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Ferryboat Noise Generator
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The sea experience, without the seasickness

Ahoy there shipmates, here we go again! You've just embarked on a small ferry boat, with plenty of seagulls around: this was a request of many visitors who experienced our squeaking sailboat generator earlier this year.

This soundscape was originally recorded en route towards Cape Clear Island. It is the first soundscape of a series. Our destination is a well preserved spot in Ireland, and I will be carrying my recording equipment with me. Luckily, the weather forecast is bad for the next days, and that's a good thing because we'll have plenty of strong winds, waves and other coastal sounds to record; which will help you cover noises in even the loudest open office!

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Published by Stéphane on November 7th, 2014

User Stories

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  This sounds just like taking the NY Waterway ferry from New Jersey to New York City. Those boats are fast, and small enough that if you're on the deck, you also hear lots of motor noise, so I upped the wave and engine sounds. Strangely soothing background noise for focusing on work, especially now that I work from home and barely use the ferry anymore! Love my desktop membership & the app!

  This one is very nice, it does a very good job at what it is meant to do. The preset I made tries to recreate the ferry scene from War of The Worlds.

  This is so cool! Thank you sir for allowing us to hear the beautiful sounds for free, I will be sure to become a patron soon.

  Mind-blown. I never thought I will get over the Intertidal, Pebble beach and Irish coas. This is totally my thing for the fore'sea'able future.

  Every summer we would take the night ferry on our way to the Aegean Sea. See, these night ferries would have few passengers and nearly everyone would be asleep in their cars, only the sound of the motor and the sea would remain for those awake. I remember staring into the pitch black of the waves and the sway of the ship, how it brought comfort to me as a kid indicating summer was starting.

  Seagulls! None of the other ocean gens have seagulls for some reason. Now I've found them and I am happy.

  I love seagulls!

  This is such a good one. My absolute favorite. With my headphones on and this turned up I can't even hear my wife watching TV in the other room. That engine hum just blocks it all out perfectly. It's also very good at just disappearing into background noise, so it's been a god send for my bar prep! Thanks so much for this amazing website!

  This is impressive, I think it's the best one yet. This website has enough noise to try a new one each day. We should be thankful to Mr. Stephane for making it free=of-cost!! Thank you, sir!

  Just discovered your wonderful site and set it for dinner background while eating Ivar's(tm) Clam Chowder. Can't wait to tell others about this.

  I love the deep throb of the engines... and if you listen closely, you can hear gulls.

  Listening to this on the Seagulls setting takes me back to my childhood trips to the Texas coast. I feel so calm and at peace. Thank you so much for this.

  I like to combine this with the "Rain on a Tent" generator so I can imagine I'm out on a rainy day at sea.

  Be inspired to donate! This noise keeps me going... and I paid for my transportation!

  This is just like wandering outside on the upper decks of one of the new Super-ferries, except that there are no incredibly loud horn blasts. Love it.

  This is another one that I use in combination with a video stream. I've mixed this sound to be more shoreline and less boat, but a little bit of drone in the background to help mask office noise.This mix plus live stream from the Soggy Dollar Bar ( is both relaxing and reminds me what I'm working towards.

  This sound reminds me with my travels to Santos and Ilhabela (So Paulo, Brazil). I love the calm noise of waves, mixed with the sound of powerful machinery of a ferryboat.

  This and some Umineko OST, and you feel almost as if present on Rokkenjima. Perfect for a When They Cry series fan.

  Reminds me of taking a ferry over a lagoon with my family as a kid. The seagulls would fly around and everyone would be throwing food to them.

  This reminds me of the boats my husband and I used to run in the past. Thank you for the memories.

  With my friends fighting and a ton of weekend homework, this is my Room Of Requirement. (Harry Potter reference)

  Awesome. Really feels like I'm on a boat.

  I use this with Osmosis "Calming" to relax during my anxiety episodes. I imagine myself drifting alone on a small raft, to waters unknown. It works well with me.

  I tried coming up with a cool "alone sound". I call this one: Alone on shipdeck

  I have always loved the water and the sound of waves. When I was younger, I spent a good amount of time on a boat or by the water and this is a nice reminder of that, despite of where I am now.

  ← For me, this sounds more like the ocean than the Irish Shore... I can concentrate so much better with this!

  The preset 'hold' is the best preset in this generator. It reminds me of the days we were travelling by ship sleeping at the decks at night every summer. It brings back the memories (*teary eyes*). Try combine it with Distant Thunder. Soooo heavenly. You'll fall asleep instantly!

  This settings reminds me of the time I was a Diamond Dog working at Mother Base for the great and famous Big Boss.

  This combined with some tweaking to the Squeaking Sailboat generator is simply amazing. So soothing and realistic. The seagulls are just what I've been looking for when searching for an authentic "by the ocean" experience.

  Growing up near Strangford in Ireland, we would regularly take the ferry to Portaferry. When you leave your car and sit in the sheltered passenger seating, this noise gets mixed with the smell of diesel and sea salt. Gloss black or white paint to stave of the rust and warm wooden handrails to lean on. Great job.

  Oh man, I miss the beach and waves and ferry so much, but this really freaking helps. It sounds so much like the ferry between Bolivar and Galveston....

  Super happy I found this! I love this site, but I didn't know about this generator and was wishing there were some seagull noises to go with the Ocean Waves noise. Now I have them! :D

  I live on lake Michigan and this is perfect! Sounds like standing on the pier during a quiet summer day... which around here quiet+summer don't mix. Thank you for the opportunity to experience the perfect summer afternoon (:

  This + Distant thunder = My heaven. I love it so much :)

  I'm writing a sequel to my first published work, and one of the themes is of two men who meet on a ferry - this particular mix captures that essence so perfectly. This invokes the quiet calm of being unplugged from the world, of spending interstitial time on the water, beholden to no one, and no land. <3

  I'm a New England girl who's been living in landlocked states for years now. This was so instantly, miraculously calming, that it surprised me. I've enjoyed other soundscapes, but none have had the visceral reaction on me that this one did. Thank you!

  Reminds me of San Francisco at fisherman's warf!!

  Thanks Stphane for this sound gift. The rumble of the engine, the birds around me, the waves. I am back in my youth in Canada at Prince Rupert. I was spending time there with coast guard heading to Alaska. Thanks :-)

  Brings back many memories of happy holidays in Gt. Yarmouth, Portsmouth and the like. :)

  This is the noise I've been looking for to cover the industrial noises from the shop and allow me to focus on work -- with the added benefit of feeling like I'm headed for an island getaway!

  Wow, I wasn't sure what how this generator would make me feel, but the ships engines and the waves have some sort of comforting and secure feeling.

  Out on the skiff.

  I just got back from a cruise vacation. This takes me right back! Thanks for helping me bring my experience back to the office with me! Nothing helps me be productive like remembering a relaxing time and space.

  I absolutely love this soundscape - I really enjoy the deep motor rumble and I can picture myself leaning over the railings on a ferry in the deep grey sea with the chilling wind biting against my face. This is a very subtle generator and I like it for studying when noone is at home or conversely to drown out family sounds!

  I know it's supposed to be in motion, but these settings sound like when I would be on the rock pier at the beach - I find it perfect for when I just need to sit with myself and think about stuff.

  Closing my eyes, I can EASILY have myself leaning against a paint weathered rail, raincoat on, hood over my head, hanging on to said rail. I can feel the rain hitting my face as I squint, the boat rising and falling with the waves as the mild storm takes place. Literally I can taste the salt of the water, smell the water, feel the motions of the boat and rain. So glad you got to record this!