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The Sound of Horror Movies

Introducing the waterphone, a strange instrument capable of producing a wide range of atonal sounds, by bowing or striking a series of rods attached to a steel resonator. This resonator can be filled with water, hence the watery sounds audible in this soundscape.

Unlike musical tonal sounds that obey strict rules to sound pleasant to the ear – though sometimes dissonant – there are no rules governing atonal sounds. These sounds will make you feel uncomfortable at first, which is the reason why they are the preferred choice on many horror movie soundtracks. While I wouldn't recommend using this soundscape at all if you are prone to anxiety attacks, it is interesting trying to get past that first uncomfortable feeling. Atonal sounds open our ears to a different sonic world, so different from the harmonic sounds we are used to listening to, when we listen to music. Enjoy (or not)!

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  Unique and beautiful. Deep atmospheric sounds.

  I think this is one of my favorite sounds. It helps me focus so much (maybe because I'm a little bit weird but still). I would highly recommend pairing this with the whispers from the church sound generator (trust me, try it).

  Wow. This just feels right at home with my slightly disturbed mind. Seriously, give it a go.

  This is brilliant fun! Can't wait to use this while writing a spooky scene in my novel. Love, love, love this site. Thanks so much, Dr. Pigeon.

  While initially creepy this is very soothing after an extended listen. Also seems like a good thing to play in the background while answering the door for trick-or-treaters. :) For an extra creep factor add in the whispers from the Church generator.

  This generator on 'Gloomy' played alongside Amber Run's song 'I Found' is the most hauntingly beautiful thing I have heard in a long time!

  Really enjoy this sound. Believe it or not, it's a great sound to block out other noises and actually keeps me focused on my work!

  I'm going to be honest. As a creepy, terrifying ghost, I sometimes feel a little left out due to the relatively small number of haunting sounds on this website. With that said, this generator makes my job a lot easier (I'm writing this from under a bed while playing this sound gen, and I can see the whole bed frame shaking!). Will definitely recommend it to other ghosts!

  This is a fantastic addition to the collection! It helps keep my attention engaged while writing.

  Giving me Eric J Paul (electronic artist, composer and sound designer) vibes. I believe he uses the waterphone for some of his more ecclectic projects (most notably in Beyond the Black Rainbow). Amazing instrument, creepy but fascinating and oddly soothing at the same time (IMO), so thank you for bringing it to widespread attention.

  Makes me feel sick.

  Gives me chills! But the good kind (I think).

  Cool! And oddly soothing once you get used to it.

  I love these type of sounds! This reminds me of the work of the late Akifumi Nakajima (better known as Aube) who made noise music using sources such as metal or water.

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