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Furry Friend
Frequency-Shaped Cat Purr Noise Generator
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The cat's purr, without the allergy

Cuddling up with a purring cat is certainly a relaxing experience. Scientific studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and can live longer than humans who don't own pets!

A cat's purr is generally within the range of 40 - 200 Hz. In sound therapy, these frequencies are believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. It is also told that injured cats often purr to help soothe and heal themselves...

Whether you're not at home, can't have a pet, or just need your purr fix right this moment, this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend.

The background picture depicts my own cat - Babouche - the one that you are hearing purring at this very moment!

Published by Stéphane on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  This plus Thunder & Rain, Mr. Rhodes, and Fireplace makes for a very cozy night in. :)

  This really helped me sleep peacefully every night, and the slider animation makes it almost sounds like a real cat and not a loop because I can really hype fixate on small things like those. Also, Stephane have another site dedicated to the sound of cat purring -, the sounds there have better quality. Hope this helps!

  I was overthinking and was on the edge of an anxiety attack, I was googling the best distraction sites so I could calm down and this was the best one I could find and it helped me so much I calmed down in 5 minutes!

  My cat loves this generator! I found her out on the street in the rain a few months ago and played this noise for her every day the first few days I had her. I definitely think it made her a lot more comfortable :)

  We had to put down my cat recently and I was curious how I would react to this sound. I instantly felt a sense of bittersweet relief. I miss my fur baby so much.

  I love listening to this as I write academic reports!

  My cat is quite old and so I made a noise for the day I lose my furry friend. It'll be nice to hear him again.

  My cat is very old, so sometimes he can't snuggle with me, so this makes it better. Thank you myNoise!

  I'm financially unable to own a cat, but this is certainly the next best thing.

  I'm not even much of a cat person, but I find myself coming back to this again and again at bedtime. All the thoughts of the day melt away when I listen to this relaxing, peaceful purr.

  My sister loved this! It helped her get better after a cold.

  Just the sharp snoring sound is enough for me to relax and focus on studying for exams and school etc. I have two cats myself and I love them more then anything <3

  A purring cat: The most soothing sound in the universe.

  As a cat owner, this is great for studying when you want cat sounds, but not the walking over my keyboard <3

  When I feel angry, I go onto this website and play this sound which makes me calm.

  Anytime I'm stressed I play this because it reminds me of my cat <3

  It sounds like the cats are very close to my ear/face I do cuddle with my cat sometimes

  My cat no longer wants to snuggle with me so I'm playing this.

  Like many on here, I recently lost my beloved cat. We had, and always will have a bond, connected by pure unconditional love for eternity. This site has helped me deal with losing her. Thank you!

  This is amazing! I have six cats at home and still can't get enough of them haha! This is so good.

  Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, like a real cat! ᓚᘏᗢ

  Such a nice noise, and it helps me relax even when my cat isn't around.

  Makes me feel like my cat, Twinkie is back, who died a few months ago. So relaxing.

  Truly adorable and instantly calming.

  I lost my little girl Bones after having her for many many years. She and I went through a lot together and it was extremely difficult for me after she passed. Messing with these settings to make something similar to her purr brought me to tears and has helped me relax when things have gotten tough. I hope this setting helps someone else missing thier fur baby.

  Have had a really rough time lately and my most recent therapy session got really heavy. This noise honestly helped me when I couldn't get myself to calm down anymore, and I now know to come here again when that happens.

  This literally made my brain vibrate.

  Makes me feel calm.

  My little old man and best friend of 17 years, "Puddy", was taken by something almost 3 years ago now. I still miss him every day and I really miss the sight, sound and feel of a pussycat around the house. I am soothed to hear this purring in my ears, thank you, for providing comfort like this.

  As a lifelong cat person with anxiety issues, I find this "noise" very calming and also sleep-inducing. Thank you!

  This helps my anxiety so much! Whenever I need to study, I turn this on. It sounds just like my cat, Lolita! <3

  Since I have anxiety and depression from deaths in the family I decided to use this to soothe me, it really helped. Thank you for making this! :) - Leo Garcia

  Helps me deal with constant headaches.

  I miss you vanilla :( This is the exact sound as her.

  When combined with "The Fireplace," this is the absolute coziest! It makes me feel like I am snuggled up next to a fire with a cat, a blanket, and a cup of tea. The perfect contrast to my freezing office at work.

  Lost my beloved Tabbitha back in November, I still deeply feel her loss and when my grief is at its worst, recreating her purr on here soothes my aching heart. Thank you for making this.

  After 18 years, I had to put my beloved cat "Baghira" to sleep, just a few hours ago... Now my flat feels so empty and still... The purring of your cats hurts and helps at the same time. Thanks you for that... Greetings from Germany, 16.02.2023

  I am what's typically known as "a cat person", but am unfortunately allergic to them. I love listening to this generator when I want soothing.

  This sounds kind of like my cat. It helps me relax while I am stressed.

  It's great! It sounds just like my cat Maisie except just a little more deep pitched. It's amazing! :)

  Why does this sound just like my cat, I love it :D

  This genuinely saved me during a really dark time tonight. I was having a really severe panic attack and the comforting setting (this preset) helped me get my blood pressure and heart rate down, and get some much-needed rest. Thank you so much for sharing your cat's purrs with us <3

  Sounds just like my cats. I've had 5 cats, and this depicts all of their purrs perfectly :')

  My cat has anxiety, and sometimes it can be difficult to comfort or calm her. I am absolutely going to be using this in the future- she is instantly responding and finding herself very comfortable-- as am I! Thank you for this tool.

  This is probably my most feared generator. I usually cannot listen to this for too long. My cat died almost 10 years ago and I still miss him. I knew I was allergic, but decided to keep the cat that was looking for a new home all by himself, after probably hard times in a bad family. He became... A friend? Tonight, I'm feeling so fragile and lost in this damn world... !

  I picked out the 'comforting' preset, and wow I nearly cried because it sounded just like my cat Sebastian when he would try to rub up against me when I was having an anxiety attack or crying. He was such a sweet boy and I still miss him.

  When I saw this, I clicked on it, and I actually started to cry my heart out when I heard this. It sounded like my cat I loved very dearly, with all my heart, who died a few years ago from not being able to eat. Every single day, my mother had to put her in the shower to give her pills which my cat hated. I still feel like I'm to blame for her death… Saturn, I will always love you.

  Our family was blessed to have Cosmo for the last 2 years. He touched each of our hearts in his own unique way. Last week we had to make the hard decision to let him go with angels after his neurological condition made him unable use his back legs. Cosmo lived on the streets, fought off jaw cancer, and winced from occasional nerve pain--and now we can hear his fulfilled and content purr.

  i had to put my cat down just a week ago. We had him for 8 years, so living life without him has been rough, but this sound really comforts me :) Thank you!

  All of our lost kitties are spirits, staying with their owners. They won't ever leave or go to the afterlife until their owners do. Sending furry love! -star

  I lost my cat on Valentines' day this year. She was a kitten an this reminds me of her.

  I miss you Captain but this reminds me of you.

  My cat carol died a little over a year or so ago. I'd had her my entire life and she was very old. I've always felt guilty since I wasn't there during her final days. Ever sine then, I'd been using this noise generator to mimic her purr. I still miss her greatly and it's been helping me cope with her absence. thank you so much for this. I don't know where I'd be without it.

  A cat's purr is the most calming sound with wind in the trees as being a close second.

  What a wonderful site.! The 'purring engine' helps me with my tinnitus.

  I'm very glad that this site has a cat purr one too! I can emulate what my cat sounds like even when I'm not around her, which is very comforting. I like to layer this over cafe ambience to make it sound like a cat cafe :)

  We played this on an ipad for a tiny orphan foster kitten. We draped a blanket over it and she derived great comfort sleeping on it. =^.^=

  My cat Sausage died a couple days ago, This reminds me of her and it makes me happy :`)

  Purrfect for calming down after sensory overload. So gentle and sweet.

  Your website has been a God send for several years. Incredibly grateful for your work.

  Creamy, dorito, you may not be here, but your souls and spirits are. I miss you but you all are here. I wanna cuddle my kittens now-

  Reminds me of my first cat, who used to fall asleep on my pillow, belly against my head and purr shimmering through my skull. Miss you, Coconut. <3

  *sniffle* I miss my cats so much!!!!!!! :(

  Final day of competition brings all sorts of stress and anxiety. So close to breaking down when I remembered this website. This sound mixed with "Twilight" is incredibly effective and I can't think of a better way to calm down.

  This sounds like my cat, Tilly, who died last year. (I'm starting to cry)

  This is one of my favorite generators and the one I find myself coming back to again and again. Today is a really hard day, I was on the verge of going "home" from work (not far when you work from home) and just crawling under the covers and crying. Before I did that, I though I'd try the purr. 15 minutes later, although I don't feel perfect I do feel like I can continue to face today. Thanks!

  This sound helps me a lot! I listen to when I'm listening to harp music or nature noises and it helps my soul, heart, and mind calm down. Thank you!

  I've never had a cat, but you were right about one thing Dr. Pigeon; goodbye, headache!

  It sounds really good and real. You should also make a dog one too.

  This reminds me of my cat, Poosocks, who died 2 years ago. Thank you for reminding me of him! I really miss him.

  I add this super low, slow setting to Sleeping Dragon to feel the comforting presence of a huge beast deep in slumber...

  We took in a little feral girl kitten who had been found behind a business. I had started bringing her up on my bed to cuddle but she was still nervous and leery. I played this for her. First she looked all over the pad trying to find 'the cat' but then she settled and started purring herself. It broke the ice nicely and now she is a great cuddler with many purrs of her own. Thank you Dr. Pigeon.

  It's been just over 2 years since my best kitty friend passed away. We rescued her when my parents divorced, and she helped me overcome a lot of anxiety and depression, and she would always sleep on the pillow next to me, purring away. I've had sleep trouble ever since she passed. This setting is exactly what her purr sounded like, and helped me to sleep normally again. I love you, Graycie.

  I listen to this with the Japanese Garden and the Nocturnal Garden. This calm me when I dont feel good and have thought not very nice.

  One of the neighborhood’s stray cats came into our house, had three kittens, and refused to care for them. I ended up spending a long, long night keeping them alive until I could hand them off to some expert kitten-lovers. An iPad playing this generator underneath their bedding was super helpful in keeping them calm when they were not screaming for milk or... the other things mama cats do.

  ← This is exactly what my cat sounds like! Her name is Poppy, and in April 2020 she'll be 2 years old :)

  My cat died suddenly last week. I can't remember what his purr sounded like so I can't emulate it but this is still so soothing. Thank you guys.

  This sounds just like my cat, and when she's sleeping or when I'm away from home, this is relaxing.

  I use the kitty purr alot. It helps cover up the irritation from my neighbors bass music in their cars that park right by my living room window. I also use a copy I paid for to do same with noise from them at night in the bed rooms. Thank you for keeping me from killing my neighbors. "old but not deaf."

  My cat used to sound exactly like this. God, I miss her so much.

  This sounds just like my cat, Ariel. I've had her for 11 years so far, but she's still just like a little kitten. Just earlier I was holding her like a baby, and she was purring like this up against my stomach. Whenever I hold her like that, it makes me think how much of a baby she really thinks she is. I just wish she'd be a baby forever.

  My perfect combo: furry friend + distant thunder + duduk song + desert wind. Thank you

  When I was little, I had a kitten named Momo that had a heart much too big for him and he used to purr so loud when he was curled up in my lap when we watched cartoons. He was my closest friend. When I'm lonely I turn this on and it's like he's still there, ten years later.

  This is EXACTLY what my cat sounded like. I really miss you, Jack. Thank you for the great memories, thanks for just being there, in the house, when I was depressed, having panic attacks on the daily, and just bursting into tears at random. And thank YOU, whoever recorded these sounds. I feel like I can finally be near Jack again because of this.

  I miss my cat.

  Such a calming, quiet pur. It sounds like my cast falling asleep next to me. Maybe not the best for studying because this puts me right to sleep, but certainly relaxing!

  I actaully have a cat! Her name is fred, but she never really purrs, which is normal for her, shes a pretty silent cat. Sorry off topic, but I kinda had dysphoric thoughts and some kitty purrs helped! It reminds me that cats dont care! This is super cool.

  I moved out from my parents house and I'm missing my cat. This sound helps me concentrate, helps me feel at ease, it's absolute magic. I like to pair it with the Cafe Restaurant (normal setting), 88 keys (Reverie) and Rain Noise (bedroom). I've recently just been to a cat café (Strasbourg - recommend!!) the first time. This combination sounds like a rainy day visit to such a café.

  I've been away from my kitties for a while because college. When I listen to this sound generator I instantly calm down, it almost makes me cry. It's incredible, thank you so much for this.

  This just makes me feel so comfortable. It calms me down right away like you wouldn't believe.

  There was too many old cat so here's one sounding like a teen kitten. I actually don't have a dramatic story for this, just really like the sound and my cats are not really cuddly.

  This noise makes me REALLY happy. It even made me laugh when I first tried it.

  I just lost my cat yesterday unexpectedly and have been taking his loss hard. I can pretend he's still here with this and I am thankful for that. I just miss him so much.

  My buddy Fleasy passed away a few months back, and my other cat Raider less than a year before him. They were both loves, Fleasy liked me the most, though, and I can't say that there isn't a day that I miss them. Hearing this purr isn't quite the same, but it's still almost like they're with me, in a way. It makes me feel calm and happy, like my buddies are back with me again.

  That is purrfect ;)

  Really helps when I'm away from home or vacationing and can't have my cat to cuddle at night. Very soothing, makes it much easier to relax in unfamiliar environments <:D

  We had one cat that got hit by a car, and we got another who also got hit by a car. One looked like the picture, he was called Motor and the second was called Lloyd. Brings back sad/happy memories. I love it. Thank you. (I'm tearing up) :( <3 :)

  It made me cry. It sounds identical to my cat who got hit by a car not long ago. He looked like the picture too. It makes me remember the weight of him lying on my bed or his breath tickling me when he snuggled up close. I can feel his little wet nose and soft paws too. It's weird how just a purr brings back memories. I love the little squeak/snores. As sad as it is, I also really love it. <3

  My baby girl, Princess, just had to be euthanized. I wanted a recording of her purring, but she didn't purr in her last few weeks. I found the levels that make this sound like her, though. Thanks for making this. It kind of feels like getting a piece of her back.

  This really helps me relax, I really love my cat but he's getting old and I don't know how long I'll get to have him around. His purring has always soothed me but I can't always see him, like when I'm in school. Thank you so much for this.

  My wife loves cats but we cannot have a cat now in our apartment.. So this is perfect for relaxing...

  My grandparents own a cat and in my opinion he's the most adorable cat ever. I find it very relaxing whenever he's being cuddled and I'm here to not have to bother him at 4am desperately trying to do homework. + : no real cat will jump on your desk and try to get your attention while you're desperately trying to do homework at 4am - : cat not included, how sad. Cats are the best.

  Whenever I went to a family friend's house, I always hung out with kittens because there were no people who were my age. They had two kittens and this is what they sounded like when they were napping on my back.

  This is so soothing I legit feel like crying.

  This sound generator is wonderful for when I'm away from home for a little while and missing my cat. This sounds just like him, and helps me get to sleep when I don't have a cat to snuggle with.

  This sounds just like my cat stevie and listening to it helps me get a better more rested sleep at night.

  This is very comforting to listen to as a student with ADHD and severe anxiety. I like to have it on with japanese garden/binaural beats/other audioscapes while I'm studying or doing homework, it helps me to not get distracted.

  I used this while fostering a feral cat as I wanted to calm him down and let him know all was well. Have also tried it on a nervous boarding cat and he promptly went to sleep! So, I think this is great not just for humans getting their purr fix, but, also to help calm cats! XX

  This sound calmed me down within seconds. I havent seen a cat in years, let alone touched one. but I remember the distant purr and how much it calmed me.

  What a wonderful , quite emotional little program! Lovely memories of my furry, purry companion ol' Tessa Cat. Thank you x Dan, Western Australia

  I just lost my cat, and this is what he sounded like. He was a good boy. :)

  Thank you so much for creating this noise generator, Stéphane. I was feeling extremely anxious, but, somehow, the sound of a cat purring was able to calm me down. I'm feeling much better, and now I know what I must do in case of an anxiety attack. Once again, thank you so much!

  I love this one. Even though my lovely Mimi is right next to me when she sleeps, at least I can hear her purring without waking her up :)

  So Im having an anxiety attack at school, my kitty girl Abby, is at home. I found this website on tumblr and customized it to sound like my kittenkat. I feel so relaxed that Im even using her nicknames on this. I have to take a test soon, and I feel like Im ready to.

  I had a cat that passed named Heidi and I miss her but with this I don't feel as lonely, and I feel a bit better now.

  The only thing missing from this are the "kitty biscuits"! If someone can create a biscuit maker simulation... that would be as close to a real cat as it gets (without the fur, of course!)

  This is so relaxing. It cleared my skin, watered my crops and cured my anxiety.

  I have to say, as a crazy cat lady, I have two cats and when I have to go away on business, my little babies have to stay home with a pet sitter. The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is take my curious Egyptian Mau, Sylver, off my head. So, when I wake up and I don't have a cat hat on my head, I get pretty sad. This helped me a lot with separation anxiety when I go away.

  This is wonderful for when I'm not home and I start having an anxiety attack. Normally if I'm at home my wonderful baby boy will come over and lay with me and purr (even if he's not the most snuggly he likes to stretch out on the bed with me to purr) but when I'm away this really helps. Doesn't sound exactly like him but it has almost the same effect. I would 110