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Another Peaceful Day at Home

Quietness is a relative concept. As you might know, even a cave one hundred feet underground can be noisy! Paradoxically, the more silent a place is, the more your ears will notice sound, just as a noisy place can seem like a blanket over your ears. This is the core of how myNoise works, and why countless people turn to myNoise sound generators for help focusing in both loud and quiet environments.

I myself live in a quiet neighbourhood just outside a big city. A suburban noise generator has been among the more popular of myNoise requests, and fortunately, all I needed to do to fulfill this request was to record the sound around my own home! When the weather is favorable, I can enjoy the bustle of my neighbours as they work in their gardens on Saturdays, the diverted traffic from the national airport, the busy lawnmower across the street, the neighbourhood dogs barking and the summer birds up in the trees. And now you can enjoy the suburbs too!

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  This is just a terriffic spring/summer day in the burbs. I grew up there, and this is amazingly comforting.

  The birds, the cars moving from one side of the headphone to the other, the lawn mower... these are all indistinguishable from the sounds outside my window. This sounds like my home, if it was in a busier place in my village. Or a bit like my school, if the grass in the park would be cut. In any way, this sounds so wonderfully familiar and real. It's just crazy how good the quality is.

  My husband & I both work from home which is great... except that he's usually on the phone. I have a hard time concentrating on my writing when I can hear him talking. This soundscape TOTALLY blocks his voice. It's perfect. I can focus on my novel and still keep my office door open... and enjoy having my favorite person right next door. Thanks again, Dr. Pigeon! :)

  This sounds just like if I was sitting on my front porch. Where has this site been all my life?

  I spent most of my adolescent years in a suburb. This reminds me of home.

  I can't leave my apartment windows open while I work, but with speakers set up behind me instead of in front, I swear I can't tell this noise generator from real noise outside.

  I used to live in a suburb when I was a kid. I remember sitting outside in the shade on a hot, humid, Louisiana summer day, just watching the B-52s begin their decent to the Air Force base nearby. I don't live in the south anymore and it's literally 2 degrees outside right now, but I swear I can feel the heat on my face. I never thought I'd hear the sound of home again, honestly.

  Wow, this is amazing! It sounds just like my neighborhood in summer! With headphones it sounds 1000 times better! Great for studying for a long time. Thanks a ton! :-)

  Wow, this one literally sounds like where I live. Amazing. I live near an airport so planes are flying by constantly, this combined with the birds chirping is so peaceful.

  The Street Life preset, tuned just so, perfectly mimics the sounds of my home's back in the suburbs of Washington DC! Now that I live in NC, small college town life just isn't the same! My homesickness has been bad these past few years, so finding this is a pleasant surprise :D

  People often ask me, "What's it like to live in Pleasant Hill, MO?" This is the answer.

  This is exactly what my neighborhood sounds like on summer mornings. My friends and I used to go outside at around 7 in the morning, when it was cool and quiet, and just sit on the warm driveway and pretend the world was all ours. We've since drifted apart as we've gotten older, but the feeling still exists.

  This is perfect for me. I used to live in town and I loved the sounds of the neighborhood late at night; the fake hum of "silence", the echoes of distant dogs barking occasionally, the sound of cars a few blocks over revving their engines... while it's not exact, this sounds like sneaking out with my friend to silently walk down to 7-11 at midnight for a summer night candy binge.

  Perfect! This is the sound of summer in my neighbourhood as a child. A really comforting sound.

  If i just close my eyes, it feels like I'm sitting in my front lawn!

  This particular mix is just so freaking surreal! It's like I'm on the side of a regional road. Where there is only an occasional house, lots of trees and fields, and... wow. Fantastic work Dr. Stéphane, keep surprising us.

  I grew up in Florida suburbs and this is an amazing reproduction. I can almost feel the warm sun and gentle breeze. If I listen to Temple Bells on the Tinkling setting, it perfectly recreates a lazy summer afternoon spent in the grass listening to our windchimes. Sublime.

  Really awesome. The traffic sounds so realistic that I honestly wondered why all the sudden so many cars are driving by my window.

  This is perfect... living in a different city for years now, this is the sound of my real home. Summer evenings in a typical German suburb.

  An unexpected delight, the Suburb generator can be combined with other sounds to create different effects: +Traffic Noise = Busy suburban road, +Electric Hum Noise = Pylon @ the end of the street, +Cafe Restaurant = Neighbourhood garden party, +Guitar Mashup = Garage band rehearsal, +Temple Bells or Wooden Chimes = Back porch wind-chimes.

  This is just perfect. Stick it on 'Animate' and enjoy the ride. Sounds come and go, and everything still makes perfect sense. I think it's the mix of natural and industrial sounds that gives it its genuine feel.

  I love the idea of living in the suburbs. They have just the right amount of people and activity for me. This soundscape really brings to mind my wish to live in an area like this. And what better time to put this up than in mid-July? Nice timing. ;)

  I now live in the country, but I have no idea how much I missed living in the suburbs. This brings back so many memories.

  I love this one because I can turn off the barking dogs and the lawn mowers and blowers and pretty much all of the sounds of humans disturbing the peace, and listen to the background highway and the chirping birds as I wish my neighborhood could be! Fantasy made real. <3

  Like taking a nap in a hidden little suburban park on a sunny summer day. Birds are chirping and a good breeze is blowing. You can hear sprinklers going in a yard nearby. Farther away, the gardeners are working. Occasionally you hear the cars drive by. Just perfect.

  When I was a kid, I would often nap or read in my room in the summer, with my window open to catch the breeze. This is about what it sounded like! It feels strangely peaceful and comforting.

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