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What is White Noise?

White Noise is created by a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range. In healthcare applications, white noise is used to treat hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to camouflage the annoyance caused by tinnitus, a ringing in the ear occurring without any stimulus. White noise is also used to mask background noises in the office, or to aid in sleep.

   This generator is available as a free add-on to the free myNoise iOS & Android Apps!

Pink Noise and Brown Noise variations

Although all frequencies are produced in equal intensity, white noise sounds much brighter than what we would expect from a spectrally flat noise. This is due to the nature of our hearing, which doesn't sense all frequencies equally. Therefore, people often prefer to listen to Pink Noise, a noise that boosts the lower frequency range to compensate for the unnatural brightness of white noise, or Brown Noise, a noise that puts even more emphasis on the lower frequencies. When one exactly compensates for the particular sensitive curve of the human hearing, white noise turns Grey.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Discover Noise Colors, the album.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  I love the Speech Blocker setting! It is useful for quieting the voices of classmates who are talking when they should be working.

  I love this! My office is cubicle based and I'm near the front entrance. When I'm in deep concentration mode, noise is the major disrupting force preventing me from working and thinking. I listen to this and the world is blocked out; much to the chagrin of my colleagues who have a hard time getting my attention. I even missed the phone ringing and it is 30 cms away from my chair!

  There's a woman with a particularly annoying voice in my office, made worse by the fact that she loves the sound of it. The speech blocker setting combined with top quality noise cancelling headphones are a match made in heaven for the purpose of blocking her voice. I can't even hear myself typing these words.

  I looked up pure white noise, and it scared me to death. If i listened to it any longer my paranoia spiked, but with this, I customized it and it's just right. Absolutely perfect. Thank you.

  I use it to tune out the world and get down to my studies.

  I prefer the pink noise. I use it when I'm reading or on a computer in public to drown out loud conversations, people playing music without using earbuds, etc. I love being able to enjoy parks and other spaces instead of having to worry about loud people.

  Static (white) noise help me to focus, but after some hours my head hurt. The animation option solve the problem changing a bit the noise a time to time. I love it.

  Amazing page. Downloaded the app and instantly was able to focus on work rather than suffering nervous tics whenever someone coughs. Volume up, lots of bass, not too much treble, I'm a happy girl :3

  I adjusted the sound so it sounds kind of like a windy night. Does a great job blocking out household noises and helping me focus on my work.

  This is the best thing that's been evading me for so long. God bless you!

  When listening to the default, I longed for the sound of airplane travel so I adjusted the settings to get a more low-frequency sound that at least for me gets me back to the relaxing moment of being on a airplane. Thanks for this service!

  Muffles the noise of my husband barking at his computer screen as he plays MMORPGs. I can finally read things in peace and not have to re-read paragraphs a thousand times. Thanks White Noise & Co.!

 I like that you can customize the sound with the sliders. I prefer to have more low-end and that makes it possible. Our furnace is kind of loud when it kicks in and this masks it very well. It made my sleeping much sounder. My one gripe is that the sliders can be a little difficult to fine tune on my phone's touch screen.

 This has really helped me focus on my academics! I can't really listen to any music, but I don't even register that I'm listening to the noise as I study. I LOVE the fact that I can adjust the sound myself, it really helps me cater it to what works best for me! Thank you to everyone who put in time and effort in creating this wonderful site!

 My parakeets will sometimes shriek really early in the morning, but this makes all the ruckus disappear!

 This site is amazing and helps with my migraines. I also love the fact that you don't even have to do colored sounds, and you can make ambient noises as well!

 I've been using this to retrain my ears for tinnitus. I use the sliders at the horizontal position, lowering the volume as my ears adapt to the sound. The ringing is still there but the volume of ringing has been reduced.

 This service is a godsend to my anxiety. I feel like I'm at the top of a waterfall, hearing the blood rush in my ears as I look down and watch the water crash far far below me. I love the louder yet steady rush of the sounds, the underlying bass that keeps me alert even as it soothes me.

 I am incredibly grateful for this website. From reading the reviews, it's clear that we have our own sort of community of people that are sensitive to sound. For me, many days I feel as if I'm suffering, when I hear the constant conversations at work as well as a coworker who crunches on ice frequently each day. I just discovered "speech blocker" yesterday and I could literally jump for joy.

 I work at WeWork, which has an unfortunate partnership with iHeartRadio. Your website is a godsend for my sanity and productivity.

 So my headphones have a small bug. When the sound is low enough, the headphones mute it entirely, making fade-outs, quiet piano pieces and normal speech choppy and awkward. This website, however, produces just enough ambience to have the headphones unmuted at all times. It's also soothing but literally everyone is saying that.

 Never really looked much into white noise, all I knew what that I didn't like it, and I still can't stand plain white noise but this, this setting, it touches something in me, it sounds like when you're flying an airplane, or driving down the highway at night alone. I find this super calming.This is a noise that speaks to me.

 Personally, I have always had a problem with noise. I have recently been told I may also have autistic traits as well. I find that sometimes I just don't want to hear the world around me, so a phone call in the same room could be really hard to drown out. Other times, I just need that help to stay focused on my own thoughts. It also really helps with sleep and relaxing. I really love this website!

 This is the most helpful thing for me to study and stay focused. Thank you for not including ads which are often too loud and distracting. I really appreciate it. Thank you again :)

 This is calming in a profound way. I can focus, sleep, or just chill. Incredibly grateful for the creator of this downright magical site <3

 The "Speech Blocker" setting is a gift from the gods while trying to concentrate with chatty co-workers.

 Sometimes it's hard for me to sleep. If audio books don't work, I use this. It sounds close to a rainy night, which I sleep uncommonly well with.

 I travel for work and have to share hotel rooms with people who snore or stay up late often. This website and a pair of nice in ear headphones (Shure SE215) helps me sleep through the night no matter what!

 I have really mild autism/aspberger's and ambient office noise kills me. My standard go-to is music but sometimes even that gets distressing. This is a godsend for the moments when I can't cope with my environment or process sound in a productive way. It helps with my tinnitus too, I've had it since birth along with hyperacusis and well. It's just nice. Use it for the modularity if nothing else.

 Sorry I have to comment again. I'm just really grateful that this website exists. I honestly wouldn't know what to do for my misophonia. My psychologist is pretty much denying I have misophonia. She probably doesn't think it even exists like most doctors. Until someone can find a cure, this website is going to do wonders.

 I haven't liked white noise before but this actually works for me. I have tinnitus and more recently hyperacusis. After reading the comments I believe have misophonia too. My psychologist calls it overstimuli, but this makes more sense. We need to chat!

 Great for tuning out outside noises.

 OMG I just found this site today because my misophonia has been getting intolerable. I've tried like EVERYTHING. This is a lifesaver. I was getting triggered by my own nose whistling and it was giving me anxiety. I couldn't even find a doctor that could help me. I find that the white noise masks the nose whistling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can finally get back to work. Holy cow. :]

 I use this noise machine all the time. At home when I'm writing, I'm easily distracted by any tiny thing -- my fiancee's typing noises, the cat's meows, cars outside -- and this site helps me stay on task like nothing else. I use the mobile app on airplanes & trains to drown out crying babies, talkers, etc., to help me read or sleep. Other uses too, but I'm out of characters! In sum: it's awesome!

 Broadly, I can't do my job without this site. I've tried the competitors and my prediction is that "mynoise.net" will join the ranks of sites like Wikipedia.

 I love myNoise. It is the best white noise generator I have found, and I use it daily. I can't work without it.

 I use MyNoise every day and night. During the day, it blocks out sounds that trigger/irritate my anxiety, such as deep booming bass playing from the neighbor's house, dogs barking, chewing/slurping noises from other people, et c. At night I use it to drown out my husband's snoring. This website is invaluable to me for how much it helps me cope with my anxiety and audio triggers. Thank you!!

 Barking dogs are an epidemic in the suburbs. This is a soothing and effective tool.

 Please please please never get rid of your website. It helps me sleep when the old man is snoring. I will be fine tuning over the next few days and will be purchasing my white noise file :)

 Thanks for this and other generators. The High Treble slider, isolated here, has been the only thing that provides consistent relief from my high-pitch tinnitus. I am trying to use it as a means of habituation.

 This helps me a lot with writing my characters nightmare scenes. This is a truly amazing site! Thank you so much for this! Don't forget: you are looking into the void, and the is staring back.

 I work in an office with lots of commotion. This service is amazing. It makes it bearable to work around loud phone conversations, and is the calming bit I need to get through the day.

 This is a wonderful website that blocks out most of the noises around me. Thanks! :D

 Love this site! I use it every night. It distracts me from the ringing in my ears. It completely blocks out my husband's snoring. I use my headsets and listen to the sounds while reading. It's amazing to be able to adjust the sounds depending upon my nightly need. Thank you!!!

 Really helps me study when my roomate is at home making background noise!

 Honestly, one of the best finds on the internet for creating work harmony . If you work in an open space work area and if noises pierce your concentration to compose, think, compute, etc... look no more and add to your favorites. It is similar being on an airplane... yet, your head-space is on a plane of your own.

 I use this to help my very storm-phobic dogs. One was prescribed meds because his reaction to thunder storms is so intense. I wanted to avoid medicating him and found this white noise generator. It works like magic. Within a few seconds, he begins to settle down. In minutes, he's lying down fairly relaxed.

 Ive been struggling with a really terrible student burnout, which has caused my mental, physical, and emotional health to decline completely. I can't do anything without feeling extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. Thankfully, this has helped me be able to sit down and focus on one task at a time, rather than trying to accomplish 50 things at once. It hasn't cured my burnout, but I'm getting there.

 Firstly, I have a bad case of misophonia, and your site has probably prevented a murder or two, haha. Secondly, my husband snores bad, and this, on headphones, drowns it out like a charm. Nothing else works against it as efficiently. Thank you.

 I love this website. It's like having somebody massage your ears. Not that I'm into that. Staying focused is always hard for my ADD brain. This helps where medication doesn't.

 This totally helped me concentrate while writing a 5000 word essay that I'd barely started the night before! It blocked out the noise of my family watching a Netflix show they PROMISED me we'd watch as a family...

 This is great when for studying for my MCAT's. I no longer have to hear the depressing noises I make as I weep over my physics textbook! And, it even blocks out the sound of my tears hitting the pages! Couldn't be happier.

 It has helped me block out outside noises fully so that I can focus on studying as well as focusing on other tasks.

 Has been helping me write the last project required for me to graduate from my master's program. I'm eternally grateful!

 Helps me block out people eating crisps at work... and other loud annoying voices.

 Speech blocker is a lifesaver when I need to concentrate in a loud workspace! It's the next best thing to silence.

 Puts me in the zone for work and study, absolute lifesaver, would hate to be without it.

 Drowns out noisy open space office and allows me to focus on whatever I need to do for the day.

 Helps when studying certainly. I find listening to ASMR helps as well.

 If you are living with noisy people, this is life-saving. It also makes me feel safe and spiritual. I feel like I am beyond time and space and nobody can see me. Thank you!

 I used to hate these type of noise but when you do research about it, it inspires you to experience it and test it out.

 This site is a lifesaver! My sister is having an argument in the next room and I can't hear a single shrill noise over this! :)

 I could weep with joy! I am no longer inundated by the constant noise in a poorly designed open workspace full of people all around me, where I can hear every sigh, every conversation, every keyboard, everyone's different music ect... Thank-you!!

 Wonderful for when I need to read, it's so difficult to focus with distracting noises around. Especially love the speech blocker, it works great.

 I litteraly LOVE. All my office mates are using it to work with more concentration!

 Great for when I have to do a science report. Which... I should probably get back to... and stop procrastinating...

 This helps me sleep while going through the stress of being on the edge of divorce, so thank you; not a whole lot helps, as you might imagine. I'm very grateful to have found this site. Thank you from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

 This does decently at blocking my brother's piano practice.

 I had to reproduce bug which required a noisy environment, thank you!

 Thank you so much... keeps my sanity while blocking out all the office related distractions.

 Perfect for when people won't stop talking to me.

 I think this just reminds me of a nice, hot sunny day and the cicadas are out.

 A fan on medium. Or faint white noise.

 I play this one with my music, it blocks out everything else and I'm able to concentrate.

 This is the best blend for noise block.

 I've tried to reproduce the sound of the rain on the street.

 Certain voices in the office bother me than others. I can tune the levels of white noise to just the right amounts to completely block them out, to the point where I can barely hear them even if they are only a couple feet away (with in-ear headphones).

 Heard about this from the Wall Street Journal Tech Brief. I like that I can play this in addition to my music to help block out conversation around me. Very well put together and thought out for the end user.

 My earphones vibrate in my ears when this is playing, and it helps me concentrate a lot! Thanks!

 Thank you! I am a college student and my downstairs neighbor loves fast paced music with a loud bass. This music makes me anxious and I can't focus on my studies, but the brown noise really helps block it out.

 I can concentrate on my work again! Thanks!

 Phenomenal sound and variety. Great for working on homework or other tasks that require concentration. The white noise default settings are pretty good, but I would recommend the Speech Blocker setting, as it does exactly what it states.

 I'm an older IT worker with tinnitus who needs to be able to focus and concentrate on my work in different corporate environments. I use a Scroll Gaming headset with mic plugged into my laptop (Cisco Jabber) in place of my telephone, and White Noise is *always* running when I'm not on a call with co-workers. For me, this is *the* solution. Well done and thank you!

 Noise cancelling headphones + brown noise = productivity even in busy and pop-music saturated agency environment Thank you for making it available. Complete sanity saver ;)

 What a remarkable inventor and creator. Thanks so much. I am really appreciating all that you have posted on the internet. Ted

 This white noise generator has been very effective in producing calmness where meditation has not.It is effortless to listen to this white noise and there are definitely changes in my brain.

 I've been trying hypnosis with a friend, and while she hasn't been able to get me into a full trance yet, this site really does help me reach a nice relaxed state! It's like guided meditation, it's baller.

 Helps block out peers howling at eachother over getting a question wrong in Kahoot. Or just in general.

 Shoutout to this website for drowning out my ANNOYING CLASSMATES when I'm trying to write an essay.

 I need silence when I work. Unfortunately, I share space with loud coworkers. Normal white noise and even pink is too high pitch for me, and brown is too low, so I love using myNoise.net to customize my sound. When I animate my personal profile, I feel like I'm at the beach on a windy day rather than in a cubicle. Woohoo, surf's up!

 Everytime my roommates come in late from class/work and close the door, the sound wakes me up instantly as it reverberates through the house. White noise has been a godsend and now I can go to sleep for long periods of time with no interruption.

 I have an obnoxiously loud roommate who makes it impossible to study in my own apartment. However, when I used the speech blocker setting with noise canceling headphones, her voice instantly got drowned out and I could finally study in peace! Thank you!

 I use this in class so I can drown out the two people who talk constantly and are distracting. This works like a charm.

 I am sensitive to most sounds and can't focus when there's a lot (or a little) going on. This website has helped me bunker down and complete assignments without worrying about my surroundings so much.

 Helps me sleep. It sounds like you're on one of those massive Boeing planes on a long flight.

 The speech blocker setting is great. I work in a busy customer service center that's built on an open office plan, which means I hear everyone around me, all the time, without even a cubicle wall to deaden the noise. That preset keeps me from wanting to throttle my co-workers when I'm on email duty and need to concentrate.

 I live in a small house where at this time, a half dozen bulldozers and earth movers are preparing the property right next to me for 100 homes to be built. The noise was absolutely unbearable until I found this app! What a difference!

 I found this setting from someone else's testimonial and I must say, it really works wonders at blocking out noise! When people are being annoying, I turn the levels up 2 notches and blast rock music in my headphones, and I can't hear a thing even if someone speaks right next to me.

 Blocks out my washing machine perfectly, can now study in peace.

 I'm typing this while I should be studying for a final, but it needs to be said how great this website is! The calibration feature makes this the most comfortable and effective white noise generator I've used.

 Studying tonight for Midterms next week. AHHH! :C I hope everything will go well and wish luck to others who are using this site to study for exams. I found this specific noise set from someone else in the comments so if you find this response and you made the noise, Thanks, cause it's really helping me work.

 Great for sleeping after you get used to falling asleep on the phone every night, then cant call anymore.

 I work in a lab and sit next to a few large Illumina DNA sequencers (2500 and 4000). Finally found a setting that blocks out the high-pitched ringing that they make when they're running!

 I have fibromyalgia which makes me extra sensitive to sounds and easily alarmed. The "speech blocker" preset has been enormously helpful with my studies, which often take place at the bar where I work. Thank you so much for your whole noise selection. <3

 Absolutely amazing. I live in a household with very annoying family members, and this effectively drowns out all of them.

 Totally great! Great for school when a classroom is loud and you need to focus! Really awesome!

 This noise generator is perfect for blocking out all other noises, and for relaxing. This is what I have been looking for. Thank you so much!

 After an nasty encounter with a goblin, my mind has been plagued with a curse of headaches, and after years and years of searching, I found this website! This setting gives me a reprieve from the -otherwise painfully constant- headaches. I bestow my gratitude upon whomever created this godsend! I am indebted to you, good sir!

 The speech blocker function is everything I've ever wanted. When I'm working on my computer, I somehow get distracted by noises that are incredibly quiet and indiscernible. Sometimes it's just the wind, sometimes it's people passing by. Whatever it ends up being, it frustrates me whenever that happens. Thankfully, I can always make use of this white noise generator to drown it out.

 I'm very thankful for this site. It's helped me keep sanity in a lot of very noisy situations! Being able to adjust things really helps finding a right mix to block out noise.

 I've been having some ear-related issues lately, and I just couldn't find a remedy to that awful aching in my ear, but when I put on this setting, the pain just went away! Thanks a bunch!

 This setting is absolutely wonderful, it sounds exactly like a loud storm, and reminds me of home. Thanks a bunch!

 I've had a really hard time mentally recently, so naturally it's been very hard to focus on schoolwork. I've finally decided to try and break the pattern - I've been trying different sounds on this website and Brown Noise (calibrated to my ears!!! I highly recommend calibrating your hearing curve, it makes the experience so much more comfortable) is the perfect match for me! Thank you!

 I don't get headaches very often, but when I do, they're pretty bad. So when I got one, I immediately thought of a comment I read on this website, where someone said something about having headaches and some setting that helped them. I felt instantaneous relief when using this setting, and would recommend this website to others.

 I love the Brown noise, White, Coffee Shop and Airport terminal! I have a sniveler/cougher that I'm forced to share an office with, and this app helps tremendously. Thanks much!

 I have headaches 100

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