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Welcome to one of the last integrated steel mills active in Belgium. Here, steel is produced from raw materials – iron ore and coal – and then transformed into final products, such as rolled steel strips and automotive parts.

An integrated steel mill has several sections. Briefly, the coking plant converts coal into the metallurgical coke required to fuel the furnace. This furnace turns ore into hot liquid iron. The liquid iron is transported to the steel shop and converted into liquid steel, then cast into steel slabs. The hot strip mill rolls out these incandescent slabs into rolled steel plates. Once cooled down, the plates are transformed into finished products by the cold rolling mill, and further refined using varied cutting, pressing and welding machines.

This interactive noise generator has been recorded at various locations within the ArcelorMittal facility in Ghent. This mill is known worldwide in the steel industry for its high efficiency and low pollution.

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  Awesome to listen to this reading a scifi novel before sleep!

  I like this generator a lot. Now get back to work and stop reading testimonials!

  This is my new favourite generator for listening to at work. I love it!

  I can't get enough of the rhythmic iron press.

  There is something so relaxing and peaceful about this :)

  I grew up in the rust belt of the US. My grandpa worked in a steel mill, and I live right up the street from one of the few remaining mills still operating in my area. It's funny that this would be both so familiar and unfamiliar to hear, as I've only ever listened to steel mill activity from outside and far away! This website never ceases to amaze.

  The little girl watches her dad working in the steel mill. The machinery whirs, buzzes, and hammers so intensely. Its almost like a rhythm of its own, an entire urban jungle all its own.Scorching smell and warm glow all too inviting whilst she struggles to remain still buzzing around the visitors area with face alight and limbs flailing.

  I love that we're getting more "urban" noises lately!! Nature noises are nice but I grew up in the city, so generators that are comforting to me run more along the Railroads genre. I was so excited to see the Car Interior generator go up a few weeks ago, and now this!! Thank you so much for this wonderful website and your creativity, it's why I'm proud to be a patron. :)

  I found this strangely addicting, and the low pounding of the press keeps me focuses on my work. A few minutes in, I found myself wondering if something was on fire in my office. My brain was telling me I was back in a metal shop with that nostalgic smell of hot metal!

  What an unusual idea! It will be great for masking industrial noises. The creativity of myNoise never ceases to amaze me.

  A stripped back setting is kinda spooky, works great to add rhythm and a drone to "Ominous".

  Get it done with power!

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