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An Intangible Anticipation

Through a blend of ethereal synths and pulsating rhythms, this generator gives us a sense that something is about to happen, even if we haven't realized it yet. It takes you on an introspective journey through the meanders of the human condition: a balance of anticipation and acceptance, and a reminder that life itself is an act of waiting for the unknown.

The final touches on this soundscape were recently added, but the original recordings were made at the end of last year. At that time, I didn't know about the challenges to my health and well-being that were coming.

Looking back now, it seems like my subconscious had already started choosing and organizing the sounds, hinting at the long period of waiting that was to come. Now, as I'm recovering and regaining my strength and energy, I wanted to complete this unfinished work, to leave room to a new future.

This soundscape is both the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. It is the first creation after a long absence, though in this case, it is more a completion than a creation.

Published by Stéphane on May 24th, 2023

User Stories

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  Every time I take a step, it's like the beige, barely wallpapered hallway grows. Fluorescent lights illuminate this almost eternal path towards that dusty wooden door and its brass, worn doorknob. Anxiety pulses in my chest, throbs in my forehead, and pricks into my eyes. The only comfort in the pull of my body through this space and time is the thought that relief is on the other side of that door.

  Add the ticking clock from Calm Office, time it right, and you've got yourself Inception.

  As always, brilliant audio and narrative alike... Something about this reminds me of the fragmented, claustrophobic, vast universe in the Rusty Lake games...

  Stephane, you've really shown what a person who is creating from their intuitive mind can do. This thing is wonderful. Every time I put it on it's different, but each time it is enormously helpful to focus me on what I'm doing. It has a permanent place on my bookmarks bar and it a regular part of my starting-work procedure. Thank you.

  Oh this is delightful! Makes me feel like I am in space! I got a set of good headphones just so that I could listen with higher quality. 10/10 will listen again. Glad to hear you are doing better doctor!

  …all I have to say is W O W. The instant I turned this on, I rose to a laser focus that I rarely experience. A few adjustments to the sliders creating the ambience I wanted, and my mind was productivity central. This generator gave me the anticipation I needed, prompting me to EOS projects with deadlines TODAY! Glad to know you are back on your feet Dr. Stéphane, never stop creating. We need you!

  This is fantastic, Dottore Stéphane! Best wishes to your recovery. Your work is amazing! Sending recovery vibes from Germany.

  This combined with Tape Memories feels like being in another dimension.

  Thanks for your work and creativity. May you recover well. Namaste! Johan

  A beautiful ambient soundscape! I've been listening to this for hours as I write my thesis. The high shimmery sounds remind me of the score during the sandstorm scene in Dune, when Paul is flying the ornithopter above the dust clouds. A gorgeous, luminous sound. Well done, and I'm glad you're on the road to recovery, Stephane!

  Surely I'm not the only one who hears Europe's "Final Countdown" in his head when seeing this generator title?! (Set speed to 2x and sing along)

  Wow, this soundscape is truly wonderful. For me it creates a sensation of mental movement, flow and focus, but yet without being distractive. Thank you for minimizing my anxiety at work. As a result, this makes my life more harmonic and I can focus on the important parts of life such as family. Again, thank you.

  Stéphane, this is amazing! And I'm so pleased to learn that you're recovering and feeling better. Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do, for my focus, concentration, and creativity.

  Welcome back, we've missed you! I've been listening to this generator non-stop at work since it launched, it's been great for my focus as I work through some complicated data conversions.

  Welcome back Mr. S.

  It's wonderful to hear that you're up and at it again! This new generator did take a bit to load, although the wait was worth it! I can't wait to fall asleep to this tonight! I'm sorry your shocks can't charge your phone (haha!) :( Thank you so much for creating this website, I've been listening for 4 years! I would donate, but I am unable to :( Sorry... Love, Strawberries (United States)

  I love to hear that one with half reduced speed. Sometimes I reduce speed even more. Stephane, it's unbelievably wonderful that you are back again with us! I hope and with all the best for you. You and your sound always is with me, your audial creations are like a ghost singing and whispering to my ears. Thank you for all the mood and flow you've created in my life!

  Welcome home.

  Floating. Ambient. Ethereal. Becoming. Especially good when animated.

  Another instant favourite. So happy to see a new generator, and I wish you continued improvements to your health!

  Good to have you back, Doctor! I hope you're doing well! May your generators help you out on your path to recovery!

  Welcome back Stéphane! It's good to start the day with a new generator. I sincerely hope your health keeps improving!

  Dr. Stephane, it's so good to hear you are back on track again, and it's my pleasure as a long-time fan to write the first comment on this new creation. It's beautifully mysterious and the rhythms blend exceptionally good with the rest of the sounds. I love wasting time listening to this.