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A farm sounds better than an open-plan office, sometimes!

Your colleagues cackle on the phone all day long, grunt because they are in a bad mood, or ruminate words you don't even understand? Don't worry, myNoise has the answer.

Have you tried using myNoise during working hours to block surrounding noises? Among the disturbances often cited, noisy colleagues come first. If this situation sounds familiar to you, What The... Farm could be the solution: Besides being an effective noise blocker, it is also a humorous way to ask your colleagues to quiet down a bit. Use it as follows: Put your headphones and (pretend to) listen to this soundscape. When asked what you are listening to, show them the page, and tell them how you prefer listening to the original rather than the(ir) copy! And it's a good way to promote this website too...

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  Love this so much! I'm from Nicaragua and some of the small towns sound very similar to this. Even the sound of the heavy trucks in this soundscape soothe me. Thank you!

  It is very relaxing and feels like home but it could do with a cockerel sound as well - maybe instead of the dog.

  Just imagine, laying in the grass on a sunny day, tractors working busy in the distance... This makes my worries go away in no time.

  Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME! The chickens are the best, because I love chickens.

  ← Sounds like a Yeti

  ← Lots of Chickens

  Love the moos!! :3333

  Hmmm... if I lived on a farm that sounded like this I would need this web site to block it out! haha.

  I turn off all of the other animals besides the cows, hay, barn, and tractor because I have a friend and her dad owns a dairy, but I do 4-H and the dairy project is my life. I love to walk my calf Olivia while listening to the cows moo and mess around with the hay and hearing the tractor drive around with the feed.

  As much as I love this, I was hoping there would be ducks and geese as well. I used to live on a farm that raised pretty much just birds. I remember every single night I'd fall asleep to the occasional quacking (more like chattering) of the ducks and the calm whistles of the geese.

  You guys never fail to impress me with all these amazing sounds. This one I got here is what I used to wake up to.

  I work in an old residential building that now serves as a church office. On some mornings in spring, I can hear the birds' chirping coming in through the air vents, but most mornings of the year, it's pretty quiet. Lucky for me the slider here for the birds sounds EXACTLY like them :D I love having it on while I'm working.

  LOL, I like it.

  Reminds me of my grandfathers farm back when I was young. Always a noise place but it was peaceful.

  High up in the hay barn, surrounded by sparrows with hens out in the yard and everything else in the distance. (Really there should be horses instead of cows to accurately replicate my childhood, but hey, close enough). Thanks!

  My dog LOVES this setting. He's trying to find the cows in the house!

  This setting is incredibly relaxing. I paired this with "Grazeland", "Binaural Harmonics" and "White Rain". Very peaceful and helps me concentrate while keeping my stress levels low. Thanks a bunch!!

  Reminds me of my old farm <3

  ← I call it chicks in the hay

  This is so crazy, just the other day I was saying to my husband "Oh, I should suggest a farm generator, we totally need some cow and sheep noises". YOU READ MY MIND. Thank you so much, this is great :D

  This is AMAZING!!! My new favourite soundscape! I find it invigorating and makes me want to crack on with my work! Really love the tractor in the background too! Thank you so much for this!

  I love this one. Having grown up riding horses though, I would've loved a dial with horse noises, just nickers and snuffles and things like that would've been nice. Still adore listening to this one though!

  "Hilarious" seems like an odd description for background noise, but this really is! There's nothing quite like the look on a co-worker's face when they catch just a hint of cow mooing or chicks peeping and can't figure out if they imagined it. I see that look a lot. It makes my day every time.

  This generator's especially good for amusing my dog - she gets bored easily, and chews when she's bored — though she'll ignore toys — but she'll sit there listening intently to the farm sounds for hours on end, especially if I animate the sliders. This, and the jungle generator, are saving me a fortune in chew bones :)

  I love the tractor!!! :D Thank you for this! I use it as a background while studying for vet exams.

  So relaxing :)

  As a vegan, I hope that one day, this will be the only way to hear these sounds together. You know, unless you happen to be the kind of person who keeps all these animals as pets, and if so... Yeah gods, your pet food bill! Seriously, though, good job on another immersive soundscape, you nailed the sound of a farm, bang on.

  I love this one mixed in with some dark rain and thunder. Brings back so many good memories of all the wet days I spent as a child taking care of my farm animals!

  Since I grew up from a dairy, I find these sounds very relaxing. The little chicken peeps are adorable. I like mixing them all up.

  The peeps are so relaxing... could listen to them for hours.

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