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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time.

White Noise Designed for Headphones

White Noise & Co. is probably the most popular noise generator on this website. Its calibrated sliders produce all the classic spectral noise colors, but also any color yet to be named! The noise on this page may sound similar at first glance but differs by allowing headphones users to alter its stereo image. Wide Noise achieves a greater sense of spaciousness and comfort through headphones at the expense of being slightly less versatile in the range of spectral colors it can produce. Yet, all the classic colors are present.

Wide Noise groups sliders in pairs. Each pair has two variations of the same signal: in-phase (+) and out-of-phase (-). Playing the in-phase produces the classic monaural sound. The out-of-phase version will produce something that sounds monaural too, but with a strange auditory feeling: the noise will sound as if it was twisted between your ears. Mixing these two components produces different widths in the stereophonic field. It is remarkable how mixing two components that sound monaural creates such a sense of depth through headphones. Have a try!

Published on August 2nd, 2021
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Testimonials - write yours here

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  The Month of March came in like a lion this year. My settings for this generator sounds like the gusty, swirling winds moving through the trees.

  This noise generator is really amazing. I can play two of my favourite color noises (brown noise, pink noise) together at the same time! This also helps me block out the higher and lower frequencies altogether.

  Use my settings, set your animation speed to 8x, your animation type to Deep 0-150% and BAM! You have a beautiful active field with winds. It sounds so much like where I lived back then. The fields were alive as the wind came.

  This blocks out higher-pitched sounds while still having a lower-pitched noise to balance it out. I like the lower tones in the background.

  When I plug in my earphones, it sounds like a pleasant breeze constantly passing by while laying in a cozy field.

  Sounds very nice. Deeper than the usual gray noise. Wide Noise vibrates pleasantly in open, full-size headphones. I like it very much. I listen to calm my chaotic thoughts and focus on work. From time to time, I listen to drone ambient, but this is very calming. Wide Noise is what I need.

  This speaks to an illimitable and incalculable abundance of whatever you wish for: water itself, knowledge, wisdom, even wealth. It's a rich sound of supply!

  My first association was Desert Wind, and I liked it immediately!

  For me, black is thunder, brown is a waterfall, pink is heavy rain, white is a stream flowing very fast, and violet is sand falling. It definitely sounds like it's inside my head (the other one feels like it's in front of me). I would love to know what's the best configuration for blocking speech in this one (there's a preset in the other generator).

  This sounds like strong winds and a radio static.

  There's such a wide diversity of sounds on these types of generators. Black feels like wind, while brown through pink is rain, and white through violet are waves. But all in all, everything feels like peace :-)

  This is amazing, a waterfall of white noise. You can feel yourself going into focus once this is turned on.

  I wonder? Lemme plug my headphones in... And... It's glorious!

  This quickly changing 3D lanscape feels like rain, a fan, sand, and wind all at the same time. Very interesting and relaxing.

  I love this mono effect <3