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The Music of Sound

Modular synthesizers are among the most esoteric of devices among electronic music instruments. They are built from separate modules that taken individually would not necessarily output any sound, and they come to life only when interconnected via a tangle of cables. To produce a basic sound, the musician electrician needs to understand how sound synthesis works first - that's the prerequisite to creating a valid signal path across the three different layers inherent to modular systems: the audio path, the control voltages, and the gate signals. That is why composing on a modular system is complex, but fascinating. With a modular synthesizer, you are the instrument maker and the performer. Sometimes, the instrument you have created is so complex that you do not need to think about the musical performance anymore, because the sound itself has become the music!

This soundscape has been created thanks to the generosity of the people making donations to this website, allowing me to build a small modular setup around a Pittsburgh Modular SV-1. May those contributors be assured of my deepest gratitude!

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  Oh gosh, this is creepy and beautiful.

  When everyone is asleep, the androids gather their bearings, no longer needing to behold to the wishes of humans. They converse in sounds only they understand, and relax.

  This generator gives me the same vibe as the soundtracks to Prey, Observer and similar games. Eerie, yet at the same time alluring.

  Put on an old Mars documentary on low volume and leaned back. Pure space-age bliss.

 Awesome. While this might be the newest to be added, it is certainly a favorite. I instantly became immersed in the rich and haunting sounds. It is great on its own, but I am interested in how it pairs with other generators...

 This gives me a nostalgic reminiscence of the Half-Life vibe: the echoey psychedelic soundtrack that hums in the background as Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance explore the White Forest, evoking a feeling of both curiosity and serenity throughout the beautiful desolation.

 I always check out the new generators as I am continuously amazed by what the amazing Dr. Pigeon can create. This is another amazing soundscape generator. It is perfect background music at my office while I am trying to write up case notes (boring!) and block out the sounds of loud children who are temporarily displaced below my office. Thank you again for your amazing work!

 This is a nice generator to have on at work. Interesting enough not to be boring, but also not too intrusive or distracting. Also, it sounds like you're in space, which is a plus.

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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!