Northern Forest
Home of the Woodpeckers
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Knock! knock!–who's there?

The sounds you hear on this soundscape were recorded in April 2018, during a field recording trip to the Black River Valley in central Sweden. The trip was organized by experienced naturalist Stefan Taylor, who knows the place like no one else. After the Lakeside and its iconic loon calls at night, let's follow Stefan under the forest canopy to discover another iconic sound and a user request that has been around for years: the sound of woodpeckers pecking for food.

Amongst the individual recordings, one may sound a little eerie and hard to describe. These aren't frogs, but the sound of a black grouse lek in the distance. And because its Sweden and you're never far away from inland water, lake birds can occasionally be heard in the distance too.

Check out the pictures from the field recording trip to Sweden. Sampling sessions abroad are only possible because of the generosity of the people making donations to this website.

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  Although I've never been to Sweden, I grew up in Michigan and to me this sounds like the forests of home.

  This sound is absolutely wonderful, it reminds me so much of relaxing afternoons, exploring the forest as a child. I have trouble really feeling relaxed due to anxiety, but this makes me feel like just lying down, breathing, taking things slow, and maybe going out for a walk to explore the next best forest again.

  I'm from Sweden and let me tell you - this is exactly what Swedish forests sound like! Listening to this is like taking a walk outside my house. The familiar birds made me extra happy. Thank you for making this! It helps me relax and makes me feel calm in stressy situations, and when I'm far away from home it eases my homesickness a little. Thanks!

  Truly wonderful, but what is the sound like someone playing table-tennis/ping-pong? [Note from editor: woodpeckers!]

  Really nice! Also feels like the forests I am used to, growing up in central Sweden.

  I love the immersive sound of this one. It truly captures the feeling of being out in the wilderness.

  Living in NZ, I've never heard a woodpecker or a black grouse. I feel like someone's shared a lovely secret with me. Thanks so much.

  A new favorite! I love the birds, the water and forest sounds, and the tapping of the woodpeckers. Very peaceful.

  Love this new gen. It's a great set of noises.

  I love how expansive the soundscape is--the black grouses in the distance, the pecking up close, then the stream somewhere in between. I spend a lot of time in a room, and this helps me from feeling trapped :) I appreciate the effort taken to chase down these sounds. Thank you!

  Thank you for the forest background to write to this morning! So much better than the nasty drone of the news that's echoing downstairs. <3 LOVE!

  I know the idea of this generator is to highlight the woodpecker, but I like this mix a bit more, focusing on the black grouse, the stream, the forest, some crows, and the spring wind.

  I love this one so much!

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