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The Name of the Rose
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A tribute to the great Umberto Eco

... and a perfect soundtrack for a murder mystery ambience set in a medieval monastery.

In the year 1327, William of Baskerville, a respected Franciscan friar, is asked to attend a theological disputation held in a wealthy Benedictine abbey. When he arrives, the abbey is in fear over the recent death of one of their young monks, a brilliant illustrator, found killed at the base of a cliff outside the abbey. The abbot asks William to help solve the mystery. Alas, more deaths occur as the investigation draws closer to uncovering the secret the abbey wants to hide...

This custom generator was suggested by William - a remarkable coincidence - a fan and patron of myNoise. Read the side column below to learn how to create your own custom generator.

Published on January 22nd, 2019

User Stories

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  Definitely an eerie feel to this, but it's equally as calming too. I keep the sliders on slider movement to promote variation and switch this on for study. It kind of makes me feel like I'm studying in a peaceful cathedral where I can be left in peace. The chants bring about a sense of calm too. I'm currently studying for my GCSEs and myNoise is so helpful. God bless you, Stéphane.

  I was a student at Saint Patrick's college, Ballarat, in the early 80's. To my ear this theme is studying, reflecting, and learning. I play this with 'By the Lake' which is well known in the area for running, rowing and single sculling. It's amazing how a few sounds can recall lost memories, thank you. Noise is a permanent memory.

  Months after contributing, I still love to work to Name of the Rose background ambience most. We need more bells tolling in our work lives.

  This setting is kinda' like what I imagine passing time reading at a dinner table in a drafty house of an old horror movie before something *happens* would feel like.

  I love this. Picked the book to write about in English class and this helps me get way into the mood :)

  Sounds rather ominous. Slightly eerie. Good to write to.

  Listening while reading Clive Barker. Lowered chant slider to nearly inaudible. Almost a perfect depiction of what the characters hear when opening "the box".

  I'm a scholar of 14th c. Italian music and a huge Eco/Name of the Rose fan -- when someone sent this to me, I expected it to be super cheesy -- new age notions of medieval sounds + Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, etc. etc. Instead, I'm super captivated. This is amazing. Thank you!

  I like this! I ended up reading The Name of the Rose because of this sound generator!

  I'm a librarian, and The Name of the Rose plus Distant Thunder is the perfect backdrop to cataloging. I feel like I'm some sort of medieval monk preserving ancient texts while contemplative services are being held elsewhere in the building.

  Breaking News: Time travel made possible! Use this generator animated, coupled with RPG Battlefield distant battle in low volume, and press the button. You might have a chance to see Richard the LionHeart battling for his kingdom. Please remember not to interfere with History to keep the time line safe.

  Pacing back and forth through the cold, ancient archways. You quickly flip through the ancient notes, each page throwing dust into the air. Following the instructions written in an archaic, cryptic script, you crush powders and scrape stones. Above you, voices and chants can be heard. You don't have much time, they will be done soon, and you must finish your research before anyone can find you.

  Just a little trip inside my mind to medieval Italy.... complete with Gregorian chants and the priest dictating mass in the background. Western civilization.

  Wow. I donated, and the first thing I see is a tribute to my favorite author!

  A very interesting, intriguing and tension-generating yet feaceful combination!

  It feels like i'm walking through the endless corridors of a massive cathedral, which can both be aetherial or creepy depending on what mood you want to go for.

  I am not a religious person, but I find spiritual chants from various cultures calming. This combination is fantastic for those times when you want to simply be. I find it very soothing to simply sit and experience this generator.

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