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Solomon's Dream
The Sound of Middle East
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Salaam, Shalom.

Shin, lamedh and mem are letters of the Semitic abjad; an abjad is a type of writing system in which - in contrast to our Western alphabet - each symbol stands for a consonant. There are no vowels. With abjads, readers have to infer the appropriate vowels between consonnants. Shin is the voiceless sybilant [s], lamedh is [l] and mem is [m]. Now try to speak out loud the 'word' slm. You just wished someone peace in Arabic or Hebrew: salaam, shalom!

Shin, lamedh and mem are the root of many Semitic words and many of those words are used as names - such as in the title of this generator. Derived from this tree letter root, are the meanings such as wholeness, safety, well-being and good intention.

It is very dear to me, to open the myNoise project to the sound of different cultures and promote peace in the world through music. This sound generator combines the talents of Dave 'Salaam' Tawfik playing on the duduk, and Ido 'Shalom' Romano playing the oud. Like this sound generator, be we all united around music and peace.

Dave Tawfik is graduated from the acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Popular Music in Guildford, United Kingdom. Ido Romano is a composer from Jerusalem, Israel holding Masters and Bachelors degrees in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Published by Stéphane on November 9th, 2020

User Stories

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  This soundscape with "Wind on a Tent" truly feels so relaxing and immersive. You have to try it!

  This, combined with a certain combo of throat ensemble is amazing. I had a headache, now it is fading. It feels like I am in a Middle Eastern movie.

  This is amazing! I'm usually drawn to the nature sound generators, but I decided to try this one on a whim. It helped me focus so much that I finished the project that I'd been putting off for a week. Unbelievable. Thank you so much!

  Guuuys, this and Shortwave Radio, specifically Indian Tuning and Middle East Modulation sliders with animation turned on. Try it, it's godsend for chilling on a hot evening, the vibes are immaculate!!

  Solomon's Dream + Distant Thunder + Squeaking Sailboat = a soundscape I find myself never wanting to leave. When the sun sets on a hot summer day, and the breeze finds its way through my windows, this noise machine feels almost too good to be true.

  Reminds me of the songs that the street performers play in the old city.

  Absolutely beautiful: a dream of peace and possibility in a world that needs to heal.

  Since you don't have a Byzantine generator yet, I love to combined Solomon's Dream with Gregorian chants to mimic the beautiful sounds of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Very peaceful, spiritual and relaxing. Love this site!

  Awesome! Instantly one of my favorites. Combined with Desert Wind it's just gorgeous. For meditating, learning, working, relaxing...

  Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon, BRAVO!! There are no words to describe this sound. Salomon's Dreams are one of my top five favorite sounds, when I am anxious or too many activities to do at the same time, I just play this one, and immediately it transported me to the old Middle East, and focus on that matter.

  You have done it again! Namaste.

  I listen to this and I become a wanderer. Instantly I feel like I remember something that I never lived. Stories open and I am calm enough to listen.

  This generator brings me peace. Duduk replaces the shouting voices in my head.

  I'm a frequent user and supporter of this site, but I havent had such an immediate, emotional reaction to a generator as I have with this one. Simply incredible work.

  Whoa. Love from your early supporter, Syok [Editor: hi Syok!]

  Mr. Pigeon this is... extremely sorry to say but no words, you left me speechless :)

  This is absolutely wonderful. This type of Eastern music always touches my heart strings. Thank you.

  I love these types of traditional music and nature type audios, probably will play in the background of "Berber Tent".

  Absolutely amazing!

  I love this. So calming and beautiful. I love pairing it with any of the vocal drones - they all work so well with this that I have a hard time choosing which one I like best! Really helps me focus on my writing.

  Active military duty in Southern Turkey back in the late 1970s. No phone service, required to monitor an FM radio station. If "Your uncle wants you" was heard make a bee-line to base. I'm reminded of months living among friendly strangers who openly shared the pleasures of their lives, bound only by a tenuous thread I was often tempted to break.

  This is so restful. It's perfect for studying. And there's something really precise and delicate about the sound quality. Thank you once again, Mr Pigeon! You're so good at what you do.

  Pulls on my heartstrings. Simply beautiful!

  This is so calming and dreamlike soundscape, it really makes you drop all you are doing and just relax. I like to listen this in the evening before going to bed, it prepares my mind and body to the sleeping mode and helps me sleep better.

  Listening to this from my bedroom (doubling as my home office) in Jerusalem, what a way to enhance the atmosphere. Wonderful. Thank you!!

  Since COVID and having to work from home (along side my partner) I've been looking for background noise to help me drown out his telephone calls. myNoise is so much more than a way to cancel other noises. It soothes me when I'm having a stressful workday, it's incredibly customizable, and I'm actually learning about sounds and music from other cultures in the process (like the shi-shi odoshi!).

  This is AMAZING - really takes you to the other side of the world!

  Calming and yet with an air of intrigue.

  Beautiful! -MF

  This combined with the Duduk Song (the Duduk Song 1 preset on Animate) is so appropriate to my current sad mood. It is the first time I am actually enjoying giving my sadness such a beautiful outlet. Thank you for this!

  Lovely! Makes me think of India, even though I've never been there.

  So peaceful :) It brings me to center and is a wonderful balancing background for work. I love the occasional tiny bell too!

  Tranquility and focus in one generator. The setting I prefer (hit the blue heart) makes it possible for me to focus on a large amount of reading work. But I can imagine that this generator also works fine to ease the mind after a working day.