Alpha Omega
Ambient Electric Guitar Soundscape
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Genesis or Epilogue?

For Christmas, myNoise patrons offered me two guitar pedals. Well, I offered these to myself using the patronage income, but thank you! In return, here is a soundscape that makes use of my new delay and reverb.

A space ambient soundtrack again? Yes, this is the music I naturally compose when I lack the proper playing technique on a musical instrument-ha ha-and the guitar in particular. The instrument is then used to create individual notes, which are turned into textures. Textural music has a name: ambient music. This style of music emphasizes tones and atmospheres over rhythm and structured melody. Ambient music invites the listener to contemplation and introspection. myNoise excels at producing these tracks because of the multilayered and animated nature of its audio player.

I apologize for composing in a minor key, again. Don't ask me why. I am a cheerful person in everyday life, but with music, I favor the minor key, which produces more subtle emotions than a major key. It’s sad but deep and meditative. This soundscape evokes either the beginning or an ending. An infinite genesis, or infinite epilogue-this is up to you-but an infinite soundscape either way, as myNoise never stops nor repeats.

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  Very calming. Makes it easier to concentrate on work!

  This sounds like dawn on Tatooine with Luke looking out to the horizon before his aunt and uncle wake up.

  Very relaxing. Combines well with the flutes of Canyon.

  I just love it.

  A beautiful soundscape.. So peaceful yet suspenseful. Well done, once again.

  I was a bit late discovering this. However, this is really nice! Thank you!

  This soundscape makes for a perfect droning background to other soundscapes with more individualized sounds, like Mournful Chimes.

  Absolutely perfect when combined with Desert Wind.

  "For Christmas, myNoise patrons offered me two guitar pedals. Well, I offered these to myself using the patronage income, but thank you!" As a patron, this made me very happy to read, I always loved listening to ambient music, but some tracks are way too slow and low in the start. Having this on fixes that issue because now there's always noise! Thank you!

  It's been three months since I discovered myNoise and one week since I was waiting for a generator like this one; it sounds like Black Hole but waaay better :) Thanks for everything!

  Excellent. Thank you very much for this generator too.

  Yet another excellent space-themed soundscape. Stephane, you almost sounds apologetic in the description for this soundscape but please, keep bringing us Space-themed and electronic soundscapes! My afternoons at work would not be as productive without them!

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