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The Children of Deceased Stars

Powered by nuclear fusion, stars are the factories of our universe. At their core, atoms are colliding at tremendous speed. This not only alters their atomic structure but releases an enormous amount of energy.

Hydrogen fuels our universe. It is the most common element in the cosmos, and the simplest with one proton. Our sun is a young star − about five billion year old. It provides us with energy by converting this hydrogen into helium. Helium is the next most common element in the universe after hydrogen, with two protons.

Once a star runs out of hydrogen, it begins to transform helium into heavier elements. Each star contributes to the creation of different atomic elements, depending on its mass and its age. During a supernova, when a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the resulting high energy environment enables the creation of even heavier elements, and disperses all this matter across the whole universe. It can be used and transformed by the next generation of stars, or it can agglomerate into planets.

On Earth, hydrogen and helium make up only a small part of our environment. All the other elements were formed in the deep cosmos, by the generations of stars preceding our sun, billions of years ago.

Any life form that originates from Earth, is necessarily created by same stellar matter. Everything around us is stellar matter. Our bodies are stellar matter. There could be no life without the death of stars. We are the children of these deceased stars.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  Great to listen to while working! This is one of my favorite generators.

  ← Don't know why, but these settings feel like home, to be honest :') Great generator.

  Sounds great when paired with the Dukduk Song, surprisingly. The low tones blend together really well and help me keep my brain on track when I'm writing essays.

  Feels like I'm on a long journey, like I'm sleeping as I sail across the stars. Engines work quietly beneath my feet and nebulae float past the window.

  I like the low noises being combined with a higher mid-note, and the hissing of air (?) through it all.

  This is such a beautiful sound to listen to. It sounds like I'm really in space!

  I could write a story around this, or even come up with a single character around this. It's so amazingly beautiful. It makes me think of ancient space technology.

  A low, cave-like sound with mystic sparkles! It's very soothing.

  ← Smooth Ambience

  I feel like I'm in a spaceship, traveling to a distant star right now.

  This generator really nails that 'vastness of space' feeling, but in a way that feels comforting rather than lonely or oppressive. I love how I can just melt peacefully away.

  This actually gives me serenity and peace, for once in my life. I feel like just drifting away, enveloped in the stars. I feel like my inner quarrels are calmed for once. Watching the beautiful worlds pass by me as I drift, I feel tranquility that could last forever.

  It sounds like I'm on an abandoned space station that's slowly falling apart, the debris returning to stardust.

  It is so soothing I feel like I am floating in space and that the stars are just trying to whisper secrets of the beginning of the universe to me. Secret of how it all began.

  It's as if I'm crawling through space, waiting. It's strangely moving and focusing.

  So relaxing. Thank you :)

  I love how calming this sounds. Like the background hum of the universe.

  This is deep and serene and draws me back into the stillness of creation, there is a slow breathing quality to the soundscape that makes me feel like I am slowly awakening - thanks for your hard work creating these gems.

  We are all made of stardust. It's like admire the universe at the time when the first stars were created. Such an amazing experience!

  It feels like magic, being in another universe. It's like your place isn't here, but is among the stars.

  Hated the little buzzing in the back, this is just atmospheric and feels like I'm turning to dust and flying away.

  This is so incredible! It feels like it's talking in another language, almost. Like if I concentrated on it hard enough, I could understand it. Almost.

  I feel like I'm floating among the stars whenever I go to sleep with this!

  For some reason I feel something deep inside me resonating... What am I? Who am I? I'm confused but euphoric. I love this. Thank you

  Stardust + Number stations + Takeoff from Virtual Aircraft + Hum from Gregorian Voices = Trippiest thing ever!

  It feels like I'm being cradled to sleep by the Universe.

  Oh wow, the Stardust music generator on Animate, and at a high volume, literally drowns out everything in the office - while at the same time concentrating my focus. 10/10, whoever did this is a genius, I can leave it running for a couple hours without even noticing.

  This paired with Distant Thunder and Wooden Chimes transports you to a calm, soothing of dreams. Perfect for going to sleep. <3

  Simply amazing.

  This mixed with Twilight is absolutely amazing. Extremely calming for when I need to write.

  This paired with the star/moon nightlight I have makes me feel like I'm home again. As starkin, this is the greatest thing I could have stumbled upon.

  It reminds me of Halo, where 117 and Cortana are drifting aimlessly through space in the wreckage of the forward unto dawn. Beautiful.

  I took a previous testimonial's advice, and combined this with the Yukatian Voices generator. Then, I layered on some spacecraft chatter with the Numbers Station generator, and ended up with some of the best ambient cosmic sound I could ever ask for.

  This generator makes me feel like I'm back on Homeworld, it's amazing!

  Wow, this is the universe in one sound! When combined with Yakutian voices and Himalayan voices on low volume, it creates a new world just in one sound. -My 10 year old son who loves this website.

  Why do I feel like it's almost like singing?


  This is really amazing! With earphones on, it takes you to another world!

  This is so great!

  This makes me feel as if my soul is aimlessly drifting in space, before birth or after death.

  I absolutely love this, it makes me feel like I'm on another planet!

  This and cave chimes together is the perfect combination for helping me focus when I'm writing or doing anything really! So glad that I found this.

  Combining this with some of the water noises and the Ice World drone feels like I'm sleeping underwater in a calm, cold lake on another world... it's nice.

  I love listening to this for studying, sleeping, meditation, even when I'm writing a book. It calms my nerves and helps me focus more than anything I've ever tried. I'm so glad I came across this.

  This plus Northern Lights plus Cave Chimes is audible heaven. Just perfect for gently drifting of to sleep. Gives me the most amazing dreams and I always wake up refreshed, inspired and with a subtle feeling of blissful relaxation all over my body.

  Incredibly beautiful, I've also thought that humans are beings that are made to believe and everyone has faith in something. What I ended up making for me sounded like being on the edge of a blackhole and then going into it, and it seems terrifying at first but you just let go of all your worries and let yourself be obliterated and then joined.

  As an avid Transformers fan, I like to think that this would be what the Allspark sounds like. Very relaxing and sort of "heavenly".

  So relaxing!

  Feels like home. As starkin, this is amazing.

  It is like waves, if the cosmos were an ocean.

  This is amazing for meditating! Thank you very much!

  This is really so calming <3

  I land on the surface of the moon. Ten-foot tall phosphorescent tubules of grass brush against the insides of my arms. I wade through the tourmaline sea, towards a tree covered in chalk faces. Who has been here before me? Where are they now? The answer matters little to me as a warm tidal wind whistles in my ears, and the light of two alien suns bathes my skin.

  Orion's bastions

  This setting plays with my ears. Like a fly buzzing in my ear, but a good fly and a good buzz.

  The vast, infinite space. And yet we, humans, only know 1% of facts about the entire universe. A pleasant mystery indeed!

  I have a hard time getting to sleep, but this as well as the rain noise puts me right to sleep. Thank you myNoise!

  This is without a doubt one of the most soothing generators on this site. It never fails to set me at peace and make me feel like I'm floating through endless space! It's great for background noise accompanying podcasts, too, especially ones related to astronomy, of course!

  I love the melodic character of this generator. It brought me back 30+ years, when I was visiting the Brussels planetarium, and stars were projected, while music by Jean-Michel Jarre was playing in the background. Very nice!

  Feels like I am floating through the cosmos on a ship, seeing the absolute vastness of what is the universe for the first time. It almost feels like a one way trip to the edge of the universe.

  I love this noise generator! I feel as though I can actually touch the stars. I find some of the high-pitched noises irritating to the ear, but the lows are rather soothing, so this mix has mostly lows. It's great for lowering my stress levels when I'm working on a project for school or just trying to meditate and relax.

  While I love to mix and match a lot of generators and sounds, I think I could listen to this one forever.

  This is how I believe singing stars would sound like... I have no accurate description. Amazing.

  Well, now, this is just remarkable.

  Am awake at night on a colossal spaceship. Wow.

  This is the song of the universe; a single note that has been running through the cosmos since the beginning of time...

  Explore the empty spaces of the Nebula. Excellent settings for thinking and imagining.

  Totally hypnotic! Perfect for OBEs or deep dreamless sleep...

  You have done it again Stephane... perfection

 Watching something amazing happen in slow motion.

  Pairing this with Himalayan Bowls and Aeternitas is mesmerizing and really helps keep ones focus.

  This is the sound of the Evening Star. Listen to it with Osmosis set to "Meditation Room".

  Close your eyes, picture yourself sitting in an empty room, in a spaceship. Through a window, you see the vastness of space, all the infinite stars and nebulae, the galaxy in its radiant glory. They dance to a single ancient tune, everything sings in unison. And then you start hearing it. This is the noise of stars bleeding light, of galaxies spinning and the cosmos expanding. I love it.

  This sounds exactly like I imagine stars would sound. Calm and benevolent but also sort of lonely. It's perfect!

  Such a calm, cooling soundscape, with slow movements that helps me relax into my writing.

  Exactly the sound I was looking for! Been searching for something like this for an age, and no other generator or youtube video cut it.

  Sounds like free fly in the deep space, on a radiowaves and pure light!

  These tiny noises seem magical to me... It helped me with my lab report paper, but after I was done, I just leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes, and imagined flying through the infinite space...

  This noise here makes me want to go and watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos series all over again!

  Very deep and inspiring! If you shut your eyes you can imagine yourself floating in a deep space among cold stars. Thank you for that beauty.

  Thanks for creating my noise request! Its Awesome!

  ← far out !

  I love Stardust when combined with Osmosis! They form a mesmerizing blend.

  Feels like sleeping in absolute void. No location, no name, no actions, no walls. Just purity.

  Yet another wonderful soundscape - really helps to clear the mind and help me relax :) Great work Stephane! :)

  ← Hovering over a Galaxy. This sound gen gets more and more interesting to listen to the longer it runs!

  I sat in the car, I've just returned from home and sat in the car in the garage. I had let this drone run the entire trip home while sining the eternal ohm and trying to meditate. I felt so at peace and content with everything while simply not thinking about anything. Only living in the now and feeling reality, cosmos and getting proggress in my journey of awakening. It's awsome and love it

  I generally have a very hard time blocking out sounds of all kinds. At work, we have pink noise generators that are at just the right frequency to set my teeth on edge and coworkers all around, some on phones, some just chatting. This actually blocks most of that noise and feels a bit like a weighted blanket against my ears and I can ignore it and focus on work but it's there, present, comforting.

  This is what I imagine going through the Jaunt would sound like, imagine listening to this for billions of years...

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Background image by myNoise user and photographer Neil Creek (Milky Way Centre in Sagittarius). Used with permission.