Interactive Tropical Forest Soundscape
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Tall trees, warm climate, and lots of rain!

Rainforests are the most productive and most complex ecosystems on Earth. They are home to more than half of all lifeforms on our planet, yet cover less than two percent of the Earth's surface! Tropical Birds have already been introduced in an earlier soundscape. This one adds the amphibians and insects, and covers an even wider frequency range. Give the two last sliders at try: they tickle the highest frequencies a human can hear!

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  I have problems concentrating and motivating myself to read. Rainforest sounds really help me relax and being productive.

  This website helps me to destress. Thanks for helping me calm down.

  Helps me de-stress.

  I love this sound it is very calming and definitely good for studying and for when you just want to listen to the rainforest.

  I absolutely love this - the rain forest sounds are so realistic and are really good for a background noise whilst working/studying. I often play this whilst myself and my children are doing work. Thank you for this

  This really helps me stop freaking out over nothing and lets me work on my assignments like nothing else out there. By far one of my favorite noise gens on this site! <3

  Very nice! this natural sound finally made me focus during work. I tried the white noise as well, but this is definitely much nicer! Most importantly, this is an independent web page free from the Youtube. I wont be distracted here because of the presence of other videos when I have to search for these soundtracks :)

  Perfect for getting away from reality (and siblings)

  Very calm and relaxing ecspecialy mixed with the distant thunder.

  This setting is perfect for me when I study!

  I cheated! First, I varied the three rain sliders. The others were off. Then I found an old steam train whistle online, downloaded it, reduced its volume, added echo, and combined the two. Combined, I recorded them in a loop of half-an-hour's duration with the train whistle dropped in three times at varying places. It's the haunting sound I heard as a youngster distant out my bedroom window.

  Very nice and relaxing.

  I use the rainforest on subtle animation, with https://brainaural.com/ on in the background set to productivity and limit myself to 2x25 minutes burst every hour when I need to write. Having the headphones on at work signals to others that I am in "do not disturb" mode. It is so effective that I am now in the habit of setting this time aside every day to get "Deep Work" done. Do it!

  This noise setting is perfect for writing, or relaxing before bed, it always makes me feel like I'm on another world.

  Surrounded by thick forest as the rain drips down non-stop, with only the distant croaks of frogs to keep you company. Such a good generator to help spark the imagination for stories, whether reading or writing them.

  Feels like I'm sleeping in a small camp somewhere in the Vietnamese vegetation, isolated from human settlements, instead of laying on my bed listening to the drone of every single vehicle that passes by my urban home. Tip top work!

  Thank you for your genius. Never have seen/heard anything like it. Wish I was still teaching yoga; I would certainly use these lovely nature sounds.Suzie Blair P.S. was delighted to send you a donation.

  I'm very busy and workaholic man. This website just made my day. I never thought these noises can make such a change in my mood. The rainforest is just amazingly effective.

  Blended with the Singing Bowls noise maker, this makes for one great meditation experience.

  I've combined The Rainforest and The C# Drone with some small corrections. Amazing listening today! Merci!

  This is so nice! I can practically feel the rain drops. I have trouble sleeping but, this helps so much!

  A good balance of sounds, the amphibians are out to enjoy the light rain!

  When paired with the Temple Bells & Wind Chime generator, it feels just like the temple on the Disney World Jungle Cruise. Perfect!

  This is quickly becoming one of my favourites! It even has the famous chirpings of the Cooqui frog from Puerto Rico which reminds me so much of where I'm from. It's very soothing to hear the familiar sounds of my childhood (since Puerto Rico is basically one giant rainforest) and so it helps me focus when I need less distractions AND helps me go to sleep when it's time for bed!

  You are in under a small hut, in a rain forest civilization hasn't touched. Fresh rain pours down from the sky.

The rain will pour,
Frogs croak,
On the forest floor.
A watery cloak,
Spreads over the jungle green,
Birds fly to trees,
As down comes glimmering sheen,
Turning jungle floor into swirling seas.

  Beautiful behind Circular Breeze set on Animate. Calming, focusing, and energizing, with a hopeful vibe that's helpful for getting past blocks.

  I love rainforests! Thank you so much for making this soundscape, I think it's going to be my favourite one from now on.

  Immersive and powerful. Sounds like I'm at home.

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