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Welcome to the Ancient Kasbah

Meet Ross Alexander, a multi-disciplinary artist and producer based in Berlin, who works mainly in the field of experimental soundscapes. Ross kindly sent the individual tracks from his piece entitled “Ancient Kasbah Lays In Ruin,” a mind-altering mix of synthesized sounds and field recordings taken of a derelict Kasbah high in the Atlas Mountains.

From time to time, myNoise fans contact me to see if they can contribute to the website with something other than a financial donation. Of course! For example, it is always a delight for me to receive original audio content with permission to use them for myNoise. If you ever submit recordings to me like Ross did, be prepared to be surprised about how different they will sound on myNoise. First, the audio engine is different from a conventional audio player; it mangles its output to create non-repetitive soundscapes. Furthermore, I seldom use source material as it is. The generator's output then becomes a combination of both talents; that's what makes collaborations so interesting!

With this specific generator, I used my own field recordings, too, coincidentally acquired around the same Atlas Mountains. I never would have mixed these sources in such creative way, if Ross had not shown me the way. Thanks for your sounds _and_ inspiration, Ross!

Listen to Ross Alexander's original work and his song, named "Ancient Kasbah," available on Bandcamp (the third track on the Memorias Vol. 2 album). Can you feel how similar it sounds, yet different?

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  Reading Dune while listening to this soundtrack is a full and amazing experience.

  Very nice type of soundtrack :]

  This soundscape has an amazing and original atmosphere. Click the blue heart for the setting that put me right in an abandoned Kasbah.

  Absolutely incredible soundscape. Sounds very high quality and if didn't know I would've guessed thats something from Cryo Chamber. Animation and tape speed brings so much variety to it. Never ending ever changing song.

  I don't know why but I always find the Erie soundscapes somewhat calming to me for some reason! Sometimes they even make me laugh! I don't know why because I never liked scary movies, click on the blue heart near this to find the preset that I find most calming!

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