Northern Woodland
A Moose Cache
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The Northern Giant

This soundscape was recorded during a field recording trip to Finland in May 2019. Finland’s vast forests are home to around 100,000 moose. Despite of their enormous size - they weight as much as 700 kilogrammes - moose are seldom to see: they shelter in the forest during the daytime, and graze during the twilight hours. Our host Tehri knew a spot where they would pass-by. And they did! Your turn to stay quiet and to listen carefully...

During our staying, the weather was cloudy. A light wind and rain were on the program every day, as evidenced by the different sliders in this soundscape.

Special thanks to my childhood friend, Gérard, who joined me and helped me in finding the recording spots. Check out the pictures from the recording session. Sampling sessions abroad are only possible because of the generosity of the people making donations to this website.

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  This noise helped me tone down my maladaptive dreaming and helps me focus. 100000/10 would (and will) vibe again.

  This is the absolute best forest soundscape. I love the juxtaposition of the water droplets and the birdsong.

  I love it mixed with Primeval Forest! Your work is appreciated, Dr. Pigeon!

  Since they started a big construction site next to our home, I really need myNoise while working behind my desk at home. Northern Woodland is an instant favourite new addition. I love combining this with a bit of soft music.

  The sun warms your back. Branches break under your step. Soft breeze in the tree tops. Smells like moss.

  Whenever I miss Finland's beautiful forests, I open up this generator, close my eyes, and am instantly back home! The first time brought tears of relief to my eyes - thank you!

  I have autism and this is my lifesaver!! I love listening to nature. Thanks so much.

  I love this. Awesome. I have a very loud family. Many thanks.

  Wow, you can really hear how large and heavy these animals are with their steps! As someone with ADHD and a very active imagination, these sounds have truly begun to whisk me away to far off areas! I hope one day to visit them myself and see these great creatures in person.

  The default setting on this one has the right amount of water, birdsong, and the occasional crackle of wood to make me feel like I'm on a promontory overlooking nature, a little fire going beside me while I watch for the midnight sun. It sends shivers down my spine!

  Even on default, this is my new favorite. Perfect combo of birds, water, and other ambient noises. Love it!

  This is my new favorite! It is so great when I'm trying to work!

  I suffer with ADHD and anxiety and this really helps me to find peace and be able to get on with my work (I'm an IT engineer).

  I can practically smell the forest air - thank you for this experience!

  High frequencies helps me to not fell asleep during work, and usually I love this pattern when combined with low noise tuned to some sad, decent drones. Saturn Rings, Orchestron or another kinds of moody sounds create such an eerie and mystical atmosphere that my mind quickly enters flow state and I can write pure, multi-structured, well thought programs out of the box. Thank you! :)

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