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Mass Production Noise

From the heart of the 18th century came the groundbreaking Industrial Revolution, an era of advancement and efficiency for the human race on a fundamental level. Beginning in England with the textile industry, the invention and innovation of new machinery and the use of steam power replaced repetitive manual labor performed by humans and animals. Factories were born for the purpose of mass production.

And now, with this generator, you can step inside one of those factories and audibly experience history being made for yourself. The only question is: Which earth-shattering innovation of the Industrial era is being developed around you?

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  The Inferno slider setting! There's just something about it! It's a bit eerie, but also really calming!

  Breathe just in time with the machine hisses and it feels like you're a robot!

  This combination removes the "faster" moving parts of the machinery. It's nicer for late evenings when you want to focus and slow down your pace.

  I use this in conjunction with Data Center Noise. It sounds kinda Silent Hill-ish.

  Sounds like when blood rushes inside your ears :o

  This is really relaxing. I'm just browsing Reddit but it feels like I'm actually doing something useful!

  It seems odd thats it's so calming... I just think it's a good balance.

  Sounds like if the Willy Wonka chocolate factory came to life, without the Oompa Loompas.

  ← One of my favourites for studying! Love the sound of the steam and the impact noises. Something about it just makes me want to focus on my work and get right into it.

  Wow, combining this with Railroads makes the ultimate industrial soundtrack.

  The constant flow of sound underneath action music gives it a little more power and energy! I love listening to this to get my mind buzzing for work, especially when I'm a bit tired from staying up too late the night before!

  Nice!!! I love this one; this one sounds like a man sized steam robot walker tank!

  Combine with clockwork for an ultimate steampunk feeling.

  I love to lay this underneath the soundtrack for the 2004 mini-series of "North and South." Because the cotton mill is such a prominent part of the narrative - almost like a character itself - having the shuttles thudding away in the background of the film's score creates this amazing effect. It's like tapping into the soul of the story.

  This has quickly become one of my favorite noise generators. Good for immersion when I'm writing and concentration when I'm studying. :)

  Reminds me of Dwemer ruins in Skyrim a little bit

  This has some sounds that can be classified as eerie, I love repetitive machine sounds and this generator is just perfect for me.

  Mabuse! This setting reminds me of the opening scene in Fritz Lang's movie "Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse" (The Testament of Dr. Mabuse.) I've always liked the sound in that scene, so it's nice to have something to approximate it for background noise.

  If like me the constantly changing rhythms and beats of machines, the impression that everything is going smoothly without help of anyone, and all this mixed with the Railroads noises, makes your brain work alone, your hands writting better, and your body feel calm and rest... Phd candidates: here is your ultimate setting! Thanks again for your work, Sieur Pigeon.

  Wonderful. I like to use one like white noise or fan noise and have a single band of a more 'real' noise mixed in when I sleep and this works great.

  I'll always prefer the 'nature' sounds, but this perfectly masks the noise of a room full of copier/scanners all running at once. Now I can have peace from the distraction of machines stopping and starting.

  Something about repetitive industrial noises is incredibly soothing. It's like the sound of machines breathing, if they were alive. This one really helps me focus on my work. It's like the entire world outside my desk doesn't even exist.

  This is one of my new favorites! The repetition of the machines is hypnotizing and relaxing—looking forward to trying this out for sleep, believe it or not.

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