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Black Lyra
Dark Space Ambient Generator
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Constrained Creativity

I've been working with synthesizers for 30 years and have now accumulated a vast range of equipment. Surprisingly, I do not feel more creative today than when I was a teenager and my resources were limited.

Although common wisdom suggests the opposite, limitations or constraints are essential to creativity. In my experience, when no limits are imposed you often head towards your first idea, often the most intuitive one, and if you are lazy (like me), the simplest too. This first idea, though it may be a good one, may not be the most interesting.

Constraints help you to surpass yourself. You may think they work against you, and they will at first, but then they force you to explore new paths and spend more time on the task in hand. They make you try harder.

As a limitation here, I decided to use a single instrument, and one difficult to tame: the Lyra-8. It's an analog instrument that hardly makes 'music', and challenges you to play in tune. When you fix one voice, the others drift away! At some point you have to give up and go where the instrument wants to take you. This is the charm and intrinsic characteristic of the Lyra-8.

Lyra is also the name of a constellation in the northern night sky. It thus makes sense for a piece like this to be listed in the dark space ambient music category. This generator sounds dark, but serene. You can see light shining through the obscurity. This soundscape also feels utterly mysterious. Is it a genesis that you are experiencing, or an ending? Or both? It is a sonic questioning about our existence. Don't be afraid of the darkness; embrace it.

This generator shines at low listening levels, and provides a nice backdrop to your meditation sessions.

Published on October 20th, 2021

User Stories

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  It's like from the same universe as the "Hyper light drifter" soundtrack. Perfect! Thank You Maestro!

  Love this! A very powerful sense of dread, to quote one of my favourite shows. `

  Digging this one! Drone is the closest thing to silence my nervous system can handle, and this one has a very subtle, somewhat ominous quality. My preferred silence usually has the threat of cacophony weaving thru it.

  Black Lyra is something you didn't know you wanted but when experienced, you have no idea how you continued on without it in the first place. Beautifully dark & foreboding with just enough hope to keep you going.

  This feels like I'm inside the new Dune movie, so great for concentration and focusing for my thesis.

  My custom Black Lyra noise blocks annoying sounds while remaining in the background. I removed drones that became annoying to me and can leave this playing in the background for hours when the volume is customary for me. Calibrate first!

  It's a good tinnitus masker. On top of that, it motivates me to do my work! Phrygian Universe goes perfectly with this, too.

  It feels as though more bass invokes more uncanny vibes, perfectly comfy for me.

  The Black Lyra is something else. So many places for it to take you to. The associated settings are a good starting for slider animation.

  This is brilliant. I do not find it ominous. It just feels like when I am sleeping outdoors in a wild place and I hear the animals, birds, insects going about their business in the deep of night. A distant car or plane. A little exciting and a little soothing at the same time. Quietly in touch with other consciousnesses operating in my world who I cannot understand. Different from the usual.

  Ominous, foreboding, this sound gives me goosebumps and makes my hair stand on end. Scifi horror vibes, with a dash of Stranger Things.