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The Next 'Next Generation'

When myNoise started, the Star Trek's Enterprise engine noise was a recurring request. It got then answered with our now famous Warp Speed noise generator. Since, technology has matured - haha! Starships became faster, quieter, and greener! Their sound evolved too... and so did my sound design skills. Enjoy this updated version.

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  Love this! Especially the fact you can change the root note! C# is my fave!

  Fantastic! The interference would've been great as Algolian ceremonial rhythms... ;) [Star Trek TNG: Menage A Troi]

  The Drone. Drone is life. Drone is omnipresent. That's the price you pay for transiting through the Unsecured Sectors - keep the shields up and the warp protector running... and love the drone of the systems that protect you.

  The starships may have become greener and more efficient but definitely noisier and louder at the same time. On the constructive side, this is definitely one generator I would love to work to while imagining myself in some kind of futuristic Kontrollraum.

  Space: the final frontier; these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. On a five-year mission: to seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! When Modern Starship is combined with Warp Speed simultaneously, and both are played with the Slider Animation set to Default, it sounds exactly like the U.S.S. Enterprise! :)

  Really love this one. I liked the other spaceship generator, but I'd have liked one that felt... well, exactly as you describe this one: more akin to modern spaceships, with more relaxing, ambient-like sounds. Since it isn't very intrusive, it gets very relaxing and immersive over time. Thank you!

  Love it! Just in time to help me study for exams.

  Yes sir! Feels like floating, only gravity keeps me down...

  I love the sweeps of sounds over the pulsing. Very relaxing and transporting!

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