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Arctic's magic, wherever you are.

Experience the enigmatic beauty of the Northern Lights through sound. This flickering drone and chord composition is inspired by the ethereal glow of the aurora borealis, bringing its essence right into your space. Close your eyes and let the shimmering tones transport you to a tranquil winter night, where nature's most stunning light show dances across the sky.

Sometimes, life's stresses can be overwhelming, and we find ourselves yearning for an escape, even if just momentarily. This sound generator aims to be that mini-retreat. This sound provides a calming environment to help you relax, focus, or even fall asleep. Its flickering drone and chord composition mimics the fluctuating patterns of the actual Northern Lights, creating a soundscape that is both soothing and invigorating. So if you're looking for a way to mentally travel to a more peaceful place, this sound can offer you a brief yet effective respite.

Published by Stéphane on February 18th, 2014

User Stories

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  These settings are so wonderful calming to me for some reason. Yet another great generator on this site!

  Well then, after 10 years I return to wish you all the best. I remember supporting myNoise from all the way back in 2013! I was in high school and looking for alternatives to mp3 files of nature sounds to help me focus when I found myNoise and this site even got me into making ambient music! I wish you all the best and thank you for this past decade, what a journey! -Best Wishes, Syok.

  Looking out across the misty, dew-ladened hills, the sunrise is just breaking, slowly reaching out to warm you and the land. A gentle, crisp breeze makes your skin come alive. You are here, present, and peaceful.

  Sounds like this night has the most stars among all nights!

  Wow you're right, the tonal generations really do mix well with one another. This is perhaps my new sleep aid.

  I like how each of the little blips describe a shooting star. Very peaceful!

  Playing the Northern Lights drone is like revisiting an old friend. Instantly calms me down so that I can focus better on my work.

  I've always been intrigued by the senses. How a smell can be associated with a feeling, person, or period in one's life. How a sound or group of sounds can invoke an emotion or even a passion.

  Perfect background for Xmas music! Thanks Dr. Pigeon!

  This feels like I'm floating through the night sky on clouds of euphoria.

  Very good for sleeping! The serene bass lulls me right to dreamland!

  Very nostalgic.

  Relaxing, I imagine setting up camp in a small patch of forest on a mountain. And looking up, I see the beauty that is the northern lights.

  This one is really pretty I feel like I'm sitting on arctic mountain, I've just reached the top it's late at night and I am tired, I set up my tent and I fall asleep watching the northern lights.

  Calms me down when doing homework.

  This plus healing water is my new (anti adhd) focus jam :)

  This tone tingles for sure. I feel it in both hemispheres of the brain and it really relaxes you to increasingly heightening levels of joy with a sense of hopefulness.

  i love this! It sounds almost magical.

  I love this site so much! Just donated and will continue to do so as I would be distraught if it ever disappeared. Love the blends of white noise (mmmm that low bass!) and just discovered 'drones' today. Both amazing when I'm working. Love the underwater sounds for meditation. Thanks for all you do!

  This reminds me of one night, I must've been only 2 or 3 years old... My dad woke me up in the middle of the night in winter because these were showing right above us.

  I sometimes have trouble sleeping so Northern Lights and Jungle Life paired together is great for me! Thank you so much!

  I was unable to sleep, and unlike at home, the streaming app I used had ads in the country. A restful sleep, undisturbed by sudden loud noises, is a godsend blessing. Thank you so much.

  Soothes my soul when I get overwhelmed at work. Helps drone out chatty office mates, and give me a sense of solitude in a crowded office.

  This cures my sadness in life. It's like the happy things everyone needs in their life. Thank you so much!

  This and combining with Ice Drone makes a beautiful harmony.

  This one gives me a feeling that one would get from a teddybear as a child. It wraps you tightly, like a blanket, and in that moment nothing else exists. Whoever made this is a genius.

  This sounds like a fantasy-like forbidden place that hasn't been visited in thousands of years :D

  Combine Northern Lights and Mr. Rhodes. They're both in the same key and compliment one another beautifully. Very relaxing and calming.

  I removed most of the bright sound. The result is both calming and giving me focus.

  This feels like Heaven combined with the Ice Drone. Thank you for everything!

  This + In The Sky is amazing

  Northern Lights (Deep Sky)+ Desert Wind (Animate) + Duduk Song (slow animate) has been going in my office for the last few days. It's a very pleasant blend of drone and natural noises that keeps me focused on my work and fights back against tinnitus attacks.

  As you watch, the sky ripples and flows with vibrant color unlike anything you've ever seen before. It is beautiful in its own way. Time passes you by, but you don't care. You could lay here until the end of the universe.

  I really love this with higher bass noises, at least in my headphones it gives a really nice low vibration!

  This, combined with the Ice Drone recommended in the description, is excellent already, but if you add one more sound to it it is even better. Personally I like to combine those two with Canyon or Stardust.

  Followed the tip in the description to open Ice Drone in another window and animate both generators. I was instantly put at peace. So grateful for this!

  I'm using my calibrated hearing curve plus Rainy Riverbank with animation on, and this just helps me work and focus. All of my stress, worry and anxiety fade away. I love this site 

  If I put this on with the song 'Streets of Whiterun' from the Skyrim OST and a wind noise, I get a perfect vision of staring up into the stars in a field at night. I just close my eyes and I feel happy, which is something hard to come by for me as I have both depression and annoying ADHD. This site is magical! Thank you!

  This sounds totally out of this earth with Canyon and Healing Water.

  Combined with Himalayan Voices, it will be like a tribe in the forest hearing someone doing a ritual-Carlo & Nilo

  Deep Sky setting from Northern Lights + Deep Sky setting from Stardust + Ohm setting from Ethereal Choir = Perfect meditation/sleeping music.

  This setting combined with Mr. Rhodes (with the sliders at default turned up slightly) and ASMR Whispers (with all the sliders aligned and turned down slightly) are helping me keep some sudden anxiety and intrusive thoughts away. I am so thankful for this website. :)

  This sound helps me focus on all the good things in the world, and trust me I'm a very positive person. This sound makes me able to imagine things I could never imagine before. This is one of the most magical moments of my life!

  I animated this and played it with circular breeze- it came out beautifully, can managed to help my completely ADD infested mind slow down and finish my homework. I had no idea it was possible.

  I tried this Northern Lights paired with Ice Drone, as suggested. I put on a 3rd drone yet, Tibetan Choir, and suddenly I'm overflowing with happiness ^^

  As the starry night sets in - This wonderful din -- Descends from the ribbons in the sky - To quietly type by...

  It sounds like some sort of ambient song. Also, I find this really easy to meditate to.

  Sounds great with the Deep Cosmos setting on the Stardust generator.

  On a lone, snowy hill, where the air is cold and slightly chill. As colors dance, I'm placed within a trance.

  This just encapsulates me in an amazing trance. Under times of high pressure, to stressful days, this noise is always relaxing. Especially combined with thunder and rain.

  This, Ice World, and Temple Bells all thrown together bring me such a peaceful and mystical feeling, as if i'm in a dream.This website has become a huge help for me with my severe anxiety. I'm so grateful!

  Thank you for making this site. It's been so long since I last felt that sense of wonder at the world, and the sounds here have given it back to me. I find myself constantly marveling at the beauty of this music and the world around me. My current favorite is the Canyon Drone mixed with Northern Lights. Inspiring is too weak a word to describe it.

  This has changed my perspective on life greatly.

  So pretty...

  This is truly fantastic work. Beyond the sound themes generated, you can calibrate to your own hearing spectrum and the site remembers the settings? This is crazy great work. You MUST try calibration. It creates a fullness of body that is truly other-worldly. - Many kudos here.

  This at pink, plus the Canyon Drone at animated is the perfect Soundscape for almost every kind of situation. I Love It.

  This is such a wonderful site! I use it every day to block out the noise from colleagues using speaker phone, blue tooth in the hallway, and laughing loudly just outside my office. Sometimes I don't even hear the noise from the shop floor downstairs! Thank you!

  Put this on animate and close your eyes and feel yourself drift away. This sound sends me off to dreamland in no time. This is probably the most soothing sound for me on here.

  This just sounds so unreal... loving it.

  It helps me focus when class is far too quiet. This is just amazing and I love it so much. Thank you for everything.

  This setting sounds like you're floating through the stars

  Wow! Checkout the Calibration feature, create your personalized audio curve (to match your ear or speaker capability) and then apply it to a sound - suddenly whole layers you did not hear before jump out ! Perfect background for work, I combine Beta binaural with a Noise track (two tabs open) hope I'm doing that right - seems to work for me... more than happy to donate !!!

  For the past two months I have had major troubles getting to bed. Mixing the Northern Lights generator with the Osmosis generator on 'animate' really calms me down and helps me get to sleep, slowly but surely I'm sleeping better, and finding it easier to get to sleep, thanks to the noise generators! Thanks!

  I love layering Northern Lights with Ice World. I usually have a hard time concentrating, but this site has helped me tremendously.

  This is nice.

  Thank you for this wonderful website. This helps me very, very much with my anxiety and calms my nerves at the appropriate times. Again, thank you. <3

  This is amazing. I prefer low tones and originally loaded up the 60 hz to sleep to when I woke up too early one morning - instead I was inspired! I went through and replied to dozens of emails, created an entire new line of products for my business, and completed several orders. In less than an hour. Absolutely astonishing.

  Brown preset on Northern Lights + Grey preset on Ice Drone = Awesomeness

  Amazing. Simply amazing. I've been using these to help me write my novel - hoping they might be able to do something about my anxiety too. I especially love the Northern Lights drone on Animate. It is incredible.

  Pair this with the Spaceship soundscape and you have the most calming noise ever heard. Helps me relax.

  I played a bit with the sliders until I managed to block most noise in the office. I usually use music for this, but I find it tires my mind easily and it can break my concentration sometimes. This generator, however, is working beautifully! (Using Sennheiser HD380 Pro)

  This entire site is slowly changing my life, relieving tons of anxiety and stress and allowing me to focus when studying and writing for school. These sounds are so beautiful, I can't help but feel completely transported to a place of purity and light.

  Having this on animate is one of the best ways I can focus. It's steady but provides enough differentiation in the changing sliders I don't get bored. This setting in particular is lovely, it's soothing and ethereal, sounds almost like floating.

  THE. BEST. EVER. Never EVER stop making these wonderful, amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring noises.

  It reminds me of that joy I feel when I watch an older fantasy movie from the 70's or 80's, usually a spacey one where the opening credits fly you through the stars or when the the main character watches the sky wistfully.

  Tried out the new Northern Lights drone... Very relaxing, and great for meditation! I prefer the low-end noise for a "fuller" sound, and the very highs I drop lower. I also completely removed the one frequency as it helps me hear my own breathing. Thanks! I use this site every day.