming and peaceful. Perfect

  Really helpful when trying hard things.

  Gives you the feeling as if you're walking through a forest right after a rainstorm. Extremely calming, helps me feel like I'm outside without even opening the window!

  Very calming, really creates this perfect atmosphere, whilst blocking the sounds you don't want to hear, just perfect.

  This sound is fantastic! I'm a high schooler with EXTREMELY noisy classmates, and this helps me avoids headaches. I have no idea what I'd do without this website. Thank you Stéphane!!

  A lovely noise to sleep to. Waking up in the morning with the babbling brook in my speakers and the birds outside my window creates such a calm start to my day. Thank you so much!

  Get your cat to listen to this. There's a 50/50 chance they'll fall asleep like mine did ^_^

  I played this soundscape for my mother while we took care of her in home hospice. She liked it so much (with the bird sliders all the way up) that we kept it playing nonstop for about two weeks straight before she passed. It was so peaceful, and she kept expressing how happy she was to hear the birds while she was stuck inside. Thank you for this gift.

  Perfect for creating artwork or doing any sort of busy task.

  Piano Escape and this are just perfect! Someone plays the piano, all alone in a hotel lobby while a fountain trickles peacefully nearby...

  With Healing Water playing, I feel I'm IN nature. I started listening thinking I would find it relaxing. I was surprised to find it is both calming and revitalizing, especially for supporting my creativity and energy for spending time with my art projects in the evenings.

  I used this to calm down and a take a break from real life, and oh boy, it worked wonderfully. When I closed my eyes, it actually felt as if I was sitting near a river or creak. I swear I even felt a few water droplets hit me in the face. It helps me calm down and daydream. Absolutely wonderful <3

  I love the sound of this! It helps me calm down. I also use this while I study!

  How much minutes those records last? After 3 hours a totally different type of bird start to sing, that is amazing. So much care for details where all the rest audio on internet are just 10hrs loops. I'm happy to have donated some money to this.

  I grow weary of most sounds after a time or they give me a headache. But I never tire of the Babbling Brook preset... So natural and soothing... Helps me focus for hours.

  Love this! So calming! I especially love the sound of the brook, footsteps, and birds. It's like it transports me to the woods. Amazing!

  This pairs well with some calming music.

  I could listen to this all day.

  I live and breathe these sounds. They are part of my daily routine!

  Is this heaven? So relaxing yet so powerful, I really loved those sounds!

  The Water Hurst of Sunik is simply amazing. It keeps me concentrated for a long time without me even knowing it (which is the best). I usually only increase the sound of birds by a bit.

  It's so soothing and wonderful... It sounds even better when I mix it with the Irish Coast as well. Thank you so much!

  It's perfect when I study, espcially with some ambient lighting and a silent room, This sound can really transport you elsewhere! Thank you so much!

  Do yourself a favor and pair this with 88 keys!

  The quality of the noise and the beauty of the sound is just mind-blowing, with no words to explain! - Joel

  Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I love this one!! Honestly my family is loud but when I'm reading my school it’s way to quiet with the noise cancelling headphones on so this one helps out alot!!!!

  This generator is great for helping derealization and anxiety. I love it for just that, and I will support MyNoise for as long as I use it. Thank you so much.

  One of my favorite water-based generators. Waterfalls, creeks, and brooks all rolled up into one package!

  This puts me in a trance! I love how comforting, but also refreshing the sound of the water trickling and whoosing is.

  This is my favorite gen to put on in the background while I do my homework. My work requires me to listen to people speaking. I take out the birdsong and the footsteps, and this is perfect for blocking out the outside noise while staying underneath the people I'm supposed to be listening to.

  I get really distracted easily and bad headaches, and honestly? This helps a lot! Water sounds have always been a favorite of mine, so this is the best.

  This soundscape is SO SO relaxing! Sometimes I just want to feel the cool water flow through my hands and drink it all up!

  Try sipping on some cool water while listening to this. Very refreshing! :)

  This helped me write my thesis. I have ADHD, anxiety and tinnitus, and this generator kept my mind stimulated enough to focus, calmed my anxiety, and masked my tinnitus. Dr. Pigeon, I am so, so grateful.

  Wonderfully helpful. It makes my anxiety significantly better and I can still listen to my professor talking, and concentrate far FAR better than before.

  I love this sound, it beautiful and amazing, 10/10 recommend.

  Sounds really beautiful. Perfect for working peacefully.

  I have a headache that comes and goes and this is so helpful.

  This reminds me of the beautiful waterfalls from where we used to go every time.

  Great experience. I love the sound more than I love how we can also adjust the sound level and there are so many options here. The sound details are perfect and makes you feel calm. I love the timer option which again works just like a Pomodoro timer. The details are great.

  This reminds me of the beautiful state parks in my area. I love visiting them in the summer, the environment and its ambient noises are very peaceful and put the mind and soul at ease - this is easily one of my favorite soundscapes.

  Great noise-blocker! Right now it's raining where I live so I found this this and played it. It's still raining, but I can't even hear it.

  This reminds me of the creek at my great aunt's house. It brings back many memories I've had there. Since Covid-19 is still going around, I cannot see her or visit her. Thank you for making this!

  Ahhhhh... relaxing. This really helps me focus and also helps me deal with stress. And please load my slider settings, you'll love it. Very calming.

  This sound helps me so much when I'm studying. I'm so glad I found this website through a youtube video and have been grateful ever since.

  I just want to say I love this website and the noises. I am a 7th grader with lots of stress with remote school, and this relaxed me immediately. I also have a little sister who can't fall asleep without the "Healing Water". Thank you! - Alexa

  This is amazing helping me so much when my family is being super loud. Thanks!

  This is my favorite of all, and I've listened to all of them! But this set is one of the best for slider shuffle. Let the sliders move you through the forest silently: first closer to the rapids, then to the trickling water between the rocks, in and out of the forest areas where the birds are. It really is a moving experience!

  I was listening to Healing Water and had the brook sound up all the way. I walked away from my computer and was in my bedroom for a while and kept hearing water running! I thought my son had left the shower running or something. I went out to investigate and realized it was just the high quality sound of this app! That's how realistic the sounds are. Thank you!

  Honestly amazing for when someone has upset you but you don't want to upset them - incredible for calming you down. Thank you guys - all the sounds on here are incredible and much much appreciated <3 x

  It is early in the morning. You walk along the path, taking caution as to not trip on the wooden planks. You hear birds singing their lovely aubade. There is a brook beneath you, and you can faintly hear a waterfall in the distance.

  Best sounds ever!

  Takes me to an entirely different place from the loud bustling city. So calming and realaxing. Thanks so much!

  Sunny summer forest around me with a lot of birds, an brook beneath and waterfalls far away.

  Extremely useful when I have to study and my family keeps being loud! Thanks!

  Turned this on while listening to The Jazz Hop Cafe's monthly Spotify playlist, very relaxing and helped me focus.

  It's very nice and i love it! It really helps with writer's block.

  This is so peaceful. I put it on to play all night while I sleep. The combination of birds and water is very calming.

  This sound is so beautiful.

  I used this to do homework, and helps a ton! The chirping birds and the flowing creek just make a perfect background sound for working, in my opinion.

  The perfect soundscape to play behind Brian Eno's "Ambient 1: Music for Airports".

  This is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I would recommend for students trying to concentrate on work.

  I love, love, this generator! These settings are perfect... some nice masking water and light birdsong. It really helps fill the void of my room for online schooling.

  This is my absolute favorite background noise. I get so much more studying done with this!

  Just enjoying a peaceful forest sound :)

  I honestly feel so relaxed listening to this! The only way I can focus is this. Keep up the amazing work!

  Amazing! Helpful as well.

  This felt like when I was back in the countryside with a waterfall and stream in my back-garden. I now find it hard to sleep in the city, but thanks to this noise, I can now fall asleep easily. Thanks!

  I don't get the footsteps hate - that is my favorite part! This soundscape is to immersive; I just sit back and imagine myself on a walk through the forest with no worries in the world.

  I'm almost smelling moss while listening to this.

  Healing water is really a magic noise... after 5 min you'll be relaxed and void of stress. Thx to talented and brilliant admin.

  Under the stress, if you need to take a breath, this voice is a perfect choice for you.

  So beautiful! I love that I can finally adjust and take out the harsher noises of the stream, it's a lot easier on my ears.

  I love the sound of trickling water. I live by a creek and it’s not nearly as soothing as this!

  I love this sound. I hate the footsteps though. They make me anxious. I love it. It helps me sleep all night.

  My favorite way of doing this is to totally ditch the footsteps - no humans needed! Then put the creek and brook high up; they sound so happy, then tone down the waterfall and stream so the harsher noises are more distant and enjoy the total bliss.

  I love this. Soothes my 2-month baby wonderfully.

  I love this sound combined with piano music! My ears have been truly blessed!

  While not the only soundscape I use, Healing Water settles my soul. It lets me relax, and focus on the task at hand without distraction, something truly appreciated when I'm writing. As an added bonus, I find myself missing nature less while I'm stuck in the office.

  Found this little gem today. It's a wonderful combination of light white noise, with the calming nature of bird song. I'll be coming back here for sure!

  I absolutely love this Healing Water... it pulls me out of the winter slumps and breathes life back into my bones. Listening to this is like waking up again.

  There is no better sound combo than Healing Water combined with the Magic Gen Mermaids Calling. It's ethereal, calming, and refreshing. Try it out for yourself!

  Remove all footsteps, silence the birds, and enjoy peaceful solitude in one of nature's chilly baths not far from the falls. Feel the wind on your face and the swirling water at your hips as you take pleasure in the dip. There's a storm brewing, if the breeze and cloudy sky project properly. Perhaps it's already started.

  Read Siddhartha. Listen to the water. Truly listen.

  Ditch the footsteps; calm the birds; and stand in stoic nature within the brook. Breathe, and feel the moist air upon your skin.

  This mix perfectly blocks out my coworker's voice while she talks on the phone all day.

  Exactly what I needed right now - it's invigorating but also calming as hell, perfect for getting urgent assignments done.

  This is an incredible site. Thank you! I focus so much better now.

  So lovely and peaceful! This is a great combo for me to relax / nap / mask talking in break-room at work (mostly). I love the different babbling burbles and bubbly sounds.

  This combined with the 'Quiet Forest Tone' from the Primeval forest is so great! I feel like I am sitting in the middle of nature while sitting at my desk.

  This noise transports me to a calm clearing, far away from the insane hustle and bustle of daily life. Very immersive. <3

  You, sir, deserve a Nobel Prize. Thank you for enriching and healing our over-competitive, depressing, full-of-hatred daily lives with an amalgamation of pure healing and beautiful frequencies!

  Amazing job. I have to study hard, and need to focus in a very noisy environment. This helps me a lot! Merci beaaucoup pour cette merveille!

  Makes it easy to just be. <3

  Thank you, Stphane! Your work is all so amazing! My ears sing your praise!

  When I was ten I had an alarm clock that played nature sounds as you fell asleep and as an alarm in the morning, I miss that clock. The waterfall was one of my favorites. This makes me think of it.

  I live downtown in the capital of my country. While I love it here, I'm a very anxious person, and an insomniac - and the 24/7 sounds of traffic (and construction sites in the morning), make my sleep hard and brittle. I adore this webpage, and I have already several favorite soundscapes I go rotating through. This is my current one. My life is better thanks to you, Dr. Pigeon. Thank you so much!

  I love it, it helps me so much with my anxiety and depression. Finally, I don't sit in a quiet house but instead I can relax and listen to birds...

  I absolutely love this! Mostly writing a review to keep my preset, however I wanted to also say that it's actually not distracting at all. I know some people may think it's quite distracting, but it drowns itself out when you focus on your task at hand. I wanted to block out outside sound as well as have some kind of noise in my ear and this has really helped.

  I have Misophonia and has been an absolute life saver! With this site, I am able to drown out any of my trigger sounds and am transported to a peaceful forest free from distractions and panic attacks! Thank you for creating a safe haven for sensitive people like me!

  Awesome. I listen to piano songs with this in the background and it is truly beautiful.

  It's good for focusing on things. Good enough that I'm writing a review just to be able to access my specific sound set without having to remake it every time. [Note from editor : try the Save Current Seetings as URL, or even Cookie, features]

  This is my all time favorite. Listening to animated Healing Water combined with Binaural Harmonics at 16hz is my little secret to survive at the grad school. Amazing focus booster!

  This is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It's SO PRETTY! Thank you so much Dr. Pigeon! :-)

  ← Heart of the Shenandoah. This setting reminds me of some native trout streams in the Shenandoah National Park.

  This is so relaxing, and it's even better when played with the "rain" sliders of the Distant Thunder.

  This reminds me a river by my cousins' house. Very peaceful.

  I love this! It really helps me calm down and focus on my work. It's brought me all the way to my happy place.

  Oh this is lovely! I miss my home so much... I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but when I found this noise, and realized you recorded it in Slovenia, it made my day! ^^ Takes me back there...

  These sounds are both peaceful and help me sleep. I live near a pond in Maryland, but can never get out to that pond due to the insects. This both helps me sleep and lets me listen to the peaceful sounds of the pond without being staggered by hundreds of insects.

  Wow, just Wow. So peaceful and pretty. Helps me study for hours! :-)

  Beautiful sounds. Calming, during studies. Sleep aid and noise deterrent at bedtime. Such a selection to get lost in... My little living space never sounded so big! Thank you.

  This track makes me happy and glad that I live in Slovenia.

  I just teleported to a river in a village I visited this summer... feels like I'm walking arround it, watching as water flows down the river and ready to explorate where it leads!

  This makes me wanna visit Slovenia!

  This is excellent for studying, it helps me to focus and be more productive. It produces a very lovely and nice sensation of peace and freedom. I really love myNoise.

  I love this! I bookmarked this specific URL and I listen to it all the time.

  I quite like it with these settings and I hope you do too!

  Relaxing and charming! I love it and I love myNoise.

  I'm from Slovenia myself, so I love this generator twice more! So relaxing, you could listen it for ever! Thank you a lot for recording this!

  Beautiful. I love it with more birdsong and less waterfall. Makes me feel like I'm sitting beside a little forest brook in the dappled sunlight.

  ← Likely one of the best soundscapes.

  Ermagurd! It's a soundscape pretty much good for anything!

  Good way to relax after experimenting with the Shepard Tone generator.

  The bird chirps are so calming and peaceful.I feel so away from my city, away from all the hectic here. Thank you so much.

  This and Osmosis (Floating Preset) in the background is the best! Love myNoise!

  This setting is so peaceful. I really enjoy it. It helps me calm down and takes me out of my hectic environment, putting me in a calmer area with birds and water flowing so perfectly nearby.

  I don't know why this works so well, but it works... so well. Without this site I get lost in my distracted mind. With it I can focus for hours on my studies. Anywhere. When I graduate, I will donate gladly. For now I am recommending the site to many other students. Thank you for this great gift! May you be richly blessed.

  This lets me feel like I'm sitting on a bench right next to a brook. So calming and peaceful! XD

  This stuff is truly a life safer... I had been struggling tryin' to concentrate on my studies... But then I came around this website and now studying doesn't give me a headache ;-) This noise has helped me a lot to overcome the stress of late night studies... The sound is so relaxing and calm that I sometimes forget how long I have been with my books and studying... Thanks a lot myNoise :-)

  Great relaxing moment !

  I can't tell you how much work I have done, or how many hours I have spent while listening to this soundscape. Seriously, I could not even guess. It played almost non-stop last year and kept me sane through an enormous work load. Thank you.

  I've been looking for something like this for years... As someone who grew up in the country and currently lives in the city, this is perfect for moments when I really need to concentrate but I just can't quite block out the noise... Put your headphones in, and take a walk...

  The river in me x

  This is my new sound machine

  In March, I went hiking with my girlfriend through the Scottish countryside. On our way through a forest and up a hill we passed a small brook. This is the sound we heard on that day. Amazing!

  I moved away from home almost a year and a half ago, but every time I listen to your generators it's like I can close my eyes and for a few short minutes, actually /be/ home. Thank you :)


  I have to focus all day, and the healing water generator helps dull the disturbing voices around me without sounding artificial. And the same time it is calming and relaxing, but not making me sleepy. I use the Cat purr generator for that. :)

  When combined with the Jungle Life noise machine, I slept PERFECTLY.

  This site is my favorite thing. I love to come here when I'm writing fiction because I can "set the scene" for my characters; whether it's something simple like the intensity of a thunderstorm or something more complex like the amount of voices in a coffee shop, this site brings imagination to life and offers many other purposes as well. By far my favorite find on the internet!

  This generator is perfect for when I'm feeling homesick for England. Takes me back to long walks through forests and picnics by streams.

  It radiates harmony and balance, and provides an incredibly calm sensation. I wish I could tell the whole world about this!

  This generator reminds me of a trail through a local forest. There's a wooden bridge and below it is a waterfall. It was one of the most relaxing places I've been and this generator lets me feel like I'm there.

  Out of every sound in this website, this is the one I come back to repeatedly. Trickling, gentle and soothing, nothing loud or white-noisey. I love this so much.

  Ahh, this is so relaxing!

  This one just takes me right back home!!! I'm a Slovenian living abroad. I was browsing for some noises I haven't heard yet. This one caught my awareness. So so sweet. Thank you.

  First step: Listen to Bach's Air on G - String. Second step: Add this Healing Water and enter the Meditation Room. Third step: Get inspired to learn an instrument such as the piano or violin. Fourth step: Come back after a few years and play the background music yourself.

  Relaxing and brilliant, streams delicately distant, all balanced without anything loud and distracting.

  I love this. I used to have problems with sleeping, but now I can go to school right in time feeling relaxed. Thanks alot myNoise ;-)

  ← More like a mixture of soft stream and birdsongs (no noisy waterfalls)

  I love all the water sounds on this site, but this particular generator is just the best. Calming and soothing, blends into the background well enough not to be too distracting but not so much as to just sound like white noise. Absolutely beautiful.

  The complete sounds of the countryside, all neatly arranged... I cannot think of a better way to relax. The bird song is just perfect for the sounds of the brook and the stream. Another absolutely wonderful soundscape!

  The healing water sound is so calming! In fact when I first turned it on to study, I did not even recognize it as a separate sound. It is simply so natural and in place. A huge help for someone like me who tackles the stress of Uni everyday. One of my favourites by far, thank you! ^^

  Lots of birdsong and just a bit of water; perfect for when you feel like winter will never end.

  The perfect end to a busy day is listening to this setting and getting lost in it. The soothing flow of water calms my anxiety, and the bird song --hearing all the different calls to one another.

  With exams and other stresses on my mind, I came across this gen and realized how much it calmed me down during meditation. I went to an entirely different place and having such a nice meditation session helped me get focused and alert.

  Lovely! I tried to re-create the sounds of some meadows I used to visit as a child. There was a bridge where water flowed through arches, and we would sit on the bank watching the world go by. When I'm cramped up on the computer all day, this sound helps me clear the air a little :)

  I found this Healing Water sound scape to be remarkably refreshing. After working a very long day, the tension was washed away in this soothing sonic bath. This is yet another great audio feast to rejuvenate the mind and soul.

  I have a cabin up in the north woods of Maine that I don't get to visit as often as I would like. Not too far from it, way back in the woods, is a creek that looks very similar to this page's background image. I find no greater pleasure in life than simply sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream and listening to the sounds of nature for hours on end. This soundscape takes me back there.

  This reminds me of many hiking trips I took when I was younger. Brings back many good memories and helps me relax.

  Combines most of my favorite water sounds with birds. Really relaxing. A winner.

  This is so lovely and relaxing. I set it to the meditation room setting, and every now and then I get treated to the sound of birds. My cats even perk up and start looking around to locate the direction of the sound!

  I find this generator to fit really nicely with Aeternitas (Western Choir). This is going to help me with my midterms. :)

  Calming... peaceful... perfect to relax... yet speechless as an overwhelming sensation of inner peace takes hold off you... brilliant!!!

  Oh my. My mind just went numb in the best of ways. This truly is bringing me to peace, which is unfortunately a rather difficult thing for myself. Thank you for this.

  Love this one ! ^^ Rain and Birds: it's like the paradise for me...

  I find this perfect to concentrate with. It brings me at peace and the birds break up the stream's rhythm beautifully!

  After a long day, this is one of the best ways to unwind. You can almost smell the wet moss and feel the cool spritz of water on your face!