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100% Moisturized White Noise Machine

Relaxing in the shower is one of life's simple pleasures. The sound of the water running can be soothing and help to drown out any other noise in the environment. If you're struggling to relax, this white noise will help to lull you into a more tranquil state. It is also very effective at masking other distracting noises.

Shower sounds have been one of the most popular requests I have ever received. I can't believe it took almost ten years to release these on myNoise! And it could have been even longer, had a fan of myNoise from Italy, Fabrizio, not contacted me lately. This time, a user was not only requesting shower sounds but also offering to help me record them. I am usually keen to record all the sounds I use myself, but then I also appreciate receiving a little help from others! Teaming up with Fabrizio helped me stop procrastinating on that particular sound. We recorded as many sources as possible independently, and selected the very best ones to create the sounds you are now listening to.

Published on October 17th, 2022

User Stories

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  SO, SO soothing!! I can spend hours listening to this. Having an hairdryer on this site it's a dream come true. I hope to see the vacuum cleaner, maybe one day...

  I took the suggestion to slow it down and the result is strangely comforting... Reminds me of playing in the bath as a kid. Great for staying calm and focused when working on stressful projects!

  The suggestion to add Railroad=brilliant! Something about the natural subdued percussion is indeed, as the Drain lover suggests, like a brain massage.

  Just what I needed, I may be an odd ball, but I have always found the sound of the shower running to be calming and stress relieving as well being a great space for thoughts and ideas. Now I can do all that without turning into a prune.

  Wow! I didn't expect to love this, but I do. Perfect concentration sound for an evening working session.

  This combined with Railroads makes me experience myself in an opulent, personal train car that is somehow a spa with hot tubs that aren't spilling everywhere because magic~ I always say I love listening to my boyfriend shower. Now I don't have to wait for him to enjoy the soothing drippydrops.

  Wow, this is instantly one of my favorites! Didn't know I needed this!

  I have been waiting years for this one.

  This is sooo fun!

  After clicking the Slower button several times it reminds me of a public swiming pool near closing time when there are only a few guest left.

  This was the sound I was looking for when I first discovered this site years ago, and became an immediate fan and patron. So glad that it's been added. The quality of samples here is unmatched.

  I feel compelled to sing...

  I like the Drain, it's feels like massaging my brain ;-)