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Dark Noise
Eerie Soundscape Generator
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Welcome Darkness

Due to the presence of a noisy construction site next to my house, I can no longer record acoustic sounds in my studio. To take up arms against this sea of sorrows, I decided to take advantage of the work in progress: in the evening, when the work has stopped, I sneak into the construction site in search of inspiration. The iron meshes used to build reinforced concrete sound amazing. The sounds transmitted by these raw metallic structures can be recorded using contact microphones - microphones that only record the vibrations inside an object, not the ambient sound around. There is a whole sonic world hidden in these rusted skeletons, have a listen!

This soundscape was initially intended for Role Play Gamers: a dark mood setter that they often enjoy. It might not be the best soundscape to listen to when you have anxiety problems, though you may also use it... to tame your feelings.

Beauty that can be found, even in something that looks somber at first glance. Don't be afraid of the shades you will see in the dark. They will be frightening only if you are afraid of them. They will be comforting, if you want them to be so. This sound for example. Is it scary? If you imagine a corridor that gets darker and darker as you move through it, then scary it will be. But, if you picture the opposite - you are leaving the place, not entering - you will end up with a totally different perspective. Soon, these sounds will be part of your past. Give them a final listen, and they will suddenly sound different. Maybe you will even miss them. They now sound almost comforting...

Published by Stéphane on August 22nd, 2020

User Stories

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  You hear the front door open at around 5:00 PM. "Mom!" you call and go downstairs. You are suddenly stricken with fear. All the cabinets and drawers are open. You turn around. The Exorcist is staring at your eye level. "Sweet dreams!" says a raspy, cold voice. You are now filled with fear. "OWWWW!!!" you scream, very faintly because you are scared for your life. No one hears you. You ðįę.

  Don't go home... They know where you live. Come to my place instead.

  The power goes out in your house and there's a tall shadowy figure that appears in the darkness watching over you in your bedroom.

  This, played combined with Heavens Sorrow, makes my life feel like a Resident Evil game. I like this.

  I love it! So terrifying but amazing. My heart is in my mouth when listening to It!

  I absolutely love this website and practically EVERYTHING I have come across so far. I have been making a folder with links to the different sounds that I have found will work for the DnD campaign I am creating, and legitimately every sound I've come across on this website both sounds amazing and fits what I want to achieve in the campaign. Absolutely phenomenal website, love it!!

  My friend introduced this to me while he was over the other night. So far it has been perfect for my office and helps me concentrate. Plus, the spooky noise gets me pumped for the upcoming fall season.

  The REAL dark noise.

  Man, this is kind of stuff is very hard to find. There's very few ambients that can be considered dark. Yours is seriously great. It has that other worldly horror. Is there any other stuff similar to this?

  Pairing this with "Windy Mansion" in the background (and maybe Distant Thunder if you're feeling extra spooky) will have you feeling like you're wandering through a haunted mansion in your nightclothes holding nothing but a small candelabra. In the best way, of course. Love it!

  Incredibly relaxing! I love the horrific atmosphere and these sounds perfectly match with the ambience!

  Reminds me of a dungeon with lost souls trapped inside of it - Great Generator!

  This is eerie but amazingly calming somehow!!! I love it!

  I love this one, weirdly relaxing, I’m playing this while watching sunrise, I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now, it’s 6AM in the morning, life is weird.

  I've been trying to find creaking floorboards & came across this which I'm sure Stephane recorded in a building site at night..?

  Dark noise pairs well with Black Hole for me. The combo tends to be a better noise blocker, and it's relaxing as a background to which to write. I am comforted and not disturbed.

  Want to up the creepiness factor? Open another tab to Circuit Bending and set it to the Slo Mo preset. Animate the sliders for both gens at max speed. You're in a synthetic world trying to escape from something chasing you, and the world is glitching out!

  Strangely, I find this more soothing/relaxing than frightening.

  Set this to Dark Convoy and pair it up with Dark Water at 1 kHz and enjoy a spooky sewer.

  Awesome! Like Aliens or Fallout. Just the atmosphere I need for work :D

  I also find this extremely relaxing, like a dark cocoon. Makes me feel like an Eldritch God floating in space, biding my time. Amazing.

  I really enjoy this while working. Reminds me of the movie Stalker, the scene when they are passing through the tube. At the end it turns out that the thing that kept them from entering the Room (a place that allegedly fulfils your deepest wishes) was not a threat from the outside world but the fear of their own hidden, unconscious desires that may even result in tragedies if they come true.

  This + Underwater is just perfect. Thank you so much for creating yet another absolutely stunning piece.

  Ghost train preset, together with Singing Bowls, is amazingly relaxing.

  Wow, I'm a big fan of the Dark Ambient music genre, and don't often find my tastes catered to so wonderfully. myNoise has been a brilliant investment so far.

  I recommend everyone to just follow myNoise on Twitter, in order to see these amazing soundscapes as soon as they are posted. I think I have a tab of Dark Noise active all the time!

  I discovered that the lower tones are very comforting and soothing to me, especially in regards to (at that time) near constant migraines and cluster headaches. This Dark Noise soundscape is almost a balm to my mind and soul and ears (don't think I am really exaggerating). Thank you so much!

  Fantastic soundscape, I like to keep it on deep animation for tumultuous evolutions of sound. It really aids concentration. Thanks!

  This is probably your best eerie generator so far. Subtle but deeply unsettling. I love it.

  Yes, I love it! This one was made for me :)

  The black hole: a black-and-white lit subway, no-one comes here except technical staff. you are probably the first to conciously experience this 'void'. Every few minutes, thousands of kilo's of steel cross these rails, then dissapear into the darkness, leaving only a rumble, a wind. Some poetically say the rare bass sound is ''desolation in it's most 'concrete' form''.

  This blends beautifully with the "Thunder & Rain" / "Distant Thunder" soundscape, for extra eeriness. Thank you, Dr Pigeon, for something eerie enough to speed my heart, but still enough to be great background sounds.

  ← Haunted Subway. This soundscape is an instant classic to my dark soul. Thanks for taking on the eerie side of sounds from time to time.