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Substantial Inspiration

Just like a carpenter knows his tools, a soundscape artist knows the sound of each instrument and how to blend them into unique auditory experiences. The more time you spend with these musical tools, the better you get at coming up with interesting and creative ideas. And to keep improving, it's good to watch and learn from other musicians. YouTube is a great place for this. It lets you see how many gifted, though often not so well-known, artists create their work. One artist I found this way is Substan. I was really impressed by his music and sound design skills.

This soundscape was born out of Substan's ambient music project named 'Layers of Delusion'. As you'll notice, the version hosted on myNoise—the one you're currently listening to—diverges from Substan's original concept. I adapted the source material to fit the particularities of the myNoise player and added the distinctive tones of my beloved Rhodes piano. This instrument introduces an element of lightness, and contributes in creating a more uplifting and dreamlike ambiance than the original composition.

Another key element is noise. Ambient music is somewhat unique in its perception of noise. Instead of seeing it as a nuisance, it's considered an integral component that adds depth and texture to the sound. It infuses the music with a touch of nostalgia or introspection and deepens the emotional resonance between the listener and the music.

At 15, Substan discovered two major aspects of his life: the world of synthesizers and... his future wife. These have been very important to him ever since. Today, Substan works part-time in a residential facility where he helps individuals with severe behavior issues. This challenging work is balanced by his jobs in the creative field. Even though it's not the ideal situation, he's making progress towards his goal of fully shifting to creative work. He plans to earn his living from his Patreon subscribers, by selling sound packs, and through jobs in media composition. Substan is always thankful for his blessings: a simple life, his two children who now are 15 and 23, and his wonderful wife who's been with him for 28 years! Substan's life, like his music, is a harmonious blend of hard work, love, and creativity... a delightful blend that's a favorite here on myNoise.
Published by Stéphane on July 17th, 2023

User Stories

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  10/10, great ambiance for writing a character facing their guilt head on.

  I feel my soul being reflected through this...

  The audio here is great. But I'm also impressed with the summaries and bios for each sound channel. It's getting so I want to go through every single channel just to get a little more insight about audio design and ... Well, life. Thx so much for the time and effort you put into this. I'm planning on making another contribution when I get home from work tonight. So worth it!

  Thank you, so much. I cannot express my gratitude. I put headphones in, and tried this, USE THIS to fall asleep! I have ADHD, and my brain just doesn't shut down, but somehow, this makes it! I can feel my brain working very slowly as I type this, like thinking through honey, and I just want to lay down right here and fall asleep! Thank you everyone who put work into this, because it's amazing.

  After experiencing the many sounds of myNoise for several years, I'm excited to see there are new boundaries and new soundscapes being explored, The combination of the natural sounds , the Rhodes, the electronic textures and the synths make this one of my new favorites myNoise has to offer.

  Quite thrilling to listen to, especially while reading or working. Totally non distracting and fills the background "noise" with something pleasant.

  Very nice!

  Relaxing…Yet confusing at the same time. 10/10

  This soundscape really feels like it exerts pressure on your body, like a weighted blanket.

  This feels amazing.

  Feels like I could relax into this forever.

  Reminds me a little bit of Steve Roach work! Brilliant!