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Rain in the City
Urban Rain & Cafe Ambience
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Urban Perspective

You are new to this grey city as you have just accepted a new position. Coming home from your first day of work it is raining, again! The day is ending just as it began - miserably. Was it that bad weather that forced you to seek shelter in a cafe? Or was it the irresistible smell of hot roasted coffee that invited you in... Is the cup half full? Half empty? It's introspection time. Perhaps things aren't as bad as they seem.

Published by Stéphane on March 29th, 2019

User Stories

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  One of my favourite rain/storm mixes on this site.

  I layer Rain in the City with the White Rain noise generator when my partner is listening to YouTube videos and I'm doing schoolwork. The videos' voices blend in with the sound gens and don't distract me anymore.

  i use this at school as it isn't blocked and it helps me concentrate. i love it! I love rain noise so this is perfect because it has other noises that I can play as the background noise for the rain.

  Reminds me of when I used to live in a suburban city!! I love this.

  This reminds me of tropical rains! It has a unique character. I felt as if I am standing in the rain in my hometown.

  New here. Within 2 minutes I found a background groove so awesome, I kept it on for ten hours! My days of suffering an inaequate aural environment, halleluja! They are behind me, because ahead of me is exploration of the great sounds at -- and voluntary contributions QQ "What?" Thank you from an elder.

  Paired with a brown fan noise, this is the perfect background sound for studying, working, reading or whatever you prefer while pretending to be in a nice cafe on the first floor of a building, enjoying the rain from a warm room!

  I've listened to this generator a few times when I'm trying to sleep, there's just something special to me about the soft sound of cars passing by and the faint wind and rain. It's also given me inspiration for my writing, which is always a nice bonus.

  Mixed this with Aeternitas, it's like you're in a pocket dimension, waiting to be noticed.

  This moment in time will be recorded, stored and captured in the databanks of this server. If you are reading this, it means a connection took form, beyond all the time that passed, beyond all the space that separates us. Don't ever forget, life is unpredictable. Love yourself. From a kind stranger to another.

  During the pandemic, working from home, it's been so nice listening to this along with the description, imagining that I'm in a new faraway town drinking coffee in the evening, having an adventure. Makes me feel so cozy. I love overlaying this with some chilled out music.

  In love with these sounds.. reminds me of the city where I was born in. I legit have this noise machine on 24/7 because it emulates the constant sound of traffic that I grew up with.

  I play this one with Shortwave Radio, Indian Tuning at -20db, just for a bit of café ambiance.

  The "Indian City" setting makes me so happy, I've been feeling homesick lately and this was exactly what I needed.

  I moved the sliders around custom to my taste and it's just incredible for working, relaxing or just general background noise! I even made myself a small playlist on Spotify to go with it. I strongly recommend listening to other music at the same time and adjusting the volume so the rain sounds are still clear.

  It is help me for my focus. I do my homework with it. Thank you myNoise!

  Great for reading books. It reminds me of home in the suburbs.

  I've been setting up these sounds for my meditation sessions in the tea room and its absolutely wonderful! Makes the quarantine a bit better <3

  I think the chatter in the background is Bengali!

  I tend to set up the sliders and then animate them so they change over time. With "Rain in the City" sometimes the café sounds prevail, and other times the rain and thunder are more prominent. Overall, what a beautifully conceived and designed site. Bravo!

  I actually teared up listening to this one on the Indian City setting. I'm a Pakistani uni student in Australia; been away from home for 8 months now, desperately missing my family and country. It's the little things that remind me of home - the indistinct Hindi chatter which is very similar to Urdu, the unending blare of road rage, the man on the street shouting 'baat suno' ('listen'). Wonderful.

  I love listening to this soundscape. It reminds me of just doing my homework mostly alone in my room in a Brooklyn apartment. I loved the night time soft rain in that apartment. Truly ushers forward my nostalgia.

  It's a cold, rainy night in the city. You just had a cup of coffee, and your about to take the bus home. You wait in the rain for the transport.

  It makes me feel safe and at home even though 'home' never sounded like that. I love the rainy atmosphere and the cars driving by, it makes me feel less alone.

  I've tailored the sliders to reflect a relatively quiet, gently rainy night observed from a sheltered rooftop in Moscow. The crisp, chilly nightscape, perhaps accompanied by an imaginary cup of black coffee, has kept me awake and focused on my literature paper for hours.

  This generator and car interior are my absolute favorites! They are so pleasing to listen to, as I used to live somewhere dry where it hardly rained. When it rained I was so overjoyed so hearing the sound of the rain is always special to me. Thank you so much for creating beautiful generators!

  Wonderful to listen to while reading a book, It helps me focus and feel comfortable .

  This sound is so calming. It makes me feel at peace <3

  I’ve always loved the sounds of the city, and this reminds me of late nights in New York when I visited a few years ago. It’s very calming, soothing, and it helps me get my work done. Thank you so much for this! <3 - Jazz

  The "Indian City" setting transports me to another country. It makes me feel as though I've achieved my dream of traveling abroad and am now resting after a long journey to enjoy some coffee before exploring the city. It makes me feel both relaxed and excited at the same time, while also blocking out any annoying environmental noises.

  I have sleeping issues and live on a very quiet road. The sounds of cars passing by and a small bustling cafe makes me feel happy and safe, not alone.

  With these settings I am no longer studying for my degree in a dingy student house, I am on a balcony that lies above a cafe in London. With my blanket wrapped around me, I sip my hot chocolate and listen to the sounds of a thunderstorm approach meld with the latest gossip bubbling up from beneath my balcony, reminding me that I am not alone to be awake in the early hours of the morning.

  This is now my new favorite. I can literally feel the coldness of the rain, picturing Im sitting outside of a cafe.

  This is my sound blocking soulmate ~ I've been looking for something like this for so long. Quiet chatter, roads that have been rained on, and a general busy small town feel. I love it. I live up north and the Autumns that we have here are short, but they *just* started, and it sounds and feels just like this. Rainy and busy. This will help me focus while I'm writing my book, for sure.

  I can picture myself walking on the sidewalk, the grey clouds and the rain won't stop me. In fact, I'm enjoying every steps. Cars passing me by, God knows what's on their mind.

  It's just going through traffic in the rain that does it for me. All alone. But at least the car is warm and dry.

  Wonderful, now I can feel like I’m in NYC whenever I want to.

  This is the sound of Saigon during its rainy season. The rains are heavy every afternoon but they only last about an hour, so everyone who can pulls their motorbike onto the sidewalk and pops into a crowded café or small noodle shop to wait out the rain. This is what it sounds like to wait at a table facing the street, the air filled with the heady scents of fresh herbs and nước mấm.

  YES! City sounds <3 Thank you.

  This is what it would be like on the balcony of a busy café during a storm. You can hear both the rain and the people inside, peppered over with the occasional car honk. Thunder isn't present here; all you can hear is the constant pitter-patter of raindrops and the customers/waiters in the restaurant.

  This is exactly what downtown Seattle sounds like during a thunderstorm... which is exactly what I needed for my writing.

  Cool vibe! I can picture the scene in my head...

  I'm a sound engineer. I've been making records for most of my career and damaged my ears with loud listening levels and have a the ringing in the ears Tinnitus. This Noise listening is a marvel ! I use it on my cell phone next to my head at night and I go straight off to sleep for hours on end! Simaen Skolfield

  My new favourite office chitchat noiseblocker! I had been combining Distant Thunder with Cafe Restaurant in my own Stack but this is even better. Thanks so much :)

  I'm supre noise sensitive, this site is so fascinating to be able to control the finest points of my listening sensitivity for that particular day. I love this cafe one, but if I was in the cafe, it would probably be making me crazy but I'm doing mindless work, so I'm appreciating the sounds MORE than if I was actually there trying to think. Thanks Stephane.

  So plain, yet so dynamic. I love it. Reminds me of New York.

  Been hoping for a good city soundscape, just makes for some really good background noise.

  Great <3

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