Transdimensional Traveler
Electric Guitar Soundscape
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Infinite Guitar Space

Enter the realm of time machines and futuristic soundscapes. This generator invites the listeners to expand and explore their own inner and outer spaces. Transdimensional Traveler is inspired by the golden age of progressive and psychedelic rock, when artists would delight in taking their audiences on a journey into aural landscapes of new and unforeseen realms, where album songs could go twenty minutes and beyond, featuring long, experimental improvisations. Paul Masvidal — who kindly helped us with this guitar generator on myNoise — recorded a set of tracks that recalls those expansive guitar soundscapes with the difference being that on myNoise, the experience is literally (and blissfully) endless.

Masvidal elucidates, "People may not think of electric guitars in this way, but as a musician who's always looking to push the envelope, and leave the familiar behind, this is the realm of guitar that inspires me most. To me it’s a form of painting auditory cosmic landscapes, or speaking a musical light language. The result is a crystalline harmonic vibration that emanates from sacred geometric shapes. Akin to Earth meets Sky or perhaps more aptly described as Earth meets Multiverse, I recommend taking slow deep breaths while listening, and allow the eternal you, the one that is truly infinite and boundless, to become the Transdimensional Traveler."

Masvidal has recorded a series of conceptual, acoustic, song-focused records where he collaborated with myNoise to layer custom Isochronic tones for each track to induce therapeutic brain wave states and transcendental experiences. More info on this forthcoming release will be available soon.

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  I've watched entirely too much Dark lately, and you get some similar ambience and a lot more if you mess around with this and Clockwork together <3

  Definitely hearing Close to the Edge. "In her white lace, you could clearly see the lady sadly looking. Saying that she'd take the blame. For the crucifixion of her own domain."

  This is perfect... the pulsating is really soothing and helps me concentrate at work. Thank you!

  Reminds me of early David Sylvian. Another masterpiece... thank you very much!

  The library keeps growing larger, and with each new entry a marvel in your ability to make me get lost in your sounds. I open the new generators to have a quick listen, only to look down at the time and realize I've been listening for an hour... I hope my feeble donations go somewhere along the way to help you make these. Your friend, Syok

  Simply awesome. May God bless you for your wonderful creativity.

  This is the precise soundscape I didn't know I had been waiting for all my life. Thank you so much.

  It feels like I'm forever waiting for the drop in a Pink Floyd song. I like it though!

  Oh, brilliant! Brilliant! I love this setting. Thanks guys!

  I've had this new one on all day now. With the sliders animated, it creates a very relaxing background. Thanks Stephane and Paul. This is beautiful!

  Wonderful. I have all week to play with a new generator now. Already thinking of others to try and layer this with like Guitar Mashup or Telecaster Licks and some others!

  Another truly great soundscape. Deeply relaxing and gently uplifting, still mysteriously profound. A new favourite indeed.

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