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Yakutian Voices
Polyphonies from Siberia
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A warm welcome to Zarina Kopyrina

... because it can be very cold, where she comes from! Zarina is a Yakutian ethno singer from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in northern Siberia. As a fan of this website, she offered to contribute to the project, by sharing her amazing voice, and her cultural heritage with us. This brings to this site, a taste of distant countries, with Yakutian songs that may remind you of Northern Asian, and Mongol musical traditions, but in a language that is part of the Turkish family. Among her multiple talents, Zarina speaks many languages, including the language of the animal world. All calls you hear in this soundscape are produced by her surprising voice!

Discover her new project named Olox — which means Life in Yakutian.

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining these Yakutian Voices with other myNoise generators such as the Canyon Drone — be prepared for a very emotional experience with this one — or these custom 'Himalayan Voices' settings, for example.

Published by Stéphane on November 12th, 2015

User Stories

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  This generator mixed with Duduk Song and Time Still is beautiful.

  This mixed with the fireplace and with duduk song is absolutely lovely.

  I was watching recent America's Got Talent auditions, and came across a beautiful performance by a duo called Olox... it wasn't until just now that I connected the dots and realized the vocalist was the same for this noise generator! I knew there was a reason her voice was so hauntingly familiar. Thank you, thank you, for creating such beautiful audio.

  Yakutian voices along with high pitched female voice of Himalayan voice feels really relaxing. Thanks for this amazing voices.

  Helps me with my writers block. I love this.

  Her voice reminds me almost exactly of Uyanga Bold's :) Sliders 2-6 on this gen, plus the bowed instruments on Three Friends of Winter, calvalry on the Battlefield RPG, and the Tibetan Choir, all on animate, is incredible. I feel like I'm on the Mongolian steppe in Genghis Khan's time, and the battle has just ended...

  This paired with the default animated Anamnesis, brings tears to my eyes.

  This + Canyon (Haunting Drone), Desert Wind, Saharan Caravan, Mournful Chimes (Shanti) & Duduk is great to fall asleep to after an overwhelming day.

  Combined with Dukduk Song, this has taken me somewhere else. I love it.

  It's amazing that she is making the animal noises as well! I've been listening to just Animal Calls for several minutes, and I can barely believe they're from a human!

  This one, combined with "Duduk" theme, is the best airplane lounge I was able to imagine ever.

  Floated off into another world listening to this with singing bowls :)

  I feel like I'm surrounded by a convent of Buddhist nuns and this is part of their practice at sunset every night, singing down into a Himalayan valley. Like riding on high winds. Many thanks!

  Someone mentioned in the "Duduk Song" comments that the combination of this "Yakutan Voices" with the "Duduk Song' approximated some Battlestar Galactica (reimagined) theme music, and I agree.

  I've always loved this kind of vocal ever since I was a kid. Thank you!

  I would like to thank Ms. Kopyrina for sharing her beautiful voice and the beautiful soundscape of her homeland. This is true beauty. Miigwetch from Canada!

  Omg! It's my new favorite. Healing!

  Experience Tranquility.

  Love the vocals

  Sorry 'Friends of winter', but 'Yakutian Voices' is my new favourite. This is so perfect. Will donate again.

  I don't know why but "Animal Calls" is really calming for me. Thank you for the enormous work you put into this site and all the marvelous generators on here, they really help ! :)

  Really reminds me of the soundtrack for a video game called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Very pretty.

  I usually listen to the natural noises, and decided to try some of vocals or instruments. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard until now, there's something about it that made my eyes tear up within 10 seconds. I like pairing it with Canyon, specially the lower frequencies to contrast with the high ones of the voices, brings much more depth.

  An amazing combination: Animal Calls from Yakutian Voices with Balinese Bells from Mournful Chimes. So sad, beautiful, calming, expansive. You really imagine being in Siberia, at dusk...

  I absolutely love this generator; it's so beautiful, melodic and soothing. Not only is it great for writing and meditation, but it also helps with my anxiety. Even better, it's one of the only things I've found that can help bring me down from the rages I sometimes experience due to my BPD. I adore this soundscape, and combining it with Cave Chime just makes it all the more serene.

  I put this one on animated and I'm so amazed at how beautiful it sounds. I set it up to 2x speed and then paired it up with Anamnesis also 2x animated and I have something to keep me focused on my studies. I love all your noises, but these are definitely my favorite <3

  I combined this with the Underwater and Northern Lights noises. It was super chill and sounded really cool!

  I combine this one with the Electric Guitar Mashup psychedelic one up about 3/4 (only that one) and the Motivational Electronic sequences to however I feel that day and it's probably one of the most calming things ever. I have problems focusing when it gets later into the evening and I'm trying to write my books but this has helped every time I remember to put it on. Super good job guys!

  If you mix this, the Tibetan choir, and Gregorian Voices, you can create a completely new sound that is soothing like a lullaby and yet feels like a grand scale temple. Truly amazing!

  This mixed with Circular Breeze and Three Friends of Winter, makes it sound like a group of gorgeous geisha from another time; or female warriors in their own robes of their lands. Just singing as the sun sets, you lucky enough to watch them calm the village as the sun sets to their voices. Absolutely breathtaking, makes me tear up a bit.

  This is like listening to the chants from Secret of the Kells. Brilliant combined with African Trance (1-2-4-6-8)

  This plus Trip of Mind, Stardust, Himalayan Voices, Tibetan Choir, Tibetan Spirit, and Healing Trees. All together with all of them animated, makes you feel like your transcending the ethereal.

  I was really in love with the upper vocals, so I made them the focus. This really helps me, not matter what I'm doing.

  Shamaan of animals.

  This is so beautiful. I wish there could be more tribal generators, though. The animal calls, the voices, paired with drums... So beautiful.

  This is the one sound I can listen to no matter what I'm doing or what mood I'm in. OMG, I love it so much.

  This and the Three Friends of Winter make an amazing Eastern melody I absolutely adore!

  Awesome generator! Especially when paired with the poetry of Jorte Luis Borges.

  Really lovely, I love it.

  Pair this with Ocean Waves and Desert Wind and the only way you'd be able to resist is if you stoppered your ears with wax [or were tied to the mast].

  It is an amazing sound! Thank you very much!

  I've found this goes GREAT with the Canyon Drone's flutes.

  I recommend using this alongside the Thunderstorm (or any thunder based generator). Those of you who have played Final Fantasy XIV will know why! ;) That aside, this is a mesmerizing generator that flows in and out like a stream, hypnotic and beautiful.

  What a lovely voice! Really beautiful! I used this along with and the harmonic bianural beats and got through all of my job applications!

  Instant chills from her amazing voice!

  ← Animal charmer

  This is absolutely beautiful! It's like I'm cuddled in a cloud and being sung to by angels! This is so relaxing ^-^

  This is just heavenly

  This good for when you're having a bad day :)

  Such a beautiful voice! I keep coming back to listen to this generator. It's even better paired with "Ethereal Choir". Thank you so much Zarina for your collaboration!

  This is such a beautiful genarator. I also think it sounds even more beautiful paired up with "Anamnesis" and it helps me concentrate on my schoolwork a lot more.

  I absolutely love this generator. I usually pair this with the wind noise, and soon I feel like I'm sitting on a mountain, wind howling around me. I can hear animals somewhere, and the voices are around me, almost haunting, beautiful as ever.

  I've found the perfect balance. This combined with Singing Bowls and African Trance creates a mellow, but driven beat.

  This is just awesome. Thank you very much for sharing.

  This is my lullaby. It works where medicine fails to get me to sleep. I can't wait for more like this and Himalayan voice set.

  This is transcendent. Thank you for sharing, Zarina!

  A truly unique and beautiful soundscape: musical, without distracting from concentration. Incredibly relaxing and therapeutic while I'm slogging away under the weight of many assignments due in a very short space of time. The animals calls are a wonderful addition too (perfect for this Zoology student!)

  This is absolutely beautiful, it feels me with a weird sense of nostalgia from my days as a child living with only my mother; hearing the sounds of our weird pets as she plays music much like this before getting ready for a date. It just fills me with serenity.

  They are not wrong about pairing this one with the Himalayan voices. When I combined them, I was in tears for the first minute or two. It is very cathartic, and what I imagine singing angels might sound like. Many thanks to this singer for contributing!

  This is really relaxing using the Animate feature. It's a wonderful sound for focusing on specific types of work. In certain configurations, also helps with my high frequency tinnitus. Very well done.

  The Yakutian Voices generator is just absolutely gorgeous, haunting, and breathtaking. Even after a stressful day at work, listening to dozens of barking dogs and loud traffic, I can sit here and Zarina's beautiful voice just melts the stress away and helps me relax.

  Oh my goodness. First, this is absolutely gorgeous. The sound is just so exquisite and haunting. Stunning! And I just combined this generator with the Canyon Drone generator as suggested, and you're right. It is unbelievably beautiful! I would highly suggest that people try that combination at least once. Wow. Just wow.

  Love it. This perfectly fits with the Singing Bowls.

  I got to say her voice has an Earthen feel that just plays a harp of the heart with angel's hands.

  Both chilling and beautiful, the undulating layers of sound make for a truly unique and powerful experience. The animal calls are sheer perfection and really help to transport you far away.

  I feel like I'm on a cloud with Bjork

  Absolutely breathtaking. Incredibly effective, as well. Played in a dark room with animate on, it needed only a quarter of an hour to take me from the edge of a panic attack into a safe, calm haven. Thank you.

  A lovely new addition to the myNoise collection. Really enjoyable singing.