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Feeling so good at home!

There is something inherently comforting about staying comfortably at home, when the weather is so bad. This compilation of horrible weather sounds and rain hitting your window works as an excellent noise blocker too!

Published on November 9th, 2019

User Stories

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  I love listening to the sound of thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornados. It relaxes me so much when I have to work on math, which is a very hard subject for me in school. And cool thing is, it helps me get better grades. I have been searching quite awhile for sounds to block out the many noises around me so I can focus. I’mso glad I found this. THANK YOU!

  This feels and sounds like sitting near a window during a bad storm, listening to the rain beat against the glass with the wind in the distance and the thunder creeping closer. As a person who absolutely loves thunderstorms, this recreates it perfectly!

  You're standing behind a large window bay. Wind and rain are already here. In the distance, you can see the storm coming in fast...

  I rarely donate to anything, but I can see you have put a lot of work into this. Thank you.

  Imagine being a little kid seeing a blonde girl with red eyes and oozing black goo dripping out from her sockets. Any tiny toddler could be scared when Victoria silently stares at them.

  This setting brings back memories of lying in bed on a stormy day. You've opened the bedroom window, just a smidge, a crack; you say it's to keep the air circulating, but in truth you just love the smell of rain and the light chill the outside air brings lets you to bundle up in your soft blankets.

  "Bad Weather" mixed with "Alchemist Workshop" is like you're a mad scientist making final tweaks in your very own Frankenstein creation, perfect ambiance for the fall weather.

  I have extremely high anxiety that is triggered by noises such as stomping, slamming, loud music, etc. Unfortunately, my upstairs neighbors were born to make that kind of noise. This is the only thing that blocks the ruckus!

  This sound on animate accompanied by some jazz or lo-fi is just heavenly to study to. It puts you into flow state so easily and quickly, and it feels so peaceful :)

  I live in an area where we don't really have bad weather but I really love the sound of thunderstorms, so I use this to mimic it.

  As soon as this started playing I relaxed. I didn't know I was so tense just irritated but with this on I was able to let go and finally sleep.

  In New York City, we get quite a lot of storms. Not too many, but when they're bad, they're bad. Just a few days ago, even though it was the middle of June, we got hit with a giant storm, and it hailed. I stood outside in the rain and hail and got soaked, and when I had enough, I grabbed a towel, went back inside, and sat on my bed in my dark room, looking out my window and petting my cat.

  The thunder and rain with the whistle of the wind makes my eyes heavy and relaxes my body for deep sleep.

  This is going to help me sleep tonight. That last slide also reminds me of hail.

  There is just something really soothing and cozy about summer thunderstorms. Especially in the evenings. Not totally dark yet, but enough to be briefly illuminated by the jagged forks of lightning that cut the dark grey sky.

  The best thing for study... ever. I think you will like how I've set mine...

  This is by far my favourite generator. I always come back for the comforting feeling of being inside in the warm room, while on the outside all hell breaks loose.

  Ambience that brings memories. I wish one more, with a wind, heavy rain, a squeaking tree, wind in the corona, and sound of the drops hitting a window.

  Kind of like a blizzard at this setting.

  Many memories of childhood on my uncle's farm in Normandy, during the winter days, came to the surface while listening to this storm. As a child, I stayed in a bedroom with a small window that would be battered by the rain while I slept in the bed heated by a hot brick.

  This is the perfect noise blocker and mood changer at the office. I feel like I'm cozy at home with my pajamas on instead of proofreading this report...

  Once every few years, a large wind storm will descend on Dallas, bringing torrential rains and winds strong enough to rip up trees. I enjoy standing on my front porch, hearing the wind, feeling the mist of rain on my skin, seeing the trees sway. It makes me feel powerful, cackling like a madwoman, watching the world come apart.

  Another awesome soundscape transports me to my fictional worlds.

  Thanks for making this compilation! It's the perfect cozy-in-bad-weather mix, without the unexpected crashy noises actual bad weather tends to have.

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