Ardennes Forest
Wild Boars and more!
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The Forest of Ardennes is a region of extensive woods, rough terrain, rolling hills and ridges located in Belgium and Luxembourg. The emblem of the area is the wild boar, and with the help of this soundscape, you will soon understand why.

This soundscape has been recorded with help of Gerard Jadoul, who know the area like no others. This soundscape is also a prelude to a wider project that is still under discussion. During a feasibility test, we have hidden high quality audio recording devices in varied sensible spots. This soundscape relates to the recordings made around a small pond fed by a brook. By looking at its troubled water, Gerard knew that this was a place of interest. And he was absolutely right. Most of the sounds were recorded overnight with no human presence. The dawn chorus was recorded in the early morning hours.

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  I find this soundscape very calming, it reminds me of my summer vacation camping in the Ardennes with unbelievably hot weather and nothing to do.

  I live in the Ardennes, the French side. It reminds me of summer hikes.

  This forest was site of one of the greatest WWII battles, The last German offensive well into 1945, the "Battle of the Bulge". As a history & military buff I'm overwhelmed & fascinated by the discovery of how otherwise peaceful & soothing the presence of nature in this region could be!

  This soundscape brings peace to my mind and takes away everything bad. I highly recommend to listen to it with soundtrack from "Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms". This combination is amazing :D

  I do feel my self immersed in the hart of the Ardennes in Belgium. I can almost feel the ants walking on the floor. Thanks Stéphane.

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