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Amazing Graze!

Sit down and get comfortable, put your headphones on, turn the animation on, and be transported right to the middle of a grassy field, surrounded by the many inhabitants of a traditional sheephold in southern France. This soundscape acts as a nice memory trigger for me, reminding me of my wonderful family holidays during the summer of 2014. We were staying at Chez La Bergère where we got to know Nathalie, the shepherdess, and her many happy animals gazing in the wild. This was a happy place to share living for a while, without many modern comforts, but where one is able to truly reconnect with his center, far away from the busy life.

Now close your eyes. It's your turn to escape from the distractions and modern world. Let the gentle breeze blow your worries away and the bees warm up your heart. Connect with the animals around you - you probably have never been that close - and enjoy a vital break, even if it is just for a minute or two!

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

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  Shuffling through the grass, the moutains seemed ever near, yet so distance by the walk.

  Happy munching sounds, with the occasional exhale, and bells. I'm in heaven <3

  This is lovely! Love the bells.

  This sounds like sort of like horseback riding. Reminds me of riding pony rides when I was littler. :-)

  This one sounds like what I hear when I go outside.

  I never would have guessed how happy and relaxed the sound of a pig eating his lunch could make me, reminds me of home :)

  Nice with a good book

  ← Just relaxing with some ruminants (without so many bells)

  I just started meditating and this is just... wow. I'm so glad I found this site.

  I'm sitting in a field under a large tree. Two horses are grazing nearby. The air smells fresh and clean - a soft breeze tickles my face with the tips of my hair, and I can hear birds in the distance. I smile as one of the horses nudges my foot with its nose. It leaves green smudges on the pages of my open book, but I don't mind. The sky is blue. I want this moment to last forever.

  Just beautiful. This puts me in such a warm, comfortable state. You just have to try it and see what I mean.

  Listening to this and cat purr makes me think of sitting in the country with a cute cat on my lap. Fantastic for focus (Which I sometime have trouble with).

  This sound reminds me so vividly of my childhood growing up on the great plains. In my mind's eye I can see for miles, unhindered, with the smell of wheat and sage in my nose. Perfect.

  Been writing and working in my visual journals with this on in the background for over two hours now. I'm in a state of bliss... as are my two cats sleeping close by.Thanks, Dr Pigeon!

  It feels like a ride through a field on a horse while it's raining, it's like a rainy farm, it's anything you want it to be. Despite the name it sounds like anything, and that's quite nice in my case.

  Sounds like I'm with my llama! My llama likes to breath right into my ears, and have his face as close to mine as possible. It's like he's actually here with me, in my office. It's so relaxing.

  Feels like riding through a field on my great-aunt's pony, with her a good way behind me on her horse. Brings back great memories.

  I can honestly almost faintly smell cowdung... in the most pleasant way of course. Reminds me of hiking through Picos de Europa. Wonderful.

  I love this! Sends me straight back to France with the bees and Morocco with its goats. Very very nice

  I needed a taste of summer today, since this is the second weekend in a row where the snow has prevented me from leaving my dorm and going back home. This generator is always my quick pass to a warm summer day.

  I hear a bird of prey...

  Sweetly pastoral. Strangely soothing.

  I've been to France (especially southern France) many times by now, I've went there every summer for as long as I can remember, and this catches the atmosphere really well! Especially the Locusts preset!

  I love the sounds of the footprints and the breathing along with the chimes in the wind. Great ASMR feels out of this one.

  This one is default apart from Esperanza chewing - torture to those with Mesophonia!

  Oh gosh . This is GREAT on auto as you suggest. I can believe your trip was stress free and relaxing and just beautiful. Thanks for grabbing these sounds. Truly ambient. Thank you SO much. :)

  Sounds just like sharing a field with two horses :)

  You've just topped yourself again, Dr. Pigeon, with this Gen(m). This will spin off several really cool super-gens soon - imagine Sheep In The Dark!

  This = Amazing. This + Water Stream = More Amazing!

  This reminds me of a typical day when I was teaching in Africa Imagine sitting under the shade of a tree and watching the clouds slowly amble past. It gives me a sense of happiness and nostalgia of a much simpler time of my life.

  Ahh, this is quite amazing. It's like lying in the grass in a large field, listening to the bells of the animals grazing nearby.

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