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Welcome back to the village!

myNoise Medieval Village is one of our most popular soundscapes. Originally designed for Role Play Gamers, the village has also become a favorite of many other users looking for tranquility. This time, the village sounds much quieter: today is the blacksmith's day off - haha! We are standing close to the fountain. A broken-hearted minstrel improvises a few melodic lines, while passers-by throw coins at him. You sit on a wooden bench, along the village's main paved street, and enjoy observing the calm life around you.

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  This is pretty awesome :D Nice and calming break from music mixes and nice to work to.

  This website is absolute GENIUS. Love it love it love it.

  Nice lonely sound.

  You pluck at your lute, wondering where everyone else could possibly be. All you know is your name, your music, and your land. thought you knew your land. Your melodies fade into the air and dissolve into the wind. You are alone, but you are not lonely.

  The lute and bells :) This website is absolute gold.

  This is a lovely soundscape, but I think it's misnamed, because the music the "minstrel" is playing doesn't sound sad or broken-hearted to me at all.

  I am the minstrel.

  Another great generator, very atmospheric and meditative.

  With :6 speed this sounds like a sinister village with a deep humming bell. Besides that another fantastic sound composition. With the dogs barking in the background, the bell ringing and the crowd around you, a very spatial experience. The fountain and coin clicking are relaxing.


  Am really liking this generator, you are a genius! Almost a Renaissance Faire, but with more (and older) character. These noises even put pictures into my head.

  I love "Medieval Village" so I was really excited to find about this one. I think I will use this atmosphere a lot, and maybe swap the Minstrel for other instruments for different moods. This website is beyond amazing.

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