Windy Mansion
Belle-Motte Meets Ciara
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Back To Belle-Motte!

My friend Etienne and I had previously sampled the sounds of Belle-Motte manor, an old property that has belonged to his family for many generations. Our first sampling session took place over a quiet day and night, early in 2020. You can listen to those haunting sounds on our Old Mansion page.

Because the weather was too calm on that first recording visit, we had no chance to record the timbers creaking when the wind blew outside. When we heard on the news that Storm Ciara would pass over Belgium, we knew it would provide all the sounds that we were looking for. So we braved the stormy weather and went to find refuge in Belle-Motte.

Hear the wind blowing; hitting the windows, but also finding passages between the rooms, howling through the gaps around the doors. Picture the old house as it originally was, without electricity, lit only by candlelight. Now, imagine the butler making his rounds, checking that the property is standing firm against the storm...

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  Without the howling, it's quite cozy.

  Superb! Reminds me the attic at the grandparents home! It was a big area, old, wooden, with spider webs, old things, a tree was growing nearby and during storms sounded alike! Thanks!

  It feels very real. I'm trapped inside this hollow wooden place. The air pressure of the window winds make me shiver, as I feel the howling winds in my stomach... seriously!

  Another winner. Thank you!

  I finished my homework faster than ever before because of this site.

  Windy Mansion on animate is amazing. Layered with Poltergeist RPG on animate, it's exactly what my brain needs to sink deep into the atmosphere of the young adult horror novel I'm writing. Warning: prepare yourself to get scared out of your wits if someone walks up behind you while you have headphones on! Thank you for another fantastic generator!

  A beautiful storm in a haunted manor. Very spooky and good for making homework more interesting.

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