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The Ever-Changing Orchestral Drone Generator
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The Dream Orchestra

Imagine sitting in a large symphony hall. The audience is unexpectedly quiet. The orchestra was already on stage when you arrived, and even looked as if it was waiting for you. When did you arrive, precisely? How did you arrive here? You can't remember. It feels so strange, but so real at the same time.

You are there. The orchestra starts playing. A single chord now fills the entire hall. You are waiting. But the orchestra keeps playing its overture theme indefinitely. Slowly, you understand how to make sense of all of this: this orchestra is created by your mind; you are its conductor; and it will keep playing for you as long as you keep listening... and awaken in dreamland.

Published by Stéphane on December 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  This setting helps me focus on my studies!

  I used this to practice major scales, minor scales, and scales, chords... Everything that need a pad drone underneatch. One of the most genial things I've ever found in my life as a musician.

  I don't know squat about orchestras. But hitting the "Surprise" button with the sliders animated... Mindblowing! Awesome! Pure genius! If you're not already donating to this site, you need to do this, now!

  I set some settings - and then, beauty. Whoever made this is a genius.

  A mix of lower tones of Horns and Strings helps me tune out the noise in the open office and focus properly.

  This brings me to a state of calm. I study classical and orchestral music - so this feels like a home base in sound. When I'm seeking a clear mind to meditate. This is perfect for that.

  Mix this with the "Implanted Memories" generator, and it's a lot of fun to play with!

  I absolutely love ambient drone style music, this site is perfect for background noise!

  I have never watched Inception. I am saving it for watching on a big day. This music reminds me of that.

  This is the perfect sound to help me focus while studying! It fulfills my need for music, but without any distracting lyrics. It's perfect paired with In The Sky for a lovely experience!

  I like this sound because it reminds me of a dark misty forest at the beginning of a mysterious adventure novel.

  The deep, long pull of the bow across a string instrument is one of the most quieting and meditative sounds there is. This is perfect for calming the mind and I play it during savasana every time I do yoga. This is great!

  I'm getting Cliff Martinez/Solaris music vibes with this one. Beautiful.

  This setting is super beautiful and it makes me feel happy.

  If animated, this is like a pulsating Allan Pettersson symphony. Hypnotic!

  Using this to try and focus while writing my master's degree. Really helpful when I need to stop thinking about unnecessary things and concentrate.

  I am in LOVE with the strings on the lower end of the scale. This generator especially comes in handy when I'm trying to write something, totally helps to clear my mind.

  I combine this one with Aeternitas and Singing Bowls. 10/10 would recommend.

  I suffer anxiety attacks and this helps me to calm myself when I need to. Also, combined with Distant Thunder gives me an atmosphere similar to Skyrim. It's just so soothing.

  The low tones of this provide a great backdrop against other generators.

  I adore deeper tones, and hearing them in this collection of strings soothes my mind. I'm grateful that such generators exist to give us the ability to tailor sounds into our own slice of paradise.

  This setting along with the calm setting on the Bilateral Beats can melt ice. Beautiful!

  Feels kind of Star Trekky, like the bit before the theme tune starts.

  I have no idea how, but somehow when I played this setting along with the 88 Keys generator, they fit together almost perfectly to create a tense, slightly discordant, but still suspenseful and inspiring soundtrack for my writing. I kinda love it.

  This is one of my favorite generators ever! It brings me back to the six years I played in my wind ensemble in middle and high school. It gives me a sense of familiarity with the experience that I loved again, since I graduated high school last year and don't play my instrument anymore. This generator is lovely and gives me a sense of peace and beauty!

  Emphasis on the low strings, then enable subtle animation at fastest speed.

  Turn every single slider to maximum except that highest 2. Set animation mode to sx and speed to 4x.It creates an ever-changing atmosphere without annoying high pitches.

  Something intense is about to happen...

  This is absolutely splendid, I realise I've wanted something like this for a long time! I have found the perfect settings for me and ordered it as an audio file.

  Feels like a length of ermine has been inserted into one of my ears and is being slowly pulled through the other.

  Pair this setting with Gregorian Chanting and the Deep Sky setting on Northern Lights! It's like Halo!

  With the setting I have, it sounds like something out of Skyrim. I can imagine a fantasy world with kingdoms and a beautiful landscape. Inspires me to write stories <3

  I play this along with distant thunder. Set your animation to ex and your speed to 4x. I find it helps me get to sleep if my mind is racing.

  Played at 4x animation speed, accompanied by Mantel Clock from Clockwork, gives a bit of rhythm to anchor the shifting moodiness of the instruments. A perfect ambience for writing thoughtful, psychological scenes.

  I love it! It's one of my favorites, and the constant strings mingling with the changing horns brings such a lovely atmosphere.

  My favorite one is turning everything on but the highest two, and turning animation to 4x. It creates an ever-changing ambiance that will definitely give you the chills.

  This brings me back to the days of sitting in the middle of the violin section in my high school orchestra, with the lower strings in the background.

  This drone generator on the preset of Calming Tension combined with the 500Hz preset for the Tibetan Choir make a really relaxing and open sound. I feel as if I am at the top of a mountain and am staring down at the endless abyss below. This brings back childhood memories of going to canyons and sitting in bliss on the edge. This has helped me to relax and calm myself during school and home.

  I decided to put the horns above the level of the strings and got this really beautiful result. Makes me think of old kingdoms... dry leaves on the floor of an abandoned stone castle.

  Listening to remixes of popular songs with Orchestron overlaying the synth beats and catchy lyrics - trust me, it turns what would otherwise be a rather mindless experience into something sublime, creepy, and thought-provoking.

  This is a perfect for my writing. With it set to animate at 4x speed and never quite settling on anything... it sounds like a personal soundtrack for my novel.

  Reminds me of orchestra practice <3

  Reminds me of the Interstellar movie. Great, thanks!

  This the best one I have ever heard! I LOVE it!

  Such a beautiful sound. I could listen to this forever.

  I've played in an orchestra myself and this brings back the lights of the concert hall, the people around all playing their instruments in harmony. The moment when the orchestra is not just people in a group, but one being, many notes, one music. You are the music, and the music is you.

  I sit back with this beautiful noise playing, and suddenly several types of images come to mind; beautiful, mystical images that seem to convey so much meaning. They are brief and poignant. Example: I imagine three of my friends holding one of our troubled friends back on a sidewalk during a snowstorm. The troubled friend is screaming and thrashing. The light is blue, and the snow makes them red.

  Orchestron + Yakutian Voices = Amazing.

  ← Whoa! Try this :D

  Animate this one with Anamnesis and you'll get chills.

  Beautiful on so many levels!

  Yeah. Love it. Meditation really.

  As a musician myself, it was a little odd at first to hear an opening chord, and an opening chord, and an opening chord... but soon enough I let myself get lost in it, and I was wrapped by a flowing ribbon of music, if you will.

  Very cool animation and feelings!

  This will be really helpful for the group meditation I'm going to lead. Thanks!

  Wow. Absolutely stunning.

  It's phenomenal. It sounds great with animation :p

  Orchestron supports me experiencing life intensively. I am the books I read and the music I listen to. I am the people I meet, I am the dreams I have. Colours, noises, fragrances and feelings explode into this enormous collage of what our present moments look like, feel like, sound like. We're collectives of every experience we have in our life. Let's drown in a sea of knowledge and existance.

  Using Orchestron at work alongside Osmosis and Three Friends of Winter all set to animate really helps me focus on the problems I'm working on. I've been having some trouble concentrating lately, but the immersive experience of these three together really helps me tune out of the world around me and zone into my work.

  Beautiful sounds. Thank you for making these freely available for personal use. Audio has always been a hobby for me. I am now doing sound design for my video work using PD Pure Data. I think your work here is masterful.

  Thank you so much. I don't think I could ever say it enough. My anxiety and depression can get bad, and I can't afford any help right now. But if I'm in a really bad place, or on the verge of a panic attack all I have to do is spend a few minutes on this site and everything fades away. Right now the Calming Tension setting is the sound mix that I respond to most. Thank you.

  To the user that suggested playing Orchestron with Osmosis: THANK YOU! This is such a lovely pairing.

  I have really sensitive ears and this generator is perfect. I'm in an orchestra myself so the sounds are very familiar and calming!

  This generator (with volume reduced) with the African Trance generator set to Animate fills me with purpose and focus!

  ← A nice major sound.

  The minor thirds, perfect fourths, and perfect fifths provide a nice harmonizing and not necessarily sad sound, but rather a nice subtle clash of beautiful exposure.

  This is nice with Osmosis :)

  I managed to find a minor chord! This is great for helping me get in the zone when I study.

  Balance. I love the way it feels like a changing shape.

  Animating this with Aeternitas is an experience

  I hadn't really listened to orchestron much but then I combined it with Mr. Rhodes and rain on a tent and it is so relaxing and calming. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to escape daily life!

  I only just started listening to Orchestron but I'm in love with it already. When animate is turned on, it's the perfect split between change and consistency to keep me focused on what I'm working on. Bravo!

  This is the amazing feeling you get when a Pink Floyd song is about to start... but forever.

  Finding the right music to write to is difficult at the best of times, yet almost every noise generator on this website is perfect for specific scenes. I use the standard rain generator for establishing surroundings, for example. This new sound world is perfect for everything else, given the diversity of the horns and strings and the feelings you can conjure up in seconds! Good for sleep too...

  I enjoy this generator very much, the sound is so full of harmonics, and can be shaped in endless soundscapes.

  I had been searching for just this sort of sound. I love that it only hints at music without being too suggestive leaving my imagination to fill the void. Thank you!

  I'm a viola player in an orchestra and this is superb! This sounds just like it does from the front row of the viola section- not too much violin, the hum of your own instrument, a good amount of cello, and the ever-present basses in the background.

  ← Herbert sleeping. So calm, so beautiful, so hauntingly touching.

  I decided to try this out with the Aeternitas generator. The complexity between the two is, simply put, ethereal. It's enchanting how the two combine into such an interesting single sound. It's like they were made for each other.

  Just feels it about to turn into something else.

  Awaiting your arrival from the roof of the sky. How was the trip through the caverns of loneliness?....

  ← Mindblowing. Play this setting well above room level ;)

  Very beautiful drone. It's very relaxing and soothing when I'm studying.

  Currently using it with Aeternitas, both in animate mode ==> Most beautiful movie OST ever.

  Like Brian Eno in a box. Soothing but not boring.

  So beautiful and relaxing. Just what I need to wind down after a long day. Thank you!

  ← this arrangement sounds like a minor chord just waiting to resolve. Similar to what you hear in the movies when the heroes realize their plans are not going as well as they could. Makes the problem I am facing feel like it is that problem in the movie and I must solve the problem to be the hero.

  I've always loved hearing orchestras tune. This lacks the dissonance but has the same dynamics.

  This is what I've wanted, but not known, for ages. Ever since listening to Mr Rhodes & Western Choir (both of which I love) Orchestron brings the things from both into the (dare I say it?) perfect sound. Thanks

  I really enjoy this generator, especially the string ensemble! This brings me back to my high school days playing in the string orchestra.

  This setting makes me feel as if I am looking over a massive, alien landscape. Like Lewis and Clark crossing into the Northwest for the first time.

  I hear this as background sound when flying in my space sim. It gives me the idea of space, endless space in all directions. It mixes perfectly with the depths of the darkness and amplifies the feeling that I am with the stars.

  This generator is simply wonderful. Simply by turning animate on, one can experience a complex and enticing sound that evolves, ever changing but never concluding. I absolutely adore this. It reminds me of all the pleasant things in my life when I seem to be only focusing on the bad. Thank you, Dr. Pigeon.

  I always go to the middle range, and still have to hold off the temptation to push up the deepest sounds. Here, I'm also rounding out the ensemble with the highest sound, which pitches the whole harmony back and forth between depth and light. Calm and then edge.

  I feel as though I am standing in a massive expanse of plains. Trees scattered here and there as ice capped mountains tower around me. It honestly makes me wanna play TES:V again. It has that kind of peaceful yet powerful feeling behind it.

  I am amazed. This is exactly the generator I've wanted; so ethereal yet suspenseful. Thanks Stephane. Sounds like an epic journey.

  Sound of eternity.

  This is Awesome!!!! More Musical generators please <3

  I really love this one! I find it very easy to be inspired for dramatic posing when I draw to be able to draw that out. When I run this in the back ground, I feel my art's dramatic tension increases and it becomes easier to transfer that into the piece.

  Perfect for concentrating on a lengthy blogpost I'm writing!

  Suddenly the room is filled with perfect harmony. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. Nothing to do. The whole universe in a concert hall.

  I love this one, especially animated, and/or mixed with Rainy Riverbank. Got me through some detailed work with a clear mind. Wonderful!

  Very relaxing - thanks a lot!

  Orchestron in combination with Aeternitas western choir is a really great, mindful experience that I enjoy listening to with my headphones at work. Setting them both to evolve from throbbing lows to rolling highs creates very pleasant melodies.

  And here I am, sitting with my mouth open just from opening this generator with the defaults. Wow.