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Space Odyssey
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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

Space Ambient is an incredibly powerful and evocative genre of music that can take you on a journey to another world entirely. If you like the sounds currently playing, you will love the Ambient Astronaut channel on YouTube.

User Stories

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•  Stéphane you have created something beautiful and fantastic with I've passed this web address to as many people as I can over the years and the newer features are brilliant. More people need to experience myNoise.

•  To the person who recently commented on Space Odyssey saying that they make American Indian flutes. Do you make these for customers? Can I buy one please? I just started using Space Odyssey and other soundscapes in music therapy sessions with adolescents with autism and / or behavioural issues - they are mesmerised manipulating the setting , calm down and focus with a sense of control! Awesome!

•  Working in a customer service call center. Dealing with "difficult" clients with this on the background really does help me go trough the day.

•  Sorry, this might be a bit meta, but I love reading the testimonials. This is a great community!

•  This is the kind of noise that scratches all the right places in my brain. Love it!

•  This was really relaxing to get work done with and it's very subtle so you can still enjoy it but not have to pay to much attention to it while working. Overall this was really nice.

•  Slap on animate mode and enjoy your interstellar journey!

•  I've been away from this site for a while. Caring for 3 elderly parents, 2 have passed. Dad has sever alzheimer's . During that time my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemo, surgery and radiation. then this covid crap. I was also terminated from my job. I make and play native american style flutes. I also am an amateur astronomer. Great back tracks to playing flutes to.

•  This one is amazing. Listening combined with Primeval Forest for that synthesized + natural combo to really calm me down for my work day. Absolutely love this site and everything you've done, S!!! This is a MAJOR accomplishment in music, sound design, and recording technology.

• I'm an engineer and recently started a new mission to work on spacecrafts. Space Odyssey was already one of my favorite Magic Generators but now it fits perfectly into my workplace! Everytime I click, I'm pleasantly surprised by the new combination of sounds, that helps me get into "the zone" when I'm coding.

• You keep me sane with noise generators like this. Thank you Stephane!

• I use this to help me prep for the Rogue Trader campaign I run. Great way to stay focused, and great atmosphere too! All aboard for the Calixis Sector!

• As this particular combination will probably never happen again like life everchanging life, not an imitation of life.

• When I first donated quite a while ago, you did not have the outer space noise generators. Have listened to your other outer space tunes before, but just found this generator today. Wonderful! Helps with concentration and stability a lot.

• I had donated a good while back specifically for the outer space noise generators. After a particularly rough couple of months concentration-wise, I remembered Space Odyssey. It's been a life saver ever since :)

• Space Oddessy and Magic Garden are my lifelines at work. I suffer with unstable moods, poor focus and considerable levels of anxiety. These generators help keep me calm, focussed and working. Thank you so much. Kaylee xxxxxx

• This is a great alternative to my regular 'fireplace / white noise / cold wind' sounds. It helps calm my weary mind. This is what the internet was made for. Thank you!

• I just donated for the first time, to say thanks for being the best noise generator site I've ever found. I opened this generator right away (since this is the first time I could listen to it). Within about twenty seconds I teared up for reasons I couldn't possibly explain. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that this generator makes me feel a way I've never felt before.

• This is awesome, the site is awesome. In opposition to other white noise sources, here, I find that the content is very musical and aimed at appeasing the mind. Perfect for calming down Tinnitus, distract your mind of it... Just perfect!!! Hell, I could drop acid on this... I won't though, it's illegal.

• I used to love the Cafe Restaurant but this space sounds generator is what actually made me donate. This makes me more focused on tasks for hours. Thank you! :)

• Love this. Used it when writing a science fiction novel with the characters at a space port. I combined it with a song called 'Worthless (original mix)' by Dido. Together it created a calming, almost somber environment for what I was writing about.

• I'm using this plus White Noise & Co. I'm drifting through space... and easing my tinnitus. It's beautiful.

• Space-themed generators were the thing, that actually convinced me to donate. I like them. Space sounds help me to focus, when I work in the late evening and calm down when I go to bed. The perfect balance of randomness and rhythms creates good atmosphere both for working and resting.

• Love this! So calming and always transports me... Definitely my favourite site - thank you!

• I like to listen to this before I go to bed, it makes me feel as if I'm floating through space just outside some sort of spaceship.

• This is my current favorite generator. It fills my mind without distracting me from the work I'm trying to accomplish. Excellent for drowning out other noise! Plus, it's inspirational when I'm trying to write stories about space!

• I love space sounds and music. This is my new favorite. Thank you!

• A fantastic generator that has it all: scaling synths, an ambient bed, binaural waves and more. Keep up the incredible work!

• Absolutely stunning. Hats off doc, hats off!

• This is my favorite sound to work to, hands down. It's steady enough to not be distracting and so soothing without putting me to sleep. I absolutely love it!!

• It's projects like these - so simple yet so profound in their realization - that make me happy to be alive. Thanks for making my study/relax/sleep time profound.

• After a day trip to Hobbs to pick up something, I couldn't use this site due to the internet being sucky. As soon as I got home, I plugged in my computer and came here ASAP. I used my first credit to order my pull, forever grateful for this website - Nico

• Beeing a Ambient Music lover and musician this entire site unleashes a plethora of inspiration and magic that I can channel into my own music. Just listening for a few minutes makes my fingers itchy. Added on top of that it's like I have a neverending regenerative soundscape that I can listen to, meditate to, relax to, and that easily dampens my Tinnitus. I'm lucky to have found this site.

• This is the site I've been looking for for years! After trying several "meh"-noisegenerators I had reverted to listening to music to block out the surroundings until I found this site. Great variety of sounds, high quality, clean interface - I took me less than 30 minutes until I decided that this site deserves a donation.

• Sound is so underappreciated in the ways that it can transcend you to places and feelings. This website is a work of art and I hope everyone else can see the beauty behind these sounds.

• I honestly can't believe how much feeling there is behind simple sounds. I simply pick a generator like this, play about with the sliders a little then leave it on the slowest animate setting... It generates such strong feelings, it's incredible! Best €5 ever spent, I can see myself easily donating again in the future.

• I love this random noise generator. I leave it on background throughout the day and helps me concentrate. In fact, I dig it so much I wish you'd offer a mix-and-match feature so I can get certain preferred combinations locked in. Keep up the great work, and thanks!

• "Magic" truly is the word. Space Odyssey is my perfect mix for work <3

• I waited much too long to become a patron, the basic sounds are great but these are something you have to hear to believe... I use them to concentrate and remain calm while I am trading the financial markets. Well worth the investment, many times over... I absolutely love this site... Thanks so much...

• Here I am in my space suit, sitting in a comfy chair, strapped to the Voyager 1 spacecraft, 13 billion miles from Earth, traveling through interstellar space.

• I can finally feel like I'm aboard the Enterprise! :D

• This. Is. Gorgeous.

• I cannot express how much I love this generator, particularly the exact mix I'm listening to right now. It has the perfect ambiance to allow me to focus and write like I want. It's strange, but the separate generators themselves that are used to make Space Odyssey aren't always my favorites, but there is something so special — dare I say magical? — when blended together like this.

• This literally gave me shivers. I felt like I could have touched the sound.

• I am so glad I became a patron! This is exactly what I spent hours looking for. It helps me to focus and to study, it's like the world around me disappears in a good way.

• I love ambient & dark ambient music. I also know this website for some time now. I return here quite often. Recently, I'm here almost everyday. I didn't donate earlier because I don't have a PayPal account. But now, since Stripe is available, I donated $10 because every penny spent on this project is totally worth it. Thank you for many, many hours of relaxation and focus.

• As the shadow of time faded, we peacefully drifted past the point of no return in our predestined journey into unknown lands. The daily chores and the doubts in our minds the only things keeping us sane, keeping us focused on reality as we watched the void from the windows and fantasized of vivid colors and light. Our lives slowly slipping away as our dreams became the paradize we sought.

• It's been three years since we landed on Mars. After we have found proof that water does exist under the surface, stashed quietly in generous ice lakes, the top brains at NASA gathered all the resources they could muster to create a deployable Space Station. I wish my friend could see what I see now. Staring deep into the abiss of space I sit quietly in my meditation chamber. Such beauty

• I play a space simulator game called Elite: Dangerous. The combination of this Generator's meditation room and "Aircraft Cabin Noise" set to "first class" makes my gameplay so much more immersive, my long-haul trips between systems much less boring, and - believe it or not - helps to keep me cool during long dogfights. I strongly recommend trying this if you play any space simulators.

• SPACE ODYSSEY is EXACTLY what I have spent man hours of experimentation with super generators to create Just the Right Mix - this is better than I ever imagined! Add the Dr. P Solfeggio, and float blissfully away! I love this site, and I am so grateful to Dr. Pigeon & everyone who contributes $, ideas, everything that makes myNoise truly awe-inspiring. Namaste!

• Best $5 I ever spent.

• I discovered your site yesterday and it was love at first sound. I became a patron right away! What I really like about this website is both the diversity and quality of the sound generators, and how perfect they all are for focusing or concentrating. I tried many different sounds and musics, but mynoise is ten times above any other. Thanks for making such an amazing corner of the internet <3

• I love your site Stéphane. I am currently tripping-out at work to the Space Odyssey Magic Generator whilst reading some very dry technical material. A beautiful escape from the harshness of a huge open-plan office space. Now the office noises are just part of the intergalactic trip. Great work! Those reading who haven't made a donation, please do. You'll not regret it (-:

• The magic generator is literally my favorite part of this website. Absolutely stunning.

• The fact that the magic generator can create randomly unique and beautiful tones is both fascinating and a joy to listen to. It's well worth a donation to have a new tone delivered to you every time you open the site. Well done, Stéphane!

• This is a really unique idea. I had already started trying to balance unique mixes of several generators, but the magic generator not only does it for me, it also exposes me to combinations I wouldn't have thought about on my own. Well done!

• I love this, I found it at random through reddit and started listening. I spend 3 to 4 hours a day sitting in front of a computer writing documentation and can't really listen to music so this is wonderful. I can also use it for meditation and gaming sessions.

• Wow, seriously, this is awesome and beautiful. I love this one so much...

• The magic generator series is simply brilliant: Stéphane... unsurpassed.

• These are so cool! It's a unique atmosphere which isn't possible with any other generator alone. The themes are great, my favourite is the "Space Odyssey."