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Healing Trees
Trance-Inductive Hypnosis Talk and ASMR Whisper Generator
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Conversational Hypnosis meets ASMR

Enter the world of conversational hypnosis, with myNoise user and professional hypnotherapist Isabelle Knight, from the United Kingdom. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit and relax; close your eyes; and let Isabelle's quiet voice guide you, step by step, through an imaginary forest. Each slider tells you part of the tale, narrated in Eriksonian style.

As a noise generator, different sliders can be mixed together. Simultaneous streams will challenge your mind. You may understand a couple of conversations at once, but this will require your mind to concentrate on such a task, thus putting aside your everyday hassles. Add more channels in the mix, and you will soon end up with overload and confusion, forcing your conscious brain to switch off. Your unconscious will start picking up isolated words, as it pleases, to inspire your mind.

You can use this generator for many purposes, such as quietening your thoughts, stimulating your imagination, deep relaxation and trance, or simply to fall asleep easier.

This sound generator serves the ASMR community too. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and represents a tingling sensation triggered by a certain stimulus, the sound of whispering in one's ear being one of them.

Published by Stéphane on November 24th, 2013

User Stories

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  Slow and quiet, with inaudible distant "ear to ear".

  Less ASMR and more Dementors.

  I don't know why but this reminds me of being told Ghost Stories at Camp! Love this!

  I really, really love this. This was the first ASMR to ever make me feel comfortable and calm, I can't thank you enough. I do have some ideas! What if there was spa asmr too! It would feel nice to listen to the noises of a spa or sauna and have some calming vocals to relax even more! Once again, myNoise is amazing and I love it so much! [Editor note: the sauna already exists]

  Helps me sleeep like a baby. We should do a 'whispered affirmations' generator! I'm sure many on here would love that.

  Really nice kinda creepy but really relaxing.

  I don't know why, but I find Healing Trees incredibly soothing. I put it in the background of almost all of the noise combinations I make. I can't really hear it, but it just feels like a benevolent presence.

  Whispering has vibrations that purify the person's subconscious mind - which is the storehouse for problems and stress. Purification leads to relaxation - which has vibrations that are active when we are asleep and awake. These vibrations give us peace - night and day. Noise is for persons who do not experience the vibration of peace.

  Gave me creepy goosebumps. Boo!

  I started off frightened and confused, but when I started listening and changing the controls, it really calmed me. 10/10

  It's so creepy, but it's relaxing. It kinda scares me, but it's cool.

  This one is great. I just feel relaxed.

  I love it, this really melts my brain.

  Audio Schizophrenia.

  Makes me want to fall asleep.

  I don't get a tingly ASMR response to this sort of thing so I didn't think I'd like it. But the whispering is very soothing, like my subconscious is whispering kind helpful things (instead of self-critical anxious things!). Dr Pigeon rules again!

  ASMR and particularly whispering always makes me relax and I get the signature ASMR tingles most from the whispering! This is great for stress and anxiety or for bedtime :)

  I was fiddling with the sliders a little impatiently until I heard one word among the whispers... "beautiful". I'm reading my copy of The Poetic Edda to this and it's enhanced the experience considerably.

  This track goes great with the poltergeist RPG soundtrack, haha.

  At first, it kinda freaked me out. The whisper in my ear sounded so realistic, I thought there was someone behind me! After a while, I really enjoyed it and it was really relaxing.

  Very relaxing and focusing. I listen to this all the time now, it's the perfect background noise.

  First I must begin with the knowledge that I'm deeply Pagan; this makes my meditations and rituals more... Charged. I love it. It's as if these are the voices of the Goddess and Her many forms, surging around me, seeping up through the cracks in the Earth and falling with moonlight between leaves...

  Awesome! I would love to have a power affirmations as an option :)

  Today is my Mother's birthday and I miss her so much. She passed away from Cancer. This site helped me relax and stay calm. The voices here helped me through a tough day. Thank You.

  This is very interesting. But it honestly creeped me out a lot.

  This website has won me over with this ASMR whisper generator! I usually despise ASMR whisper because its too sharp for my ears but I've found the perfect combo!

  I don't know why, but my body started tinggling and felt like crying. Really relaxing in a weird way.

  This combined with Nocturnal Garden and Anamnesis (all on animate) sound so cool yet eerie at the same time; good for thinking or inspiration!

  I set it this way and then got distracted by something, and didn't even realize I had been listening to this for 20 minutes. Didn't expect that as I am not a huge whisper/ASMR fan.

  Turn the animate feature on and mix with Code Breaker just audible on the 60Hz setting. The two sounds are hypnotic on their own, but together... Just wow, prepare for a journey.. I find the pattern suits the Whispers/ASMR. It gives you a feeling like no other, its like your there in the middle of a forest. As you close your eyes and your imagination wonders, you start to perceive a serene forest.

  OK, first testimonial but I had to comment on this one. Phase one...annoyance. I hear many different voices. Kind of confusing as I try to focus on one. Phase two...I turn the volume up to max & Animate. Now starting to hear clear phrases but nothing distinct. Phase three...I actually feel my consciousness slipping as I can suddenly hear a clear & distinct voice among the confusion. Intense.

  ← Heart Eyes

  At first, I though it was going to be disgusting. But now I cant stop listening to it. It's simply awesome and relaxing.

  It's really hypnotising, it makes me want to sleep, and I feel strange "ear-tickling"!

  The first time I have ever gotten ASMR to work at all, feels like needles across ears and back of neck. Highly unpleasant and truly creepy experience, much like you would expect from a stranger whispering in your ear, would not recommend. But A+ if you enjoy ASMR? (Ed. I don't think you did experience ASMR. ASMR doesn't feel like needles, and it's a rather pleasant sensation)

  ← Such a good ASMR right here.

  This Kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order...

  It made me cry but I don't feel sadness or fear but I cant stop crying.

  So oddly relaxing with the rain and traffic noise. Brings me back to car rides when I couldn't get to sleep.

  This setting is kinda creepy, but is really good for focusing if you use it with the TARDIS setting on the Sci-Fi sound generator!

  This really helped me chill into a nice sleep. I have a lot of sleep problems so anything that helps is great :D

  This site is an absolute wonder! I simply cannot get enough of these amazing soundscapes. Thank you so much for all your creativity and innovation. Making a donation to your site was the best money I've spent in years! Cheers, Dr. Ir. Stphane Pigeon. You rock!

  Harry Potter...

  Ghosts whispering in your ears.

  This gives me goosebumps all over

  If you ever wanted to feel like the Ring of Power was whispering in your head, here you go.

  I think tripping acid with my setting is the closest you will ever get to feeling schizophrenia.

  ← Creepy, but pretty fun.

  I used this on the meditation room setting along with my custom curve for the white noise, and it really helped me meditate. I always have problems letting go enough to feel like real meditation, but this was exactly what I needed

  Reminds me of Galadriel in Lord of the Rings haha

  This is the best ASMR whisper I could find! Thank you SO much for this!


  I tend to use this alot whilst writing and I use it with the rain generator on the setting fairy rain and it helps me alot.

  Feels creepy , but after some minutes if you close your eyes you can imagine different things... I can't say how 'different', that depends on you... Try it!, it's awesome like all the content on this website! Thanks a lot!

  This is so good for anxiety, and the whispers feel like relaxing touches which is very soothing.

  Love this. I love the background and how it seems the voices are haunting you. Calms me down and is a nice sound effect to use. :)

  It sounds so much like Harry Potter! It takes me back to when I first watched The Chamber of Secrets.

  If you've ever wanted to feel like you're in Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets - this is the noise for you.

  Stephane... This is very weird... but uniquely so good!

  This is easily one of my favorites. I feel the muscles in my temples and head shiver and relax. My brain feels thoroughly caressed.

  You would think the sound of a voice in your ear word be unnerving, but it really helps me to relax and blocks out the rest of the world when I'm working.

  It's strange how someone whispering in your ear can calm you. It's creepy, but it makes me feel less alone.

  This whisper combined with the sound of, "Winter Walk," is honestly one of the most calming experiences I get to have every day.

  Love it, sounds creepy!

  Relaxing, calming, inspiring, and somehow comforting.

  This is amazing. I like to cycle through the various parts of the narrative for variation. However, each so far has guaranteed a quick and easy sleep.

  I find this can create a really interesting atmosphere. Almost like your being watched.

  I find this noise quite creepy, perfect for a creepy film.