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Sept 16th • Happy Place added

Sep 9th • Full Moon Forest added

Sep 2nd • Summer Festival added

Aug 26th • Distant Thunder updated

Aug 22nd • Wolf's Heart added

Aug 7th • Call of the Andes added

Jul 31st • Enigmatic added

Jul 24th • Port Town added

Jul 19th • Gregorian updated

Jul 8th • Pripyat added
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Meet George of the Jungle

George Vlad is a passionate field recordist fascinated by sounds that aren't readily accessible. He goes to great lengths in order to capture them, spending a lot of time exploring the outdoors and studying wildlife. As you are listening to this soundscape, there's a good chance that George is recording a new sound library in some remote place on the planet!

George favours responsible, low impact travels; he also believes in collaboration rather than competition and opens his sound expeditions to other players in the field. Thank you George for allowing myNoise to host a couple of your best sounds!

This soundscape is a composite build from the recordings George brought back from Africa in recent years. Discover more of his work on his SoundCloud account.

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  Finally! A soundscape for my continent with the sounds I know and love <3 Thank-you so much for doing this :)

  This is the noise for you if you know what a frog is.

  This is exactly what I wanted. It makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger, or perhaps more in-tune with humanity's long history with megafauna. Thank you so much!

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